Crushing on Blue.

Hi My Gorgeous Girls, Its Friday again and I am sure each one of you must be looking forward to the weekend. Maybe drinks with your friends, dinner with family or a night out with someone special. Whatever the occasion do not forget to look your best. Put on your best dress , some make up, loads of attitude and a smile. I have no doubts you will look super cool. What I want to talk about is after you are back from your fabulous night out.
One thing that we hear screaming constantly from every beauty journal , every fashionista , your skin doctor is that  never sleep with your make up on and believe me I have learnt it the hard way after spoiling my skin . We return from our parties all tired and many a times a little happy and high. That is when all you want to do is pass out in your comfortable beds. Girls don’t get lazy and just take out  2 minutes to remove all the layers  we put on our face to look glamorous. You certainly don’t want it to stay & clog your pores and stain those beautiful freshly washed linen.


Choose your make up Remover with a lot of care. If it doesn’t make a gentle “clean sweep” and you need to scrub at it, then it’s not working right. Removing eye makeup with something that is NOT very gentle and quick will only lead to tugging of the eyelid.  Since the tissue of an eyelid is so much more fragile than the skin on your face, a makeup remover that requires scrubbing can lead to wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.
It is not necessary to spend a fortune on your makeup remover. If you use waterproof eyeliner or mascara, you’ll probably want to invest in a bi-phase (half oil, half water) makeup remover. When using waterproof mascara and eyeliner, be extremely careful to remove all eye makeup. If you do not remove ALL the eye makeup, tiny particles of makeup can begin to clog your tear ducts. If this happens, there is a risk that you will end up with a bacterial infection of the eye. The eye make up remover is not limited to eyes it can also remove the  make up from other parts of your face like your lips or cheeks. 
One of the products that I love a lot & is my all time favorite is the Sephora Eye Make Up Remover
It’s a beautiful blue color oil based product so give it a good shake before using it and it removes all the make up pretty effortlessly. Even the most stubborn waterproof mascaras don’t stand a chance. It doesn’t feel too oily and leaves the skin feeling clean and supple. I totally love it and recommend it and not too heavy on your pockets. Approx 8-9 dollars  so 2 Thumbs up!!

Regarding availability I know Sephora is yet to open in India, hopefully by the end of this year it should grace us its presence. But I am sure you can ask your friends and relatives to get them for you from outside the country. I know that The Beauty Bar (TBB) in Mumbai who is going to stock some Sephora products very soon. This being one of them but I always buy 2 – 3 whenever I happen to get a chance while travelling out of the country.

My other favorite is

Lancome Bi Facil
It is yet another amazing product from Lancome. I love their range
It is slightly pricey but it is worth it. Costs approx. $24.
I follow it up with washing my face with my favorite face wash  - Bioderma Sebium face wash to remove the last traces of make up which also coincidentally is blue in color :-) so you see I am loving the blues

On the days you are feeling extremely lazy at least use wipes
MAC Wipes

These babies are easiest to use and cleanse ur skin free of make up. Slightly pricey at approx.$20 for a pack of 45 wipes, they are available in your nearest MAC Shop.

My Tip : Don’t use baby wipes to remove make up. It doesn’t remove the make up. It just wipes it leaving the skin unclean.
Recently I picked up The face Shop’s Herb Day Cotton Make up remover wipes. They are good but I somehow always follow it up with my Sephora make up remover if I use Water proof Products.

Share your favorites with me.

So Party Hard and don’t forget to remove ur make up
Happy Friday Girls!!


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