Cozy little Dress!

I can’t make out what’s up with the weather these days. I believe in some parts of the world the chill is coming to an end whereas in some parts it is snowing. In my part of the world it is sunny (it mostly is 10 months in a year !!) but the evenings are quite pleasant & slightly chilly. Actually the perfect time to wear one of my winter favorites – sweater dress
They are easy, comfortable and totally chic. It’s a mixture of a short dress combined with the warmth of a sweater to keep you cozy.

I have been longing to wear a sweater dress for quite sometime but unfortunately the weather in my city doesn’t permit us to experiment much with Winter wear. The ones that I found in some of the stores were 80 % woolens and very warm. 
Depending on how cold it gets in your city you could pick up the one most suitable for your weather conditions. They are available in pure Angora wool to Nylon or even cotton mixed ones which are less warmer. Recently found one in a lighter knit at my favorite store – yes people it’s ‘ZARA’ so all my resolutions of no shopping till end of Jan went out the window :-) Oh and that was not the only thing that made me forget my resolution. After all shopaholism is a disease that is beyond cure :-(
My hunt for online shopping starts when some friend is arriving from somewhere abroad & I have a few of them coming soon. God I love my friends. So while researching I found this cool colorblocked Maison scotch dress at a super cool discounted price at Repertoire Fashion.  Actually best time to look out for deals everywhere & this site had some really good brands at almost 50% discounts.
Anyway coming back to these cozy little dresses, there are various styles available. Depending on your body structure pick up the one most suitable to you. For a person of my height (5’3″) i prefer something that cuts mid – thigh else you will look shorter. They can be styled as per the occasion either casual or  for a glamorous evening out.

Also buy the one that suits your body type. They could be figure hugging, flared, loose, oversized. high necks, boat necks, v necks, cowled necks….

I prefer to wear them sans tights and leggings but that is also because it isn’t very cold here. If the weather is chilly , wear them with tights, leggings or even thigh high boots

And it’s completely up to you whether you wish to pair them with boots or booties.

I am gonna try both and while I was searching for these dresses on Repertoire fashion, I also came across these awesome Michael Kors suede boots at a hugely discounted bargain that will go with my newly owned sweater dresses.
By the way Victoria’s Secret is another good place to search for Sweater dresses and check out this really cute striped one at MANGO which I am so buying.
Now just waiting for my friend to arrive soon :-)


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