Cookie Cutter!!



What is Styling?? It is just an art of putting an outfit together. It gets depressing when fashion breeds an army of clones but that is what will happen when high street brands bring out designs that are trendy, off beat , rip offs and most importantly affordable. No longer is there any intrigue factor of where did this so and so piece of clothing come from? Well I am definitely a part of this clone army and am constantly wondering How do you make the normal cookie cutter H&Ms and Zaras look slightly different from the rest of the breed. The only way we can cut away is by adding a little spunk of your own.

It seems like I have re discovered belts all over again in last 1 and a half year. I like to belt up everything. No seriously. I am always looking out for ways in which I can add a belt to my look. I just feel that it gives a new dimension to styling. I feel accessories are the way to break from that cookie cutter slot so next time you are dressing up just sit back and think – what one thing can I add that will give this outfit a whole new dimension & voila you would have re invented the mundane.



collage skirt



Top : F21, Skirt : H&M, Belt Marks and Spencer, Shoes : Steve Madden

Shonima Kaul

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