Comfortable in your own skin

Hi Girls. Today’s post is not about Fashion tips or Makeup tips but nevertheless I will still give u my 2 paisa Tips :-) I wanted to broach on  an interesting but sensitive topic with many – The eternal debate between Size 0 and Curves.
With the fashion magazines and Tabloids screaming about fashion tips on what to wear and what not to wear while showing off lean and lanky models / celebs it can be a bit overwhelming and sometimes frustrating to deal with such pressures. How do they expect us to wear bodycon suits or bandage dresses while some of us are still struggling to fit into those elusive pair of jeans bought 2 years back.
There are books being written and stories being told about how to achieve size 0 and then some insensitive Wise Advertising Blokes cashing on this fad and showing off super slim laptops and super slim phones deriving similarities between a well known celebrity’s famously achieved dimensions. Ofcourse you know I am talking about the very gorgeous Kareena Kapoor. Even a beauty like her had to succumb to the pressure but she is getting back to her more likable form. Isn’t She??
In times like these, when Adele appears on the cover page of one of the most stylish beauty gospel a k a Vogue(Airbrushed!! So What!!) many of us breathe a sigh of relief. 

It is a very refreshing change from those perfectly toned arms and abs that look like a dream. And 2 covers in a gap of 3 months is definitely a feat. You go girl!!
This article is an ode to one of the most talented  & magical voices of today – Adele.

Many would argue saying she is the current sensation in music world and haven’t you seen Rihanna and Lady Gaga on the covers but I would say hell yeah I agree but have you seen their sizes??
She proves that you don’t have to be stick thin to make it to the cover of one of the biggest fashion magazines. All you need is confidence and spunk. 

We all were so happy to see her on the cover page as the new style icon that when Karl Lagerfeld called her “Fat” he was lambasted by many with lot of Hate message and some even going ahead and saying “Boycott Chanel” (now that is going a bit too far . I am sure Coco Chanel won’t approve of it )

Poor man had to apologise for his statement hahaha. She is definitely the new sensation in the music world but she has also taken Fashion world by storm with people copying her style and cat eye make up look. A whole lot of sites have deconstructed her look in terms of style and make up. Even Anna Wintour had to give in :-)
Cmon people don’t you love curvy Kareena in the Chamak Chhallo song. I think she was looking way too gorgeous as compared to Tashan when she had become waif thin. I am loving her curves. She herself has been heard saying that she did not like herself in a very slim body so she gained back 6-7 kgs and that brings the glow back on her face. She is fit and curvy. Oh Magnifico!!

At the recent Awards where she was looking so pretty in a neutral make up and in a Manish Malhotra see through saree , not afraid of her slightly expanded mid riff :-) I am finding her prettier than her sister who has lost way too much weight (and considering I am a big fan of Karishma Kapoor).

Another celebrity who sent temperatures soaring in 2010 and 2011 and made Curves oh so glamorous was the famous TV Series Mad Men’s buxom babe Christina Hendricks. She looked stylish and radiant in that full body. She has also belted some awards for being the hottest woman.

Who do you think is looking ravishing Christina or Lea Michelle. I am finding Christina way too hot.
What about you??

Tell me one man who doesn’t drool over the very gorgeous Nigella Lawson. I think she makes eating so so sexy. I am sure men are so mesmerized by her cool sexiness that no one is looking at the food. Atleast my husband is hooked on hahaha.
Yayyyy eating is Sexxayyyy!! Thank u Nigella

and the very beautiful Kim Kardashian who makes everything she wears so stylish is an example of Curvy yet fit kinds. She has a great body.

Ok People so the point that I am trying to make is that Style is not dependent on Size but is directly proportional to your Confidence and Attitude. That is what the Cover girl Adele is teaching us. 
I have known thin and Skinny girls who can not carry off a dress because they lack both the above ingredients that make you Stylish. Whereas there are slightly plump ones who Rock whatever they wear. So please please do not get bogged down by size rather work on your confidence and bring in some Attitude.

My Tip : Don’t be shy to experiment. Try as many clothing styles as possible till you find that particular one that suits you the most and stick to it. Try variations in that style and try to accentuate that part of your body you consider is worth showing off. It could be your legs, your collarbones, your arms, your décolletage or your derrière.”

I understand that fashion mags have to show slim bodies to showcase their clothes after all everything fits them well but that’s why they are models. They do a lot of hard work to look like that and that’s their business and in their genes. Aren’t you trying to achieve perfection in your own line?? Get Real people!!

My Tip :Take inspiration from people who look closer to your size. Check out what they wear, how they wear and take cues. Add a little bit of variation, your own style. Don’t blindly copy.

Take a Plus size Adele for instance. She is mostly seen in blacks. She plays with the fabrics and her hair and makeup and manages to look pretty. Isn’t that awesome??

I wouldn’t lie but I have been bogged down by size issues in the past but now I have made peace with the fact that I can only be a certain size. I believe in being Fit than thin. Having said that you can NOT be obese cos style & fashion aside it is very bad for your health. So don’t starve yourselves but do take out time to exercise. I am a fitness enthusiast and exercise is a habit with me. So do take out time for a walk or a jog or shake a leg with Zumba or do Yoga but do take out time to be fit. And girls look at the brighter side that with all the adrenaline pumping,  it only makes you glow more. Love yourself and Love your body cos only then will it love you back :-)

So be Spunky not Skinny!!

With this thought I sign off for the week. Have a superrr Sunday and we will catch up again next week.

PS : Girls if u liking my post I would appreciate your comments and let’s make the blog interactive. Share your ideas. Let’s get talking.

luv & hugs

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One thought on “Comfortable in your own skin”

  1. Wow wow Wow!!!!! such an eye opener for all those who fret and fume with the blind obsession of achieving size zero, not knowing that it can seriously harm your health. Truly agree that its important to be fit and healthy, irrespective of the size that you are.Oodles of confidence and attitude can spell magic which size zero can’s ever dream of:)

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