Color of my Sole.

Black – the color synonymous to a pair of shoes. Probably the only color that can come to our mind when we think of  “the must have” color in our shoe closet. Infact in fashion lingo anything that stays for more than 3 years becomes a basic. By that logic, I don’t know what should black heels be called “The Fundamental Basic !!” I guess. No wonder, It is the most common and most easily available color in the World of Shoes.

But Is the one you own your Perfect pair of Blacks ???
I am a shoe addict and I am sure most of you are. If I had all the money in the world I would probably buy a mansion to accomodate my ever growing lust for shoes. Not kidding!!

I keep buying and somehow the hunger just keeps increasing. You say a chocolate is an aphrodisiac , I would say a pair of beautiful heels would be the ultimate one. What’s with woman and shoes!!
However, inspite of a closet full of shoes my quest for an ultimate pair of Black never ends.

I feel a perfect pair of Black heels increases the sex appeal of a woman manifolds. Maybe because they provide a perfect contrast to the color of our skin apart from going with all the colors we wear. This Basic staple has many versions now, courtesy our wonderful designers. Especially the shoe master Christian Louboutin. Thanks to him the basic black heels got vibrancy. God Bless the girl who was painting her nails with a Red polish in his store that sparked the idea of Red Soles and thus were born his signature shiny lacquered Red Soles.

By a perfect pair I mean a couple of “Rights” – the right material be it suede, patent leather, croc leather. The right heel length – for me it has to be 6 inches. The right style – platform pumps or peep toes or closed toes or strappy stilettos. Right for every occasion. I mean my ultimate black shoe and mind you I am not even mentioning comfortable here cos fashionably sexy heels and comfort don’t go hand in hand. I say that to all my friends :-)

Girls, I am aware that you all will be having plenty of blacks but I am not talking about the ones you would wear to office on a daily basis. They are separate, I am  talking about the ones that you should and must have for the perfect occasion with a perfect dress. Hope you have them. If not please please please pick  “The One”
Now Black being kind of omnipresent, I am sure you all will not have a problem trying to find, I have found some in affordable ranges. I am sure you can find in other brands.

Aldo Shoes

Courtesy Aldo Shoes

Steve Madden are my favorite brand of shoes when it comes to affordable luxury. They have some amazing designs. Also they do copy some of the luxury designer brands which kind of makes the style affordable if not the brands hahaha.

Steve Madden shoes

Courtesy Steve Madden Shoes

I have a whole lot of blacks in my collection but I will give you a sneek peak into some of my favorites

Dolce & Gabanna
Steve Madden
Giuseppe Zanaotti
Top Shop
Steve Madden

And these are my very favorite recent purchase Giuseppe Zanotti that did leave a big hole in my wallet but I love them.

You must be wondering then what am I still looking for. Well I am looking for some color on my sole and that COLOR is RED.

I believe that if you are looking for a perfect pair of black pumps then nothing to beat the RED lacqured sole pumps.  Let me leave you with some of these

Boulima Suede pumps
Calypso Red Toe
Spikes Pump
Miss Fast Plato Black pumps
Daffodile Crocodile platforms

And my very favorite Lady Daffodiles Mary Janes

Aren’t these a perfect pair??

My Tip : Do not cringe to invest in a good pair of  black and Nude pumps. They will never go out of season and a good buy will last you for years.

Have a wonderful day.


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