It’s the last Day of the Year & do you know what it means for me. It means I will be leaving a whole year behind me. No matter good, bad or average. I like that kind of Closure. Infact I love the word Closure because it means you are putting an end to things and thinking of starting afresh. There is hope, there is newness and there is a whole lot of Zealousness to welcome new things, new people, new adventures in your life. I love this feeling of starting over again and having a fresh year ahead of me filled with new chances & new experiences.

No matter how the year went by, whether it gave you some heart stopping bad memories or you got caught in some emotional quicksand that pulled you down. Old losses, past injustices, Bitterness, nagging guilts are some emotions that can overpower us when the year is coming to an end because thats the time we choose to reflect on our personal journeys in life. What we got, what we gave, what we lost and what we won. It’s time to wrap it up and give yourself some kind of closure.

While I sit surrounded by snow covered Himalayas and enjoy the tranquility of this place, I also have flashes of the year gone by which has been mixed bag of sorts. The irreparable loss of my sweetest friend will always stay with me. It shook me and made me realise that life is way too short to live with any regrets so we must live each day like its our last. Give it all you have.

On the other hand FUF helped me take up newer challenges and come out with a clothing line which made me very proud. My Blog has been my saviour of sorts. It has given me some great moments and even greater ways to spend my time. It has taught me patience and perseverance. It also taught me that nothing worth having comes easy in life & that only you are your biggest competition. It has introduced me to some great people and greater work by them. It provides me the hunger to learn and outdo myself every time. Its given me the space to share my feelings and voice my opinions about things I am really passionate about. It has given me an identity & I love FUF so much more for all this. It has pushed me to better my Art & in return got me love from so many wonderful people like you.

I also realise that for every loss I have suffered, there is so much to be grateful about. The past year has provided growth, learning , travel, love & opportunities. With the hope of getting better & bigger in the coming year I am signing off for 2015 & wishing all the incredibly lovely thing for all of you too in 2016. Thank you for reading my random scribblings and supporting me. Much

to each one of you.

Leaving you all with some pictures of my current travel to Manali.. You can catch me on instagram & Snapchat for more.
















Dressed from Head to Toe in Zara
Pics by :Priyanka Shivan

Lots n Lots of Love & Good wishes
Happy New Year

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