Chuck the Boyfriend, keep the blazer :-)

Hi my Gorgeous Girls, Hope you had a wonderful Women’s day. I had fun playing Holi with my friends and family.

Today I will talk about one must have piece of clothing in your closet – the Boyfriend Blazer.

This has been one of the hottest trends of the season. Though it made its debut somewhere in 2009  it has managed to be in trend till as late as 2011. Its an offshoot of the earlier trend of Boyfriend Jeans. Fundamental principal remains the same – oversized and comfortable.

As the name suggests just take it off your Boyfriend’s (for not so lucky ones from your husband’s ) closet. For people like me I will have to buy cos maybe 3 of my size can fit into my husband’s hahaha. Definitely not sooo oversized ones!!

It caught my fancy while I was watching Gossip Girl and I must say that Juliet Sharp ( Katie Cassidy) was rather looking very sharp in these. What I really like about it is it’s versatality. It looks as good running day errands as it would look in some office meeting or at night catching up with friends over drinks . I love its ability to convert a basic outfit to elegant & classy.

Katie Cassidy in Gossip Girl

Some of my favorite celebrities like Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham glamorized the style to the hilt.

As you can see they are slightly oversized and long and the hippest style trend. Just Roll up the sleeves for a cool and casual  feminine look.

Do I wear them to work?? No silly, wear them anywhere.

Wear them with a dress – casual or formal daytime or a sexy party dress in the night. Celebs are taking this style to the Red Carpet.

How cool is Rihanna looking with this Black on Red Ensemble.
Rihanna in BF Blazer

with skinny Jeans

Kim K is spotted wearing them very often.
Kim Kardashian style

with trousers

Victoria Beckham

with short skirts – formal back ones or dressy sequined ones

or with shorts

Whatever the occasion just throw them on and feel cool and confident.. Also good for those bulges under a tight dress or a T which u have been wanting to wear for the longest possible time. 
Though our Indian weather especially the Mumbai one doesn’t allow us to wear too many layers of clothing most part of the year, I made use of this trend the whole month of December ,Jan & Feb.
But you do get some that are thin cotton material kinds and can be worn summers too.

They are available all over so go look for them at a shop near you
Zara $100 – $120
courtesy Zara

ASOS $98 / Rubbish & Chambray $58

Forever 21   $25 – $30

courtesy Forever 21

They are also available in H&M, Top Shop, Charlotte Russe, Bebe

I am wearing them most of the times and am particularly digging my electric blue one from F21.
And trend or no trend, this style will stay with me for a long long time cos I am totally luuuving it.

My Tip : If you don’t have one yet get a basic black, it goes with any dress or any color. Boyfriend blazers are available in various fits and length. They are slightly boxy, that’s how they are meant to be so it’s essential that they are snug through the shoulders and fall well. Also if you are a little short then don’t go for very long ones. 

So, Girls roll it up, scrunch it and go make a statement.

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