Cardio vs Weight Training Conundrum

Cardio vs Strength

Cardio vs Strength

Hey Guys. I know I haven’t posted about Fitness at all after starting with that section. Partly because I got busy with my line of clothes and mainly because I haven’t been keeping well so have myself been slacking these days. Imagine lying in the bed, popping Antibiotics and giving fitness gyan… didn’t seem right. Since I feel a little better and am missing getting back into my hardcore routine I thought will share my 2 bits with you.

I have always seen women walking inside the gym and immediately laying claim to the first treadmill / stepper / cross trainer in sight and not leaving it for an hour. Day after day they continue doing the same thing. For me that became a benchmark for Fitness. I would do the same – walk into the gym, get on the treadmill and start walking – slowly walking became jogging & then running. I started getting better and better at it and of course I lost weight. I could see it on the weighing scale. My stamina increased and I started feeling great. For 2 years that was my routine – Treadmill to Cross trainer to Stepper to Cycle. That’s all I would do. Although I was getting better in terms of Running & making people jealous of my stamina, I stopped seeing any changes in my body or for that matter on the scale even. I started getting frustrated and blaming on my genes and my body structure & skipping gym.

That’s when one of the trainers in the gym came and enquired about my loss of interest in exercising and I explained my predicament. Pat came the reply – you are only doing cardio for more than a year, you have no muscles what do u expect.. you have to start with weight training.

My immediate reaction was – What?? u crazy I don’t want to become a bodybuilder. I just want to be lean and toned. There is no way I am lifting weights. He tried putting some sense in me but in-vain. I had made up my mind that Weight training was only for bodybuilders & If I do that I will become a SHE -Hulk. Result – I gave up gymming completely and went on to join swimming & some dance classes. I did that for sometime but I knew something was wrong. It wasn’t working. In a very dramatic fashion I succumbed to fate and gave up on any fitness related pursuits. Add to that all the stress that comes with staying in a city like Mumbai and working in Media. Binging, late nights, parties and I had gained 5 – 6 kgs in 2 years time. That’s when I knew that all this drama had to end and I have to get back on the fItness bandwagon.
Ofcourse I made up with my Old love – Cardio and became a regular at my gym. I continued doing the same thing for a year and lost 2 -3 kgs but like the last time hit a roadblock. This time I was hell bent and went through a lot of study material on weight loss. I also spoke to a lot of people in and outside my gym and realised my mistake – I had been completely avoiding the weights rack. I immediately got myself a personal trainer and embarked on my Fitness journey. Since then I have become a bit wiser with my Fitness program. I still don’t know a lot of things but I am not a complete novice so here is what I have to tell you.

Cardio is great when you are trying to knock off a huge amount of Kilos. Our body needs to burn more Calories (output) than we eat(input). Cardio helps us to burn those Calories quickly and is also great for increasing Fitness levels and Stamina

Weight Training on the other hand does NOT make women bulky. Its a myth so don’t be afraid of lifting weights. Cardio may burn more calories per minute but weight training helps you increase your metabolic rate promoting more fat burn & therefore helps burn calories even AFTER you have completed your workout. It means that if you are just lying on your couch and watching TV your body is still burning calories. This is known as EPOC – Excess Post (Exercise)- Oxygen Consumption. Another great thing about resistance training is that you lose mainly Fat compared to Cardio where you can lose muscle mass & that is why a body that looses weight only through Cardio might be lower in weight but will be very loose & soft because get it right Ladies – TONE comes from MUSCLES & Resistance training helps you make, protect & shape those muscles. So you see that is why I had stopped seeing results in my body after hitting a certain weight.

As you see both are very important but if you ask me which one is better for Weight Loss?? I will say both. If you have a lot of weight to lose Cardio is a great stepping stone to burn those calories quickly and achieve a great fitness level but Resistance training is extremely important to get that toned sculpted body most women want to achieve.
So depending on where you are currently placed in terms of your weight / fitness level incorporate both the things wisely in your Fitness regime.

So get cracking girls
Stay Fit
Shonima Kaul

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