Can’t Run, Can’t hide – Leather!

Leather trend fall'12
Whenever I think of Leather, I go way down the memory lane into my childhood. My Uncle worked with one of the biggest manufacturers of Leather in India so I was exposed to this wonderful fabric way back in 80s and believe you me I have seen some really wonderful colors and variety of leather.  I used to keep wondering how and where all these pieces are being used cos all we could find here were black jackets and those ugly gloves  That’s what I remember of leather as a piece of clothing (my knowledge of international fashion scene was very limited infact zilch at that time). I was thrilled to pieces when I was gifted my 1st suede 2 piece dress by my uncle when I was 12 or 13 year old & it was a beautiful moss green & wine combo. Later I was gifted a leather coat in late 90s in a gorgeous Pink color, few suede shirts & jackets in the most beautiful leather form. I was one of the few who had access to such high end clothing because of my uncle cos out in the market, leather was still black & limited to jackets, shoes and purses. However, as the fashion world progressed so did this fabric and we have seen quite an evolution. My first job was with a topnotch swiss MNC which used to supply leather chemicals to all the high end leather manufacturers so I have come across some of the finest quality leather in my  life & see it evolve.  It is undoubtedly one of the most rich looking and luxurious fabrics in the world.
We are not new to Leather. It has been there for years and most of us have possessed at least one leather jacket in some form or the other but this year in particular leather has gone way beyond the usual coats & jackets. It is the fabric of the season so you may decide to hide and run away but there it is staring at you from all the show windows. What do you do?? Just give in!!
Leather trend fall'12
Undoubtedly it is the chicest piece of fabric. It has a luxe & rich feel to it and can make one look uber cool but if worn wrongly, it also has the ability to make you look like the most tacky person on the planet. Leather has been the most prevalent piece in all the Runway collections for Fall and designers have used all their creativity to use it to the hilt either by way of colors or cuts.
Oxblood being the most sought after color, it makes way into leather garments as well.

Green, Red, Blue, Burnt Orange…..

The quality of leather differs depending on grain, animal source etc. It ranges from faux leather to very high end ones. I doubt that as a high street fashion brand consumer we will have access to very high end leather but whatever you choose just be very careful about how it looks. It shouldn’t make you look cheap and slutty. You are better off not wearing it.

But if you are interested in wearing leather but slightly unsure , not to worry leather is also being used as tiny accent in a more sophisticated form. Just a tiny hint on the arms or on the waist is good enough to embrace the garment and be bang on trendy.

Some of the ways in which leather can be worn if you are scared to try out as a whole ensemble.

Alice & Olivia peplum dress
The Boy by band of outsiders zipper skirt

Alice & Olivia

Theory Leather T shirt
TopShop leather shorts

So make some space for this awesome fabric in your wardrobe and let me know what u bought. It’s a must try.

Have a wonderful day:-)


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