Busting the Make Up Myths with Smita

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great weekend with your near and dear ones. 
Recently I met a couple of people and got talking about Fashion, Make Up and stuff. I realised that a lot of people still have certain myths about Make Up. They feel it’s not their cup of tea or it’s not meant for them which is so so untrue. 
So I thought it would be interesting to sit with FUF’s in house Make Up Artist  Smita Chadha and address each of these myths that people have in their mind. I have tried to educate you through various posts but what better than coming from an expert.

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Myth 1 : Make up does not look good on everyone

Smita : Make up is not about altering your looks completely but about enhancing your natural looks and accentuating the best feature of your face, be it beautiful eyes, lips or excellent skin. Its a tool designed to boost your self esteem.Makeup can look bad on you if you are applying it incorrectly or using colors or foundation/base that are not suitable for your skin tone. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you — it just means you need to be more observant about your own face / features & constantly keep experimenting. In short devoting time to yourselves :-)

Myth 2 : Applying Make up regularly will make my skin age.
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Smita : Makeup doesn’t necessarily age skin, as long as you’re taking it off religiously and taking care of the skin underneath. Whatever the case and howsoever late you might be from your party you MUST cleanse your face of all the make up.

The biggest culprit of skin aging is sun damage, so if you really want to protect your skin, wear sunscreen daily (even if you’ll only be outside 15-30 minutes!). 

What also helps your skin is wearing foundation!  Most foundations come with a natural SPF, which protects your skin from the sun. Even if you are one of those who are blessed with beautiful, clear skin, I would still recommend a light powder. Trust me its better than nothing. The other factor is having Anti-oxidants in your daily diet like Vitamins A, B Complex, C, D, E.


Myth 3 : Is it true that Make up actually protects one’s skin against sun damage & pollution?

Smita : Yes, cosmetics can go a long way in protecting your face against UV damage as well as against pollution present in the air. After cleansing your face in the morning, apply the moisturizer to your face, and also to your ears, neck, and upper chest. The delicate skin around your eyes needs protection as well, but most moisturizers are not recommended for use in the eye area.  Eye creams that contain an SPF are available from some manufacturers, and should be applied during the moisturizing step of your morning routine.
Your second line of skin defense can be found in your foundation.  When choosing a foundation, look for one with an SPF rating between 8 and 15.  While this may seem like overkill, the truth is that most people do not get the most out of their sunscreen because either they do not apply enough of it, or they apply it unevenly.  Two applications of cosmetics that contain a sunscreen will increase your chances of getting good protection & prevents pollutants from clogging or drying up the natural skin.

Myth 4 : Not everyone can wear a Red lipstick

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Smita : Rubbish. Anyone can wear a Red lipstick. You just need to determine the right shade of Red that will suit you whether a tomato Red , burnt Red or a Maroon Red. Your skin under tones can also help you determine whether to wear a warmer or a cooler shade.



Having said that Older women look better in lighter shades so wearing a red lip tint is a more conservative option, or applying lip colour then matting it down with a tissue can soften the strong effect of red. 

Please remember to exfoliate your lips & apply lip balm / Vaseline 10 mins before you want to apply any dark lip colour. 



Myth 5 : Wear products from one brand/line only

Smita : Totally false! Your face does not know you’re mixing brands and neither does anyone else! You may have brands and/or products which you prefer, but using only one means limiting your options. This myth was most likely invented by a cosmetic company to sell more product. More important is  using brands of higher quality, as they are much more likely to avoid dangerous chemical components in their products. Be very careful as to what product you use on your skin.

Myth 6 : Always apply makeup in natural light

Smita : This is ideal, if possible. Natural light is less forgiving; therefore applying your makeup in it gives the most accurate results. If natural light is not available, use the strongest light possible, especially fluorescent lights. Ta..da.. Time to get some new lights for your dressing room :-))

Myth 7 : Only those with large eyes can wear liquid eyeliner

Smita : On the contrary, use of eyeliner on the upper lash line can make smaller eyes appear larger. If you feel confident applying and wearing liquid eyeliner, go for it! Applying along the entire lash line is fine & sweeping up at outer corners helps lifts the eyes. However the ‘cat eye’ look is NOT for everyone.


Myth 8 : You should never ‘pump’ the mascara wand in and out of the tube

Smita : True, this isn’t recommended. Doing so pushes air into the tube, hence drying out the mascara and increasing the risk of bacteria getting in. 

A more effective way of getting mascara onto the brush, is turning the wand inside the tube, and then gently pulling it out. Because mascara is a breeding ground for bacteria, it is recommended that you do not share it with anyone else. For the same reason, adding water to mascara isn’t advisable.

Myth 9 : Blush is for adding colour, not definition

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Smita : Actually, cheek colour does both. It can be used to add warmth to your face, to shape and contour, enhancing cheekbones or to make your face appear thinner. 
Blush completes the look as well as gives the appearance of a healthy circulatory system. More neutral tones of cheek colour can also be used to contour other areas of the face, such as the jawline, temples and the sides of the nose.

Myth 10 : As you grow older, you need to apply more foundation
Smita : Infact when you get older, the make up seeps inside the lines and shows more so it’s advisable to use Tinted moisturisers or sheer liquid foundations which makes your skin look younger & steer away from heavy coverage ones. 

Do write to us should you have any queries. 

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