Business of Blogging !!

So, it’s been a kind of sad and slow day today when I am in a mood for some inner reflections and one

of the many things that constantly passes my mind is that every time someone asks me what I do for a living, I cringe and cower in embarrassment when I have to say that I am a Blogger. Infact many a times actually make it most of  the times I start by saying Oh I do nothing  and after I see their expression which is a mixture of surprise, shock & disbelief at my blatantly shameless way of expressing my absolute worthlessness as if doing “Nothing” is some big hot shot profession, I very  shyly & meekly reveal that I am a blogger & that too a Fashion Blogger Ok I have to tell you here that shy is not a trait usually seen in me but it somehow is very prevalent when I reveal my profession. Depending on whom am I talking to, I am quick to add my media sales background in the whole conversation and the blogging thing takes a backstage. I often wonder Is it lack of confidence or Is it embarrassment that makes me do so? 

Many a times when I bump into some old acquaintances and they ask me – “so you still chilling. Don’t you want to join back the industry” and I wonder hello why are you asking me this question. I am actually working FULL TIME !!  ” so what have you been busy with?” & I am like Oh I have been busy with my blog and pat comes the “Are you kidding me ” smirk which makes you want to roll into a ball and hide somewhere.
To many blogging is not considered to be a serious profession, it is just something you take up as a hobby and pursue on the side to kill time. Mainly because it doesn’t pay you like any serious job would and also because it’s a personal space/ platform created by you on the internet to rant out your likes and dislikes so seriously who cares!!
I am kind of new to blogging just over a year old and therefore am not a seasoned blogger yet but am learning the ropes. I have many a times been asked if I  earn anything out of blogging & I have to say Nope I don’t but some bloggers do & yes it is a profession :-) Yup you do see some jaws dropping as if I just told them that Ghosts exist.
Internationally blogging is quite rampant and is being considered the 4th estate. It’s the new voice of real people. To be very honest ,When I started FUFing (the term I have coined for writing the articles on FUF) I wasn’t even aware of the power of blogging. I started with this idea of expressing my personal opinion on trends in fashion and most of the times to share some  of my style advises that I have learnt through observing, reading or experience.
I know many of you will say so what’s the biggie. It’s just some girl sitting in her 4 walls and copying pictures from the net and putting them on the blog but yes it is that and much MORE. Sure you start with that cos obviously there is no original database you can work with. Over the time you have to build contacts / PR to get content from the industry. You have to constantly find ways and means to connect with people, innovate so that you are not considered dull & boring and “me too”. You have to work really hard to earn the respect of your readers, editors, designers, stylists etc . It’s a tough world out there with no set path. I have not yet cracked the code and I am toooo young (by experience and certainly not age) to be writing about what works and what doesn’t in blogging cos even I haven’t figured it out yet.
I am constantly conflicting with myself over what the hell am I doing and after publishing some 7 – 8 of my style shots section I often wonder have I joined the bandwagon of plethora of  look  - at – my outfit blogs that have proliferated by dime a dozen or do I want to make a mark as this serious content driven blog that provides an insight into the world of fashion. To be honest everyone can NOT become a Man Repeller, A Garance Dore or A Susie Bubble who have been into blogging for more than 4 years and are some of my favorites but there is space for bloggers to co – exist.  There is a constant clash between personal style blogging & content driven blogging. After debating with myself I think I would like to maintain best of both these worlds. The Art is to marry wit & fun with gloss and chic.
I know the road is long but the possibilities are immense and as of now I am enjoying the journey. Come to think of it, I get to be a journalist, editor & a model!! Who would have offered me this job ever??? Whether Blogging will become huge in India is yet to be seen but the biggest challenge is to stay innovative and also be relevant. Most importantly if you intend to start a blog, do it because you are passionate about something not because you want to make money cos if you are true to what you do success will eventually follow.
Sorry guys it’s been a long post. What propelled me to FUF about it it was my own inner conflict so thought of sharing it with my own Blog family :-) Also it’s been long that I have shared my 2 bits with you. What do you think about blogging.. Would love to hear. Any bloggers out there going through  similar  dilemma??

Illustrations by Sophie Griotto

Lotsa luv


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5 thoughts on “Business of Blogging !!”

  1. Hey sweetie you are doing an awesome job. It takes a special kind to do what you are doing and change the coarse. You are on the right path. Do not doubt yourself. Keep inspiring the world & many like me.

  2. Hi babe you are such a positive influence on us. Why care about the world. Your efforts are appreciated by many. People who do not take a set path are usually criticized but that’s what makes them different and unique. Just keep going.

  3. To the dervish, it matters not who sees and who doesn’t . …Dance girlie as if no one is watching…that’s the best and the purest form of dance.

    It does not matter what the outcome…it matters if you enjoyed the journey…coz that’s where the learnings will come from :)

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