Boyfriends are back!!

Making a huge comeback in the spring of 2013 are the coolest boyfriends.. Keep them close to you.. Hey I was talking about the coolest denim trend – Boyfriend Jeans, what were you thinking?? Give your skinnies some rest  & go on borrow from the boys –  the new mantra is casual & comfy. They are meant to be distressed, low, loose & relaxed so even if skinnies are your best friends make way for Boyfriends.
I bought my first pair of boyfriend jeans maybe 3 years ago. I was ecstatic when I first discovered them while shopping in the US cos they had just started trending at that time and not many shops were carrying these so I grrrrabbed them as if they were the last pair on earth & took them home with me. So happy & proud of my find. My misery started when for a very long time I couldn’t figure how to wear. Here I bought this hottest trend of the season & they just looked horrible. I used to look like this short stout potato in them who had been hammered from the top and had therefore found way to expand from the sides eeeekkkss so I threw them somewhere behind in my cupboard and never looked back. Damn the trend!!

Much later with my trial and error I discovered that I had most certainly bought a wrong pair for myself and a completely wrong fit. A year later I chanced upon a pair from Express & i picked up a size smaller than what I usually wear. Believe me they are still my favorite for those days when nothing seems to fit me. I always tend to look for them whenever I am feeling bloated and in a mood to wear some loosely fitted casual yet smart wear.

The point of reciting this whole experience is that to be honest, they are a bit tricky because the whole look can be pretty slouchy. They are loose and slightly ill fitted so you got to be careful while picking the right one. Though they are supposed to be loose, low and slouchy yet somewhere they should be fitting u right and then pair them with the right separates. No very slouchy tops especially if u r short. Best is to wear them with a Tank top or wear them with a slightly fitted T & roll up the length a little bit. Wearing them with flat sandals just gives the whole laid back look & make them evening smart by wearing them with blazer & heels. Whatever way you decide to wear them, they can be your best friends.

Boyfriend jeans are not hard to find. I think they should be available in almost all the high street stores in some time. Zara & MANGO for sure are getting them

But some brands like J Brand, Current & Elliot , True Religion, Diesel, Paige jeans, Citizens of humanity are great names when it comes to jeans

I found some on this site called TRILOGY STORES who sell some great brands from their site eg: this Citizen of humanity DYLAN jeans that are very famous and are seen on many celebs including Rosie Huntington whitely in the pic below


or these Current & Elliot Loved Boyfriend jeans seen on JLO

My TIP : Though people say pick up a size bigger, I would say pick up a size smaller than u usually wear. They will ultimately become loose and fit u just perfect.

This spring go casual with your Boyfriends.


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