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While I keep looking for Green, Orange and Red bags & also preach you all to buy them it’s one happy morning when I was getting ready to meet someone for work I realized that there is  this Single most essential color that I have somehow neglected to pay attention to – Black. What!! I do not have a single Black bag in my closet. Rubbish.. not possible. I searched again and nope didn’t have it. How in the world did this happen. I scratch my memory cells and try to recollect each of my bag shopping expedition. When I go to buy a bag I go by the shape & size & unfortunately they are never available in blacks. Even if by some chance of luck they are I choose a different color cos probably the bag is looking more attractive in that color rather than black. Come to think of it, it has been quite challenging to find a decent affordable black handbag. When I think of a black bag I think classic, formal , nice leather that doesn’t look worn out & most importantly the perfect size so it has eluded me for quite some time. I decided this time I will take the matters in my hand & consciously look for a BLACK bag. Yes I with pleasure will share my findings with you :-)
Recently I have been seeing a whole lot of Bowling bags almost everywhere (a very close cousin of Doctor Bags) therefore no wonder i am kind of falling for them. Remember my obsession with Doctor Bags. Bowling bag is a popular 1990s trend modeled after American bags used to carry bowling balls. The one that went on to become an Iconic IT bag was the Prada Bowling bag that sold off like hot cakes. I personally like structured handbags because of their classic defined shape and formal look so these seem to be the perfect shape. I first saw these Bowling bags almost a year ago in Victoria Beckham’s collection with models strutting down the ramp carrying some really gorgeous pieces. I had my eyes set on them from then. Now that I am looking for a classic Black bag these seem to be the right choice.

However, almost everyone was seen carrying one in recent times in various shapes, sizes and colors.
The Bowling bags are structured bags and are flat at the bottom. Mostly found in circular shape, they are available in rectangular ones too. There seem to be some hot favorites amongst celebs. I found some style steals which are similar that I am happy to share with you all like
1. Victoria Beckham satchels ( @Cruise fashion) which are anywhere between $1800 – 2000

Style Steal – ZARA for $90. I found it to be a great deal unfortunately the whole lot was spoilt and they did not have it in black.

2. Givenchy Lucrezia anywhere between $1500 – 1800

Styel Steal : ZARA $90 – 100

3. Givenchy Antigona satchel (@Cruise fashions) : $1500 – 1800

Style Steal : ZARA $150.  Now this is the bag that I have set my eyes on to fill the Black void in my bag collection cos it looks like a perfect find with great design, perfect size to fit the crook of the arm. I love the chic gold detailing of zipper and hardware and besides looking close to a Givenchy it does look rich. Right!!
4. Chanel quilted Bowling bag $1500

Style Steal : Mango quilted Bowling Bag $40

5. Burberry Prorsum Barrel Bag $1800 – 2000
6. LV Epi bag

Style Steal : Ted Baker : $150

7. Marc Jacobs Antonia Bag : $1350

Style Steal : Ted Baker $75

My heart is set on buying a black  Bowling bag (and I promise myself that I will not digress from Black till I buy at least one)  cos I am totally bowled over by these bags. There are a whole lot of options available in the market. These are just some I shortlisted for myself. Go on and share if you find something better.


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