Bootcamping my way to Fitness!!



Offlate I have been kind of feeling very un-inspired in terms of working out. It especially happens on the days I have to go for a Cardio cos all I end up doing is running on the treadmill for a few minutes and going home. Ofcourse I believe that even 15 minutes of doing something is better than doing nothing at all but that’s not me. I usually put in my heart and soul into things I like doing.
I realised it could be the burnout. Also the monotony of doing the same thing over n over again kind of gets on to you. So the other day my super awesome trainer took me out from the confines of the gym and made me work out outdoors. It was a Boot Camp of sorts and I totally enjoyed the high intensity training which coupled a bit of running and other functional exercises like Mountain climbers, Spider crawls, Insect crawls, squats, jumps, lunges. I was totally out of breath in less than 40 minutes and it was much more intensive than any other form of Cardio I have been indulging in. Invigorating & Refreshing…I am sort of addicted.

Incase you are also feeling a little bored with your Gym routine here are a few things I try :
1. Give yourself a break cos sometimes you might just be overdoing
2. Change your routine.. the whole training routine and incorporate newer techniques like combining body parts, going heavier, going lighter, different variations blah blah blah. Shock yourself.
3. Get a gym buddy. Someone who would inspire you to work out rather than slow you down. Remember your buddy is to make you work out more not to sit and chat with
4. Change your gym time. Sometimes working out with a new set of people might just help you and that way you meet new people and make new friends
5. Look out for group classes could be yoga, zumba, dancing whatever interests you.

However, the most important thing that one needs to take care of while training is the right footwear. It is perennial for you to understand the kind of movements involved in various ways one trains and therefore which shoe would work the best. I have my eyes set on NIKE’s LUNAR CROSS ELEMENT which is specifically designed to provide durability and flexibility for such high intensity workouts. The best thing is that it is built for a broader range of activities so be it Running , Zumba, Bootcamping or Strength training you are sorted.



In the end its all about your mind. Train your mind in ways that it doesn’t get bored doing the same thing. We all hate monotony. The only way to fight it is keep adding spice.

Stay happy Stay fit

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