Blast from the past – Dungarees

Hey People.. Hope you all doing great. As far as I am concerned I am looking around for things that I can share with you all. The other day I went out for one of my shopping trips and had a Blast from the Past moment on spotting Dungarees at high street stores. It made me happy rather very very nostalgic to see this utilitarian garment making a comeback. Yes they are back and how. I have shared my little story about my love for this garment in One Piece Wonder but actually seeing it back on the racks brings back the old memories.
I am sure its more of nostalgia that I am leaning towards rather than happiness cos now that I have grown into a rather more fashion conscious woman, I am not very sure if I would like to wear this unflattering trend. Don’t get me wrong I love Jumpsuits which are a byproduct of dungarees but you got to pick a right pair for yourself else they can be quite overwhelming. As far as Dungarees are concerned they are a more relaxed version and hence are not at all form flattering. One could end up looking quite boxy and large around the hips especially if you are not lithe and tall like the perpetrator of this now so hot trend – Alexa Chung. 
But that’s what fashion does, it persuades us to try some of the most bizarre trends and it would even make us believe in Dungarees being Sexy which quite frankly sounds like an oxymoron.
However, Dungarees have been made kind of sexy by not just sticking to the loose denim version and moving on to suede and leather ones which can look quite chic and streamlined. I for one tried out the ones that were available at ZARA and they fitted quite nicely due to the fabric used.

ZARA Dungarees.

Maybe the trick is to find the right one that fits nicely without making you look slouchy. Earlier it was used just as a utilitarian garment and paired with sneakers to comfortably go through the work day but now pair it with some high heels and necklaces to give it a twist. Go ahead and flaunt your sexy pins by wearing the short ones to beat the heat.

I for one am surely gonna give it a try – One in the name of NOSTALGIA :-)

Happy Summers

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