Bland & UnImpressive – Zara S/S 2012

Hi my Gorgeous Gorgeous girls. How are you doing today. Hope you have eased into the week nicely and smoothly.
Zara’s spring summer collection is now available in their stores and I did go to pay them a visit – Thrice. Before I begin talking about my views on collezione Zara 2012 I must tell you that Zara is one of my favorite clothing brands. I have so much of  it in my wardrobe that my dad has christened me “Ms Zara” which BTW  I Love !!

They have a wide range of collection including TRF range and a good mix of classy and trendy casual range. Though they most often than not keep very muted colors and yes a lot of Blacks and Whites but I still love  them. I feel Zara has the best collection of  Whites especially shirts.

A lot of our Bollywood Divas are seen wearing Zara at various occasions
The floral top worn by Karishma Kapoor is from their recent collection and I had seen it in Dubai. Sadly not available in India :-(
I would have loved if they would also stock more of brighter colors in India. They do keep some during summers like the ones seen above (I love the blue on PC and I do have it in my collection). I just meant more. Cos sometimes a girl is in a mood for brights Isn’t it??

Coming back to their Spring Summer collection in the Indian stores I feel a bit disappointed. It looks very very bland and lacks spice. I don’t know how it works but the website of Zara India shows still better stuff than what is available in stores. If someone knows the reason pls enlighten me.

So I went thrice to the store in the anticipation to find something new but returned empty handed each time which is a very rare case with me  hahaha. They have in this season a lot of black and white Polka dots, nets, floral prints , lots of Peter Pan collars and even more pastels. What I found surprising is that there was no trace of Peplum except for one Top that too in White ( it did fit me perfect ) while the website shows a lot of them. (Incase you haven’t yet read about this season’s hottest trends do refer to my article From Runways to our daily lives ) you will know how big Peplum is

I didn’t  even find these cute looking shorts that there model Saksia is wearing for S/S campaign. 
The collection did look pleasing to the eyes when they released their new campaign and like many I had shortlisted my picks. I was so disheartened when I did not find those pieces on the racks.

The white studded shirt which I was so looking forward to picking up went out of stock so soon. Also the fit didn’t seem to work and nor did I find the black skirt shown below.

The collection is bang on trend but lacks spice for eg.  Peter Pan collars were seen to be very dominant in the collection be it dresses or shirts or tops but they failed to make me want them

They also have an embellished version of these collars but the styling was a little off. That deep front cut was so unnecessary.

In midst of all the white and pastels, I did mange to catch a site of orange but have seen better.

Prints were seen a lot. Some were floral, some were busy, some were all over. Again lacked spice. Though the one in the middle with black cigarette pants or even white pants will look good but whats with the jacket??

and all you can see is Pastel, Pastel and Pastel.. Yeah team them up with a bright skirt or a bright pants, they might work. Might being the key word :-(

But there were a few pieces that I did shortlist. The pink jacket was bright for INR 3790 appr. and the color was oh so pretty. Worn on a pastel dress, will really lift up the style.

The light pink tulip dress (INR 5500/- approx.) is actually making me drool. It reminded me of the one worn by Kangana Ranaut for a Trussardi event. Pair it with the right Shoes and bag, it will look classy and chic.

Kangana Ranaut at a Trussardi event in a tulip dress

The only peplum on the rack (sadly) was the white one (INR 2790 approx.) Pair it with these cute printed shorts (INR 2500/- approx.)and some high heels will also make heads turn.

These are a few pieces that I am thinking about. Other than this there are nets, a few polka dots, trousers and jeans, some formal wear etc etc.
What do you girls think about the collection. I am sure many of you would have gone and seen too. Did you find it interesting??
Do and please do share your views while I do some thinking on whether to spend my moolah on the shortlisted stuff.
PS : This is Zara India collection (Mumbai to be more specific)


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4 thoughts on “Bland & UnImpressive – Zara S/S 2012”

  1. Completely agree with you.With such few options available in India, Zara is surely a breath of fresh air ,that’s why is all the more disappointing to see such bland colours. There is something seriously wrong with their market feedback about India. I always believed that Indians are world over known to wear the brightest colours.Am keeping my fingers crossed for their summer collection:)

  2. Hia,
    Have you tried Asos , ( they have all the latest trends both designer and high street fashion..peplum,peter pan… esp shoes,they have lush shoes!!
    They do ship to India and i guess “standard “shipping “is free and express will cost around 20 pounds or so..
    Try it and have a fun shopping ;-)

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