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Hi guys.. Now that I have explained to you the reason for strictly incorporating Weight Training  along with Cardio in your Fitness regime in Cardio vs Weight Training article, it’s time to move on to some serious exercising.

Now Cardio is one of the important parts of your Fitness regime but I am not for those endless walks on treadmill or busting all your energy doing 30 – 40min of elliptical at the same pace. Trust me I have done that enough. I still do it once in a blue moon but what I am going to tell you now has yielded good results for me so pay attention.

I firmly believe and recommend HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) when it comes to Cardio. HIIT has now become one of the most popular & effective ways of Fat loss. It is also referred to as Guerilla Cardio for the sheer intensity and will power you need to complete it.
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What is HIIT
It’s a method of training where low to moderate intensity intervals are alternated with High Intensity Intervals. HIIT helps you burn your Adipose tissues more effectively as compared to Steady state Cardio. It helps you speed up your metabolism which helps you burn more calories even when you are resting. Awesome !!

And you know what is the best part about HIIT.. It only lasts for 15 min…max 20 min tops. So it’s like taking a Jet (not even a normal plane) to reach your destination when everyone else has been roughing it out in the train :-)

I do not want to get too much in the science of it.. There is enough & more on the Net incase you wish to study & do your research. I will just tell you what I do so that you can start with it or if you already doing then probably better it.

Few things to keep in mind before you start with HIIT
1. HIIT can be performed in various ways but I recommend Running cos its the best.
2. It is extremely taxing for your body especially knees so do not go overboard and stick to 15 – 20 min of whole cycle. If you have a knee problem then pls stay away from it. you could use an elliptical trainer instead. will tell you how.
3. Do not do it for more than 2 times a week. Just don’t
4. Do not try to do weight training on HIIT Days. When you are doing HIIT just stick to that and go home after stretching. Yes I know you worked out for just 15min and you are like what the Hell!! but that’s the magic of HIIT. It’s extremely effective and also taxing.
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So now that I have given the rules. Here’s how we do it
Minutes 1 -4
Walk at 5.5 speed or jog at 6.5 – 7
Minute 5 ( Workout Interval 1)
Sprint for 30 sec (max effort max speed you can.. it’s up to how much you can push yourself)
Jog / walk for 30 sec
Minute 6 ( Workout Interval 2)
Sprint for 30 sec (max effort max speed)
Jog / walk for 30 sec
Minute 7 ( Workout Interval 3)
Sprint for 30 sec (max effort max speed)
Jog / walk for 30 sec
Minute 8 ( Workout Interval 4)
Sprint for 30 sec (max effort max speed)
Jog / walk for 30 sec
Minute 9 ( Workout Interval 5)
Sprint for 30 sec (max effort max speed)
Jog / walk for 30 sec
Minute 10 ( Workout Interval 6)
Sprint for 30 sec (max effort max speed)
Jog / walk for 30 sec
Minute 11 ( Workout Interval 7)
Sprint for 30 sec (max effort max speed)
Jog / walk for 30 sec
Minute 12 ( Workout Interval 8)
Sprint for 30 sec (max effort max speed)
Jog / walk for 30 sec
Minute 13 – 15 (cool down)
Jog/ walk at 5.5 to 7

So you see its totally 15 min but It gets extremely tiring to keep up with all the sprinting so it leaves you extremely tired.
I have provided it for 8 intervals but I sometimes stretch myself to 10 intervals if I can.
You could start with lesser number of intervals but do NOT go beyond 10. It’s not recommended

To make it more challenging Reduce sprint time to 20 sec & walking to 10 sec and see if you can manage :-) You could also incorporate Incline.

Like I said you could do it on stepper / elliptical too. The basic principle remains the same. high intensity bursts like go completely mad for 20 – 30 sec followed by low intensity effort to catch your breath. However HIIT is supposed to work best when you Sprint because sprinting causes a greater peak in oxygen consumption which is ideal for HIIT

Guys do let me know if you tried it, also if you liked this article & keep reading FUF cos I will keep telling you more and more about my Fitness journey & struggles.

Stay Fit

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