Beauty starts within.

Hi my Gorgeous Gorgeous girls. So how has the week treated you. I am sure you all are looking forward to a lovely relaxing weekend. I was thinking of writing an article on foundations and bases for make up but then it hit me that why not start from the root. The actual FOUNDATION to look beautiful all day everyday.Now we have all heard the age old adage “Beauty is skin deep”. Well, it is true. We all want to look great and feel great so what do we do?? Buy the nicest of clothes, make up, shoes etc and try and look great in them. Of course most of the times we do manage to look great. I do not deny it but when you think of a beautiful person do you think tired & unhealthy or is it fresh, glowing & healthy.

One of our biggest beauty pet peeve is when a celebrity tells us that the secret to their wonderful looking skin is tons of Water. I have no doubt that they must be drinking gallons of water but they do have an army of dermatologists on their speed dial should a tiny dot appear on the skin and then well trained professional make up artists to hide it. We on the other hand have to take care of ourselves.

Our skin and body needs pampering. I am a firm believer of “loving your body and it will love you back”. It was told to me once by someone.

I didn’t pay much attention then but I learnt it very late in life and now I abide by this principle.
I agree that make up can change the way you look but how rejuvenated can u make a tired skin look. You would have read beauty journals and articles talking about these issues but I am talking to you as a real person who faces problems like you do and I ain’t no celebrity :-)

So a couple of things that I do and I would recommend to all my girlfriends :

Facials : I am sure most of you would be going for these. Besides helping you relax ,they bring oxygen and nutrients to feed skin at the surface and help eliminate toxins for a clearer complexion. If you do not have time for facial at least go for regular clean ups. They are not as elaborate as facials but are good enough.
Now which facial to do is entirely up to you and the kind of skin you have. A good spa or parlor will be able to recommend it to you looking at your skin. But please go to a trusted and most importantly hygienic place. 
My Tip : Do not experiment a lot with the places for facial. If someone is working good for you stick to them cos they would know your skin well by now and would know how to deal with it. But having said that you do have to try out which one is good.

Massage : A regular massage is very important. Tension in the body caused by stress leads to tightening of muscles which impedes blood flow and causes dull skin. Massage gets blood flowing to the surface again for blooming, glowing skin. It also helps in faster weight loss.
To be honest even I do not go very often but I do manage to take out time once in 2 months for a body massage. If you do not have time atleast go for head, shoulder and neck massage once in 20 days. I am a sucker for massages and have tried a lot of places. I find all of them good but in Bombay I will recommend Heavenly Spa at Westin & Sohum spa. They are really great.

Cleanse & Moisturise : As everyone says Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising are 3 steps to good skin but to be very honest with you all I do not use a toner at all. I just believe in cleansing and moisturising.

For cleansing please do not use any cleanser, use the one which is apt for your kind of skin. Every cleanser may not suit ur skin type and can result in acne or dull looking skin so be careful of what you apply to your skin even if it is as simple as a cleanser.
Believe me I am talking from experience.
I use Bioderma face wash for combination skin. It suits me the best.
Then comes moisturising which is like food for your skin. Think what will happen if you do not eat for days together, the same thing happens to the skin if you do not moisturise it. Again very important to know what will suit your skin.

Keep it Simple : Your morning routine has to be pared down. Just cleanse and moisturise. Don not forget a sunscreen. It is a must. The majority of skin treatment should happen at night.
Night time is the healing period. That is when skin is able to absorb the maximum and therefore repair. That is why we have Night repair creams.
Always and Always remove your make up before sleeping apply lots of night cream to your face and neck before you sleep. Also apply an under eye cream and let the magic work.

Now which night cream to apply leads to my next must do.

Dermatologist visits : As much as a gynecologist is important to a woman so should be a dermatologist. These visits are important once a while.  Now girls I am not talking about any botoxes and line fillers and surgeries here. I wouldn’t know about those cos I haven’t tried any yet. Dermatologists are important for you to know & understand your skin. What cleanser should you be using, what creams will work for your skin, what sunscreen should you be using and what more can you do to improve your skin. Some derma peels work wonders for your skin and only a professional doctor can do them. I use my cleanser, sunscreen and night creams as recommended by my doctor.

MultiVitamins : These are very important for women. Mind you these are not just popping any pills, these are essential nutrients for your body.

Our diet does not provide us with enough vitamins so to compensate we must take a multivitamin and most importantly a Calcium tablets everyday. Believe me milk and curds are not sufficient for Calcium needed by our body.

For Multivitamins would recommend Centrum or One a Day. Both are very good . Calcium ask your doctor.

Make use of your kitchen :
If not for cooking, atleast make use of the kitchen ingredients for a beautiful skin.
2 recipes that work for me 
Eggwhite and Oatmeal mask : Take 1 egg white. Mix little oatmeal and a drop of Almond oil. Apply to the skin for 20 min and Rinse it off with warm water. It is very good for tightening of skin.
Banana Mask : Grind together almond, almond oil, mash a banana into the mix. Add a pinch of saffron if you like. Apply to your face in smooth circular movements so the almond grains work as a scrub. Keep on for ten minutes and rinse off. See the difference.

Diet & Exercise : I cannot even explain in enough words the importance of a good diet and exercise. Many girls suffer from body image issues and are victims to diseases like Anorexia and Bulimia. Some get into fad diets and starve themselves. They stop eating carbs and fats. Please believe me nothing works better than a balanced diet. Rest all is bullshit. Your body needs nutrition otherwise it will show on your face. All these actresses you see on screen whether you believe it or not are result of surgeries and they have to work hard to maintain themselves. They spend half of their money getting various treatments and surgeries done. That is there job. They are being paid to look good. And rest all is photoshop and airbrushing and camera angles. You should not starve and deprive your body. Having said that do not go overboard. Stick to a balanced meals meaning right amount of carbs, protiens, fats , vitamins and fiber.
Avoid fizzy drinks, sugar , processed food and alcohol as much as you can doesn’t mean don’t have them at all. Everything in moderation is allowed and yes take out time to exercise. Some girls think we are not fat so why exercise. It is wrong. All women should exercise for healthy bones. We are very prone to osteoporosis so we need to strengthen ourselves.  It not only keeps you fit but all that adreline actually makes you glow. It is good for your skin and hair.

Sleep like a baby : I know we are all busy in our lives and want to fit in 48 hours in 24 but our body demands rest. If you do not give it. It will give in and you will fall ill so listen to your body. It talks to you. Give yourself atleast 7 hours of sleep and rest cos that is when your body is repairing and preparing itself for the things to come next day and sleep like you have no care in the world. Otherwise you wake up with dark circles and puffy eyes. Do you want them??

Don’t just quench your thirst : Last but not the least do not drink water just because you are thirsty. Drink as much as you can.
8 – 10 glasses is minimum that is recommended.
Water helps your body to be lubricated. It is like oil for the engine. Your joints will work well if they are well lubricated.
You won’t suffer from cramps.
It helps in weight loss.
It makes your skin supple.
It flushes out toxins.
Do you need more reasons to drink water??

So c’mon carry that bottle of yours with you everywhere you go and instead of softdrinks just try plain water sometimes. It is an elixir. Trust me on that.

And most importantly do not forget your annual medical checkups.
Ageing is a natural process and we all have to go through it. What is important is how much can you delay it and how gracefully do you accept it.
Zzzzzzz…. I hope you all didn’t fall asleep with my post hahahaha.
I know it was a bit lengthy but I wanted to tell you all the necessary things one must do to look good everyday even without make up cos you are all worth it… So wasn’t this post worth it :-)

A quick Tip for Party Prep : If you have time do a quick on the spot jog for 10 min. It will bring a flush to your skin. If you are lazy then Grab a piece of cotton guaze & dampen it with cold water. Press it to the skin lightly pulling it taut & then quickly release. Do it in vigourous motion. Helps your skin to look alive and gives a temporary plumped effect.

Do tell me how you feel about it… Please Please share your thoughts and have a wonderful weekend.

Stay healthy and glowing.

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