Barrettes it is!

For the longest possible time I have called them hair clips or hair clasps or just plain pins and that’s how we have known them. The other day Dhanika who also runs an e- com Accessory website by the name of Twisted (you must check it out) told me that people come to her with most amusing names for accessories like Tik Tok pins and we burst out laughing. It’s very recently I learnt that the more sophisticated name for these hair accessories is “Barrettes“.. Did u know that? Well I didn’t but we all learn something new everyday Right??

Now other than showing off my newly acquired knowledge, I also wanted to touch upon the fact that how these cute little accessories if used creatively can give a fresh spin on summer hair. Aside from the purpose of keeping those annoying growing out bangs / fringes away it also helps to take off some 4-5 years from your face is an additional advantage. That is if you like cutesy girly look.

I love how a simple accessory can take the look to the next level especially stacking up 3 -4 colored ones with a side parting. Lately I have been trying out this trend with an exaggerated side part. I like the way it gives a little edge to the otherwise plain look and that you could create the look with a handful of colored bob pins which aren’t all that expensive is kinda cool. What do you think?? Would you try it out???

I love.. how about u girls?? Would love to hear :-)

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