Balmy Lips !

It’s been long since I have I had this problem of Itchy lips. I am allergic to certain ingredients in few lipsticks which causes irritation and extremely dry lips. It’s therefore imperative for me to stick to the brands that are tried and tested and not go overboard with experimenting much. However, since lipsticks are my Go To and single most important make up crutch I love trying different colors and brands. It is mostly for this reason that the next most important item & the space occupant in my Make up pouch is a Lip Balm.
It so happens that in our quest to achieve the perfect skin we forget to take care of our Lips. Yes Yes I too am guilty as charged. I have spent substantial amount of time & money trying out serums and miracle creams to keep gravity at bay. I know no matter how much I try it is about to strike anytime now. No No it doesn’t mean I am giving up anytime soon. You know what the wise say about those lines surfacing on your forehead – it’s the sign of wisdom. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. But Lips??? I do not have a story for that yet and so it would be wise that if we take out some time to take care by exfoliating them once in a while and keeping them moisturized all the time.
I was recently introduced to this brand called CARMEX by a friend. Since I was sharing my concern about Lip care and the myriad of harsh chemicals that I have used on these babies that now they have started screaming for some attention from me. She quickly took out this stick from her bag for me to try it on. I was reluctant cos I thought I am one Miss Know it all about Lip Balms since I have been using them for years. She shot a quick smile and gave me a “Be rest assured I am not taking away your years of experience” look which I must confess was quite re assuring. Lo and Behold I was hooked on to this product. What is it – a miracle balm??
It is ultra smooth, ultra moisturizing and just glides on. It consists of Camphor & Menthol that leaves such a tingly lingering feeling on your lips and it stays on for almost 2 hours so you need not apply again and again.  A little goes a long way so a thin layer is enough. I was also told that I could use it as a base before applying my lipstick and that’s what I do. The SPF is an added advantage.
It comes in flavors like Cherry, Strawberry or just the original flavor. I am so addicted to it that I apply it at most times of the day and even in the Gym. I love the minty aftertaste. The best part is that the product sinks into your lips which I feel is the most important factor.  The only thing I wish was that it had some tint to it then it could have replaced the tinted gloss in my purse. I have been told that they have those in the Carmex range. Will try to get my hands on it. Nevertheless a great product to add to your lip care & if you have any lip product allergies like me then it is a perfect Antidote.
CARMEX Lip Balm is available in India at The Beauty Bar Store online.
Incase you happen to use it do let me know what you feel :-)
Take care


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