Bag Crush!

I thought will start a new section on my crushes. Every now and then we come across some stuff and we develop a crush on it. Better to let it out and share it with you guys. What say :-)))
I am a huge fan of big bags. They can accommodate your whole world inside and yet look absolutely fab so what better than totes. I have a couple of them in my wardrobe but what I really want to add into my collection is the Celine Tote. In some ways its reminds me of a Birkin which is definitely my favorite so maybe that’s the reason this one has caught my fancy. Ever since I have set my eyes on it (which is almost a year ago) I am seeing everyone carrying it. No wonder it IS one of the fastest selling totes. I went to the store a couple of times but couldn’t make up my mind on it cos it is so damn expensive. Also the next time I went the snooty sales guy told me it’s sold out and I will have to wait. While I am still waiting & contemplating on the purchase you guys enjoy my Bag crush and let me know if i should be going for it :-)









Do you like the Celine tote??


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