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i – fit !!

Hi Gorgeous people. Hope you are healthy and glowing. I am just back from my run and thought would post some fun stuff today. Yeah boys, its for you too.

Who says exercising is boring. If done with style, it can become pretty interesting.

So, I wanted to share with you one of the best and stylish gifts I received from a very dear friend.
I love music and am a fitness freak so this certainly suits my style.
An IPod Nano Touchscreen Watch.

Apple is known to dish out the most stylish products  ( I am a newly converted Apple freak though I am still learning to operate a MAC machine. Phew!! )and this one is again one of the coolest things from their stable.

I Pod Nano Touchscreen

Isn’t it cool?? The I Pod is available in various colors but what really gives it a lift is the cool wristband with variety of colors to choose from.
I pod Nano costs close to $129 and the strap which is an accessory item is $45 approx.

If you thought that was it , hello wait I have more to tell. One of its best features which makes it my favorite product is the Fitness feature

The built – in accelerometer gives you real time feedback so girls you can track how many calories are you burning in that jog. Cool na?? In the gym you can connect it to the Nike + Ipod compatible machine and track ur workout. Also it stores the history so you know how much better are you getting by the day. Set a goal and just turn on the music.

You can clip it on to you while on that treadmill or out for a jog.

Ain’t it super cool? Its music and fitness meter together combined with Style. I love running on music. It pumps me up.
My IPOD must haves these days for the gym or a run are
1. David Guetta
2. Rihanna
3. Katy Perry
4. Lady Gaga
5. Pitbull
6. Black Eyed Peas
and ofcourse who doesn’t love the Bollywood numbers :-)
Yeah Yeah I am a regular girl with regular tastes.

And if you are not running just wear it as a mere watch. It is so Sporty and Trendy. I wear it most of the times when going out for my day errands.
I got mine in blue. What do you think??

Did you know that running is one of the best ways to loose all that abdominal fat and you thought its just killing yourselves with 1000 crunches a day. Running helps you loose anywhere between 450 – 800 calories per hour depending on your speed. So you must go running at least twice a week.
A word of caution : Running can hurt your knees so you gotta be careful. Start slow.

So Clip it or Strap it on to u  and Go Girls!!
Have a Superrrr Sunday. Will see you all next week.

Stay healthy & glowing.

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Chuck the Boyfriend, keep the blazer :-)

Hi my Gorgeous Girls, Hope you had a wonderful Women’s day. I had fun playing Holi with my friends and family.

Today I will talk about one must have piece of clothing in your closet – the Boyfriend Blazer.

This has been one of the hottest trends of the season. Though it made its debut somewhere in 2009  it has managed to be in trend till as late as 2011. Its an offshoot of the earlier trend of Boyfriend Jeans. Fundamental principal remains the same – oversized and comfortable.

As the name suggests just take it off your Boyfriend’s (for not so lucky ones from your husband’s ) closet. For people like me I will have to buy cos maybe 3 of my size can fit into my husband’s hahaha. Definitely not sooo oversized ones!!

It caught my fancy while I was watching Gossip Girl and I must say that Juliet Sharp ( Katie Cassidy) was rather looking very sharp in these. What I really like about it is it’s versatality. It looks as good running day errands as it would look in some office meeting or at night catching up with friends over drinks . I love its ability to convert a basic outfit to elegant & classy.

Katie Cassidy in Gossip Girl

Some of my favorite celebrities like Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham glamorized the style to the hilt.

As you can see they are slightly oversized and long and the hippest style trend. Just Roll up the sleeves for a cool and casual  feminine look.

Do I wear them to work?? No silly, wear them anywhere.

Wear them with a dress – casual or formal daytime or a sexy party dress in the night. Celebs are taking this style to the Red Carpet.

How cool is Rihanna looking with this Black on Red Ensemble.
Rihanna in BF Blazer

with skinny Jeans

Kim K is spotted wearing them very often.
Kim Kardashian style

with trousers

Victoria Beckham

with short skirts – formal back ones or dressy sequined ones

or with shorts

Whatever the occasion just throw them on and feel cool and confident.. Also good for those bulges under a tight dress or a T which u have been wanting to wear for the longest possible time. 
Though our Indian weather especially the Mumbai one doesn’t allow us to wear too many layers of clothing most part of the year, I made use of this trend the whole month of December ,Jan & Feb.
But you do get some that are thin cotton material kinds and can be worn summers too.

They are available all over so go look for them at a shop near you
Zara $100 – $120
courtesy Zara

ASOS $98 / Rubbish & Chambray $58

Forever 21   $25 – $30

courtesy Forever 21

They are also available in H&M, Top Shop, Charlotte Russe, Bebe

I am wearing them most of the times and am particularly digging my electric blue one from F21.
And trend or no trend, this style will stay with me for a long long time cos I am totally luuuving it.

My Tip : If you don’t have one yet get a basic black, it goes with any dress or any color. Boyfriend blazers are available in various fits and length. They are slightly boxy, that’s how they are meant to be so it’s essential that they are snug through the shoulders and fall well. Also if you are a little short then don’t go for very long ones. 

So, Girls roll it up, scrunch it and go make a statement.

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Happy Holi to All – Some Useful tips

Hi Girls,A very Happy Holi to all of you.

I thought would quickly give you 2 -3 must do things before you step out to play Holi

Pls apply lots of oil to your hair.. It will keep them protected

  1. Apply sunscreen to all the exposed parts
  2. Apply lots of moisturiser to your face and body so that the color doesn’t seep inside the pores
  3. Put a coating of vaseline on your nails, lips and ears to protect them from the color
  4. Pls drink lots and lots of water before you go out and after you come back cos all the harsh chemicals in the colors leave you dehydrated
  5. Pls be gentle on your face while washing it else you will damage the skin while trying to remove the color with soap. Use Baby oil instead or a cleanser.
  6. And avoid waxing, bleaching, threading for 2-3 days after Holi



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Give your shoulders a break


Just exactly how many of you feel lost if you aren’t carrying your basic essentials while going for a fun night out. How many of you wish that you could fit in more in those beautiful but very small clutches. Sometimes I wonder if the day bags that we carry are our mini suitcases. You have to take a peek inside my bag to see what all I carry. From my phone to my I pod, to my make up to my cheque books to my diary, everything has to fit in my bag or I will be so lost.
Therefore I am not very big on small dainty bags. For me the Bigger, the Better!!

Looks like my prayers are answered when I saw the oversized clutches or Maxi clutches as some call them are making a huge comeback this season. Ah! its such a welcome and utilitarian piece of accessory for people like me. Imagine trying to fit it my lipstick, gloss, phone, keys & not to forget my camera in a small clutch for the evening. Crazy huh!!

These clutches are so high on glam that be it day or night you can just use them to enhance your style and do away with those big shoulder bags once in a while and give those shoulders a break.

They fall under 3 categories

1. Envelope clutches
They seem to be more in vogue and you can see them everywhere. Maybe because they look good both at day or at night and go very well with both casual & trendy. They are in a shape of an envelope. With variations in this particular style you can pair them with your formals or your super glam evening wear. They are bound to look make you look chic.
Envlope clutches
Check out this Victoria Beckham design below. Now wouldn’t you want to carry it with you to some high powered meeting or maybe to a dinner in the night. I totally love this one and its  on my Lust list
Victoria Beckham structured day clutch
Some of the Envelope clutches on the splurge list are
Balenciaga large envelope outreamer 1000$
The Save finds would be
This beautiful Coral one from BCBG. If you wish to see more go to the BCBG site.
BCBGeneration Charlie envelope 78$

Forever New 25$

ASOS just seems to have so many of these in the range that it is fast becoming my favorite brand for clutches at a reasonable price eg : This brilliantly beautiful metallic clutch.
ASOS Metallic envelope clutch 78$

ASOS Cobalt blue suede envelope clutch
I am so flipping on this cobalt blue, I know what I have to buy from the US this time :-)

2. Flat clutches
These do not have a flap or anything. Just a zipper. Imagine a pouch but only bigger and beautiful.  They lean more towards the casual side but they look cool. Team it with a jeans & T and see how it works wonder with your style. Leopard prints are totally in and look super cool.

Flat clutch purses
Philip Lim Oversized clutch

How cool is this Philip Lim clutch. Its a true mix of beauty and utility.

Splurge Category

The Miu Miu, Kate Spade & D&G clutches are adorable in this category

Kate Spade I kissed a frog 328$

Miu Miu Matelasse Luxe leather -1250$

Dolce & Gabanna

The Save finds would be

Zara 100$ approx.
Forever 21 color block clutch 20$ approx
Accessorise 30$

Top Shop 30$ approx

and last of all are
The Fold Over clutches
I still very clearly remember Carrie Bradshaw carrying this beautiful LV fold over clutch in the last scene of Sex & the City movie. She is wearing a beautiful rose Givenchy jacket in lemon color with this statement clutch. I lusted after this purse for months & months. I couldn’t get it though :-(

They are bang on trendy just like envelope clutches look very good during day time or night
Splurge category

Jimmy Choo 1400$ approx.

Aren’t these Uggs so beautiful??

Ugg Sparkle clutch 170$
Clare Vivier fold over clutch 140$ approx.
One brand I would definitely like you all to check out would be Clare vivier. They have an amazing collection of clutches. The price range is from 140$ onwards but totally worth it.

Check out this one below and they have many more in beautiful colors and shapes

Save category

ASOS foldover 58$

Runway Bandit , a singapore brand has some really pretty colors in big clutches. I really like them

Runway bandit 30$

My Tip : If you don’t have a single oversized clutch go for the envelope clutch. It goes with a casual wear like a floral dress or jeans or shorts and it also goes with your evening wear like an LBD or trousers or anything. Get a big & bright one to make a statement. 

Again there might be a whole lot available in various brands. Please look for these clutches when you go shopping next time and if you already possess one, its time to take them out and flaunt them.

Check out how celebs are sporting this trend.

Leaving you with this thought and lots of wishes for Holi.
Have a super and safe Holi my girls and yeah Happy Women’s day. Celebrate with style!!


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Bland & UnImpressive – Zara S/S 2012

Hi my Gorgeous Gorgeous girls. How are you doing today. Hope you have eased into the week nicely and smoothly.
Zara’s spring summer collection is now available in their stores and I did go to pay them a visit – Thrice. Before I begin talking about my views on collezione Zara 2012 I must tell you that Zara is one of my favorite clothing brands. I have so much of  it in my wardrobe that my dad has christened me “Ms Zara” which BTW  I Love !!

They have a wide range of collection including TRF range and a good mix of classy and trendy casual range. Though they most often than not keep very muted colors and yes a lot of Blacks and Whites but I still love  them. I feel Zara has the best collection of  Whites especially shirts.

A lot of our Bollywood Divas are seen wearing Zara at various occasions
The floral top worn by Karishma Kapoor is from their recent collection and I had seen it in Dubai. Sadly not available in India :-(
I would have loved if they would also stock more of brighter colors in India. They do keep some during summers like the ones seen above (I love the blue on PC and I do have it in my collection). I just meant more. Cos sometimes a girl is in a mood for brights Isn’t it??

Coming back to their Spring Summer collection in the Indian stores I feel a bit disappointed. It looks very very bland and lacks spice. I don’t know how it works but the website of Zara India shows still better stuff than what is available in stores. If someone knows the reason pls enlighten me.

So I went thrice to the store in the anticipation to find something new but returned empty handed each time which is a very rare case with me  hahaha. They have in this season a lot of black and white Polka dots, nets, floral prints , lots of Peter Pan collars and even more pastels. What I found surprising is that there was no trace of Peplum except for one Top that too in White ( it did fit me perfect ) while the website shows a lot of them. (Incase you haven’t yet read about this season’s hottest trends do refer to my article From Runways to our daily lives ) you will know how big Peplum is

I didn’t  even find these cute looking shorts that there model Saksia is wearing for S/S campaign. 
The collection did look pleasing to the eyes when they released their new campaign and like many I had shortlisted my picks. I was so disheartened when I did not find those pieces on the racks.

The white studded shirt which I was so looking forward to picking up went out of stock so soon. Also the fit didn’t seem to work and nor did I find the black skirt shown below.

The collection is bang on trend but lacks spice for eg.  Peter Pan collars were seen to be very dominant in the collection be it dresses or shirts or tops but they failed to make me want them

They also have an embellished version of these collars but the styling was a little off. That deep front cut was so unnecessary.

In midst of all the white and pastels, I did mange to catch a site of orange but have seen better.

Prints were seen a lot. Some were floral, some were busy, some were all over. Again lacked spice. Though the one in the middle with black cigarette pants or even white pants will look good but whats with the jacket??

and all you can see is Pastel, Pastel and Pastel.. Yeah team them up with a bright skirt or a bright pants, they might work. Might being the key word :-(

But there were a few pieces that I did shortlist. The pink jacket was bright for INR 3790 appr. and the color was oh so pretty. Worn on a pastel dress, will really lift up the style.

The light pink tulip dress (INR 5500/- approx.) is actually making me drool. It reminded me of the one worn by Kangana Ranaut for a Trussardi event. Pair it with the right Shoes and bag, it will look classy and chic.

Kangana Ranaut at a Trussardi event in a tulip dress

The only peplum on the rack (sadly) was the white one (INR 2790 approx.) Pair it with these cute printed shorts (INR 2500/- approx.)and some high heels will also make heads turn.

These are a few pieces that I am thinking about. Other than this there are nets, a few polka dots, trousers and jeans, some formal wear etc etc.
What do you girls think about the collection. I am sure many of you would have gone and seen too. Did you find it interesting??
Do and please do share your views while I do some thinking on whether to spend my moolah on the shortlisted stuff.
PS : This is Zara India collection (Mumbai to be more specific)


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Turn up the heat this Summer !!

Taking your Style 2 Notches Up with Summer’s Must have Accessory

Hola Chicas.. Hope you all had a wonderful & a fun filled weekend. I went to see my favorite Meryl Streep in Iron Lady and was blown. Whoaaa what a performance , I totally totally recommend.
So did u get time to try out the neutral look. If you haven’t seen it yet do refer to my article “Neutral IS the new Casual”

OK ,the weather is back to it scorching best and we haven’t  ended with the so called Winter season yet so I am expecting a killer of a Summer.
In cities like Mumbai  calling the season “Winter” is anyway making a mockery of the freezing weather that people up North or in the Western countries get to enjoy. The downside to that is that we hardly or rather never get to enjoy the Winter Fashion (Though I do fly out once a while to some cold city to get my dose for the year. So, I am not complaining!!) Back to the summers, its time to take out  your Summer Accessories.
One of my most favorite & must have Accessory for the summer is Sunglasses. Of course our glam brigade have made  them such an indispensable accessory by wearing it all the time. Be it Day or Night, Indoors or Outdoors that we have kind of forgotten that it is actually used to protect our eyes from the harsh UV Rays of the unrelenting summer Sun.

But it is one thing that spells Instant Glam!!  
It just lifts your style quotient 2 notches up. You just have to be very sure of which one suits your face the most.

It also in a way is a crucial accessory for me on days I have not had a good sleep and gotten up with swollen eyes. Nothing  ruins your look more than a puffy eye no matter how beautiful your outfit is.

 My Tip : “This is one thing I would insist  you should not cringe to spend on as it is a very important tool to prevent your eyes from the harsh Sun apart from being a glamour booster. Also would not ask you to follow any trend because it needs to work for you. So I would say that Invest on at least one good pair and if the latest trend is working for ya then why not.”

Oh no dolls, you can’t just live with one so I say Splurge on a really good one and then you can go Save on some others but ALWAYS ALWAYS buy good quality Sunglasses from the people who are known to be the best in the business.

I have tons of them cos I am a junkie. I have a bad habit of going berserk. I mostly like the big ones mainly becuse the small ones don’t suit my face.. I also adore the Aviators. I have a whole lot of them.

Blacks are my favorite and will continue to remain but this summer I am thinking of going with some funky colors so I already picked a RED D&G. Shades are meant to be worn with a lot of attitude. Some of the Celebs who wear these beauties with  elan are :

The very stylish Victoria Beckham.
Sunglasses are synonymous to Posh Beckham and she is my absolute favorite. She totally totally rocks them. She designed her own range of DVB shades which basically were a reflection of her own style. She later relaunched her line as Victoria Beckham collection in 2010.
Victoria Beckham

How cool is her style?

Another Celeb who looks chic in shades is Kim Kardashian and this girl can rock any pair.
Kim Kardashian

From Balenciaga to TomFord to Dita to Gucci to Dior she seems to have them all.

Paris Hilton is one girl actually first among the few who made white sunglasses quite a rage. And Mind you everyone cannot carry them off the way Paris does. I remember searching a pair for myself but they looked very bad so I gave up the idea but I am still hunting for one perfect pair that will make me look like Paris.

Who doesn’t know about Lady Gaga’s love for her sunglasses!! Infact didn’t she gift a pair of hers to Shahrukh’s daughter?? Rumored to start her own line with Linda Farrow, She does love wearing some weird ones but she makes us go GAGA over her.

Back home I feel PC & Malaika Rock it the most especially the Aviators.

My Tip “ No one can tell you what kind of shades will look the best on you but you yourself. So take out time and don’t be afraid to try on as many as you can to get the perfect pair. Try them with loose hair and tied hair. Even better take a friend with you who is not afraid to tell you the truth.”

I have committed a lot of faux pas while buying shades till i figured what suits me the most. That doesn’t stop me from buying different kinds. Well, I am a nut case :-)

Many of the sunglasses have been in trend and are just a variation of the ones before. Many have come back from an earlier era. Any big ones that cover your eyes well are a safe bet incase they suit you. Nonetheless will tell u about  the wearable trends and then the must haves and ones on my wishlist.

Trending in 2011 and might continue in 2012 are :

Gradient lens Sunglasses : It’s a trend that resurfaces every few Years with a twist.. Would have seen it in the past and with the right frame is a very wearable one. It’s the almost hidden eye that makes it very attractive. Wear it with the right color and attitude like JLO

You can buy these in Big frames, small frames, colored frames, Avaiators or Wayfareres  anything

Some of my picks in the Splurge category would be
in the range of INR 20,000/- to 30,000/-

VB Gradient lenses in Rose (L) / Tom Ford Emmeline Violet

courtesy Victoria Beckham Sunglasses , TomFord sunglasses

Save category ( INR 10,000/- or less)
RayBan Jackie Ohh 4098

courtesy Rayban

Banana Republic Morgan sunglasses

courtesy Banana Republic

Round Sunglasses this season are modern re -interpretation of original classics worn by Beatles in 60s. Infact they are so John Lennon. Lady Gaga is seen wearing Balenciaga Round glasses most of the times

My Pick in Splurge (INR 15,000/- to 30,000/-)

Chanel 4182 (L) / Louis Vuitton Desmayo Roundflower (R)

courtesy Louis Vuitton, Chanel 

Save ( less than INR 10,000/-)
Top shop / Ray Band Round gun Metal

courtesy RayBan, TopShop
50’s are back with Cat Eye glasses. These I must say are for the very daring kinds and the ones who are not afraid to experiment. They are available in sharper edges and Rounded out edges. Depending on your face shape pick up the right ones for yourselves

Scarlett & Kim wearing TomFord Nikita
Splurge Category

Top & Bottom Left D&G Cool Cat ,  Top Right Tom Ford Nico , Bottom Right Linda farrow

Tom Ford , D&G

And if you really scared to invest in this look Don’t you worry girls get these babies from Forever 21 for as low as 6$ (INR   300/- appr) and try them on this season to get over your fear and then buy one of the good ones. I know I am definitely trying the F21s
Save category

Forever 21 sunglasses

Colored Frames , apt for Summer. Very cool, Go for them.

I like the ALife Worn by Jessica Alba. Though it must be as old as 2008 but the colored frames are here to stay

Get them in Red or Blue , they look funky

Asos(L) / RayBan Red (R)
Aren’t they funky??

If you are a sunglass freak like me some of the absolute must have brands in your collection should be from any of these brands ( any style that suits u) Mind you they are steep and leave a hole in your pocket. The ones mentioned below are on my wishlist.
VB is a style icon and has transpired her sense of fashion in her collection. Her VB collection has been a huge success and is fast becoming a favorite with celebs.
I am particularly digging these Aviators from VB’s 2010 collection. They are so cool and yeah they are Aviators!!
Victoria Beckham Grilled Aviators

Tom Ford Sunglasses

If you are a lover of shades then Tom Ford is a must must have. They are on many’s  aspirational list and on mine too

Tom Ford Calgary

Bvlgari Sunglasses

Bvlgari depicts absolute class and sophistication
With Bvlgari dazzling jewels as a decorative component, it makes these sunglasses an essential element in your collection

In India we have very limited collection of shades but thanks to Sunglass Hut we get some decent ones here.

Keep looking for Sales that they come up with once in a while. You can get some good ones upto 15% off. Otherwise RayBans are the most trusted eyewear and they have come out with some really classy collection.

I recently picked up these Red D&Gs which I wear very often
“Vogue ” which is from RayBan stable is a brand worth mentioning. Very economical and some great styles. I recently picked up one and believe you me its suiting me the best in terms of style & color and only for INR  6000/- (120$) Howzzat!!

Few more from my personal collection if u are interested :-)

Personal Collection

Recently saw Charles & Kieth have come out with interesting line of Aviators so girls go Check them out and share with us your absolute favories and must haves & what did u pick up??
I know this article is lengthy but I wanted to give u all a detailed view on these absolute must have accessory. Hope it was helpful
Go Glam!!

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