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A Right Set of Mind!!

Shonima kaul label life 3

Shonima kaul label life 8

Shonima kaul label life 5

Shonima kaul label life 3

Shonima kaul label life 7

Shonima kaul label life 2

Shonima kaul label life 6

Shonima kaul label life 4

This is the second time I had to shoot in this outfit because the first time I shot I was just not happy with the results. From the moment I styled it the first time I knew something was off with the look. I wasn’t at all comfortable and it seemed very forced to me. Even though the dress on its own is quite cute and simple I knew it needed a little bit of Je ne sai quoi.

To cut the long story short since this oddity had been playing on my mind, the end result was not as desired and with that I want to talk about the right set of mind you need to accomplish a task.

Something as small as not wearing the right accessories with a certain dress made it impossible for me to concentrate on my task. I also was under pressure to get some pics out because I literally had nothing to post on my blog or social media for a very long time. It was not that my look was a disaster but something was bugging me constantly. My unhappiness was so evident in my pictures that made me realise that how important is it to be in the right frame of mind to carry on a task and bring it to fruition. I could have shortlisted a pic and posted on my Instagram but I knew it would not make me happy so I canned the pics and decided to re shoot when I am in the right & happy frame and have figured out my look. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t go up today, it can go up after a week but I need to be happy about my work.
We often do things so half heartedly because its just a task in hand and what happens – the results are pretty average. So how important is it to be mindful and aware and in the right mind set to do anything even though it might seem as simple as posing in front of the camera. We HAVE to love what we do otherwise it will just be another mediocre chore which leaves us unhappy and dissatisfied. Right?
On that note I want you all to consciously develop a feeling of happiness within yourself so that it reflects in any work no matter how big or small you do. I am definitely practicing this before preaching it to you.

Also I am so loving neutrals this season. Browns are gonna be big this season and I am loving this color scheme so much. This eyelet skater dress from Label life is totally up my alley.
Have a great week
Shonima Kaul

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Getting ready to welcome Festivities



Its the starting of the favourite time of the year. Th last 4 months before yet another year ends. The festival season is upon us. Also the time to take out your fineries and dazzle the world. This is the only opportunity I take to dress myself up in layers of clothing even if the weather does not permit us to do so.
I love wearing Indian attire during this time. I truly believe that we Indians look so beautiful in our Indian clothes. I am kickstarting the season wearing this beautiful peachy Anarkali by Ritu Seksaria. I love how simple yet elegant it looks and the golden dupatta just makes the look complete.

I also wanna take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. Hope the Lord brings lots of happiness along with him. Also I hope you are getting an eco friendly Ganpati home cos trust me even God wants to save our planet :-)










Have fun guys

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

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Fear No Mirror !! CoolSculpting now in India



If you know me well, you would know I am a big fitness enthusiast. I workout atleast 5-6 days in a week. It keeps me fit and running. The byproduct is of course keeping myself in shape. However despite working really really hard, I have pockets of stubborn fat that refuses to go away like on my arms and my upper back. No matter how many pull-ups and back exercises I might end up doing, It just DOESN’T GO. It could be quite a de- motivating factor for people who are trying really hard to achieve that sculpted figure but get stuck beyond a point. If you are one of those people who are stuck with their routine, I have some really cool news for you.

I recently attended the launch of Coolsculpting in India. The event was about making us aware of what Cool sculpting is all about


What is Cool Sculpting
Cool Sculpting is an FDA approved non surgical way to reduce unwanted fat using Cryoliposis which selectively breaks down fat cells without harming the surrounding tissues.

How it works
There is a fixed number of fat cells in our body. Typically when we gain weight, we don’t gain additional fat cells, the existing cells simply get larger. Cool sculpting uses cryoliposis a non surgical procedure that targets and freezes fats cells to temperatures that triggers fat cell death. The applicators are equipped with gel pads and sensors which monitors temperature so that the procedure is comfortable. the areas are then massaged to help breakdown the fat so it can be passed from the body naturally.

Which areas can be treated
Double chin, Upper arms, Chest, Abdomen, Back, Sides, Under the buttock and outer thighs. It can be used to reduce fat bulges in areas like abdomen, Love handles, inner thighs, double chin and upper arms. You can also achieve a sexy looking jawline.

The best part – It is a NO SURGERY, NO DOWNTIME Solution.

However, let me clear out a few points
1. There is no substitute for healthy eating and exercising. Please follow a proper exercise regime to loose weight.
Cool Sculpting is not for people who are overweight.
2. It’s not liposuction where you can reduce excessive fat. it only works for people who are a certain size and shape and just need a bit of sculpting
3. Results vary from case to case basis
4. It can take upto 3 – 4 months for the results to show
5. Costs vary from case to case basis. Depending on how many cycles are needed

You can book your appointment with a reputed dermatologist and achieve that sculpted figure you have always been hoping for. Fear No mirror henceforth.

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I feel pretty!!



I am currently so into off the shoulder stuff. Mainly because of my hair. I like the way the hair grazes the shoulders and it kind of makes the whole look very slick and chic. Even though my shoulders and arms are my pet peeves (we all have something we are not very fond of) but somehow in my mind I am making it work for me. I mean I would have so wanted to have those chiseled collar bones and perfectly tones arms but you gotta work with what you have girls.

I recently saw this movie on NetflixI feel Pretty“. I also recommended it on my insta stories. I am sure a lot of you would have seen it. Somehow that movie resonated so well with me. It’s really funny and light hearted comedy meant for mindless chilling sessions but the message did get stuck with me. I am not kidding I have already seen it 3 times. The message is really simple – Its all in your mind. It is about self love. If you love yourself and see yourself as pretty and confident that’s what world will be forced to look at you like and it will attract all the possible things you have ever wanted in your life. It’s so simple yet the most difficult thing for us to do but believe me its true. I practice it now completely. I do not let other’s opinions bother me much. As long as I am feeling good and pretty, I no longer care you see :)

MY friend said – You shouldn’t wear white , it doesn’t look good on you
My response – Hmmm Interesting Point of view but I feel pretty in it :-)

Sending you love and good vibes. Have a freakin awesome week and do check out my pictures









Top : Abercrombie & fitch , Pants : Zara, Sunnies : Aldo, Shoes : Aldo

Lots of love

Shonima Kaul

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She’s on my Mind!!



I have forever wanted to own an exaggerated slit dress. I think because it makes a woman look very fierce and so sure of herself. Something about the way it looks when you walk. Do u know what I’m saying.   DUUUHH I mean it is fiercely sexy ya :-)
It’s always been there on my mind to own one so the other day when Shein asked me to check out their website to find a dress for myself I got stuck with this beautiful oxblood number. The color is so royal and classy and the style is so fierce. It was calling out to me. I love that knotted detail in the front and the dress sits perfectly on me.
It was not the right day to wear it as the wind was blowing so hard that I had quite a lot of Marilyn Monroe moments but the pictures came out so good that I came back home all smiles. Hope u like it.
Incase u like the dress you can shop it from here.




shein collage 2



Shein collage

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Golden Girl!!

They say “Keep your face toward the Sun and Shadows will fall behind you” Its true both metaphorically as well as literally :-) While it has a deeper meaning in life, I am talking about using it in Photography. While clicking outfit pics we are always looking for that right amount of Sun to fall on us so that the pics could turn out Golden. The other day I got so lucky to get these pics. Its the moment when everything looks just so perfect, hides every imperfection and you look like Pure Gold. I just love it.

I am loving everything Olive currently and this corset top from Forever 21 definitely looks pretty chic. I can think of so many ways to style it. Here I am just wearing it with a pair of shorts but I am soon gonna post more pics on how I style it because its one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe right now.






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Black & Gold!!

IMG_0279 crop

IMG_0279 crop

Black is such a naturally effortless fellow. I mean You can style it with anything and it will always manage to shine. Right? Personally I love Black and Gold a lot. Most often than not I end up with that combo and for me it’s a winner. I honestly would have wanted my Gold reflectors and heel to sparkle more for the effect but unfortunately the clouds decided to block the Sunshine and my idea of what it could have been turned out to be different from what it is. But never mind, I still liked the end result.

A fun fact – when I bought this top I do not know how I thought I would be wearing it as a dress!! I mean what was I thinking?!?! Thanks to the bike shorts that have kind of become a fashion statement these days I was able to resurrect the outfit. On that note – Are you on board with the biking shorts trend?? I think me likey.







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Just Do it !! Nike Skirt & Off the shoulder Top


There is no time like TODAY, there is no moment like NOW. If something is in your mind and on your bucket list , I say put it now in your TO – DO list and just f#$&in do it. We tend to get lazy and lethargic and put things away. We do not know how to prioritise our life. To understand What is important What is not so important is also an Art. Sadly even I have not mastered it yet. But there is one thing I have decided that if something needs to happen I gotta move my ass and make it happen.

There are no things as Failures. They are just opportunities disguised as setbacks for you to get stronger and fight back harder. I have always prided myself for being balanced and a realist but sometimes things just do not go in your favour, no matter how hard you try. The best thing to do is leave it at that and trust the process of life. If its not working maybe we need to focus our energies on something better which needs our attention. We can look at failures in 2 ways – either we can sit back and keep finding faults in ourselves and the situation we are in or we can just think of it as a diversion from that route and take another one cos maybe that route was not the best to take after all.
All I am saying is that we might think it’s the end of the road from where we are standing BUT a slight turn at the bending which we had missed earlier because we were stationary could just be a new beginning to much greater things. All you gotta do is trust the universe, keep moving and take that turn. Don’t just sit and mull over things. Get up and try and do something different.
If you can’t change the direction of the wind, you can atleast adjust the sails to reach your destination. Right?
Just a little change of perspective. That’s all. Just Do it!!







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Go Green – Shirt dress and a corset!!

IMG_9526 greenhouse

I am extremely happy that finally our Government has taken some initiative to ban plastic. Did you know 6.3 billion tonnes globally of plastic has been discarded into the environment since 1950 most of which will not breakdown for at least 450 years. Half of this plastic was made in last 13 years.These numbers are mind boggling. Can u imagine the damage to our eco system. Its high time such steps are taken. Having said that, while I am completely in favour of the ban, I feel it has been handled in such a bad way cos people are absolutely clueless on ground level. It has not been well thought of implementation. People still don’t know how the garbage will be disposed off. what is allowed, what is not allowed. Shouldn’t max permissible limit plastic bags already be available in stores so people can start buying and using those.
There is no proper communication from anywhere which is kind of leading to chaos and on top of that rains are making it worse. If you carry cloth bags they end up getting soaking wet so how does one function.
I am sure no one would mind helping the environment as long as there is a proper system to incorporate such changes. In the end its the common man who suffers!

On a different note the weather in Mumbai is wonderful but the state of roads is dreadful so only thing on my mind right now is to pack my bags and run away somewhere very far. I am willing to go anywhere fabulous as long as I am on an airplane and away from my country.








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She got the Blues – Romper and an Oversized Denim Jacket



I love rompers. I can live in them day in and day out and this cute floral number from Forever 21 caught my eyes in the store. After naming myself as a certified shopper, I can tell you that you get the best rompers/playsuits in Forever 21 (and they are damn affordable). It’s the best thing to wear in the weather in my city be it summers or monsoons. Its my staple as you can see on my Instagram.

As I mentioned in my earlier post I am also loving oversized looks these days. I am majorly into jackets these days cos the weather is so beautiful these days in MUMBAI that you can totally let one of these things hang on you once in a while. Also I think its lends a little character to the whole ensemble.

I am also majorly Vibing on the color Blue especially on my eyes. Its my jam currently.



IMG_9317 fotor

IMG_9400 fotor


Romper & Jacket : F21 , heels : Zara


Shonima Kaul

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