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Last bit of winter!!


Hello lovely people. It feels like ages since I have put up a post. I have been travelling a little bit and working on improving my skill sets in various other fields. It’s a constant learning process right? I am always getting inspired by other people’s work and want to work on bettering mine. Unfortunately it also leads to me scrapping a lot of my work because it feels so blah to me sometimes hahaha. Just being honest you know. That is one of the reasons I have been MIA from everywhere. I am forever hungry to make myself better which is good but sometimes not so good cos it is impossible to be perfect and we all gotta start from somewhere and make do with whatever we have and can do.
Anyhoo I thought let me just put up something there before you all forget me :-) Also have to say that the weather is so cool currently. I am dreading summers, mainly because it gets so hot and humid in Mumbai and I hate that so I am trying to make the most of this weather currently. Sitting outside in coffee shops or taking long walks or sitting in my small little balcony cos OMG the weather is so grrreaaatt.
I took this opportunity to wear this somewhat high neck ribbed top. I love the slight hint of red in this look. I was just scrolling thru the sale section in Zara and found this textured leather skirt which I luuurrrvv. While people on the other side of the globe are layering themselves in thick furs and leather jackets and woollen coats I am happy creating this Mumbai winter version for myself cos this is as cold as it can get here.
Also wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day. Let’s celebrate love, not just today but everyday of our lives. Have a great week.




Black and red collage 1




Top , Skirt : Zara, Shoes : H&M

Shonima Kaul

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I had absolutely no intention of calling this post Melancholic when I shot these pics because there was definitely no sign of sadness when I was shooting them. Infact I was pretty happy but when I sat to edit them I realised that my expressions (especially my eyes) had a certain pensiveness in them. I am not certain why. Maybe I was trying to give a certain look and they turned out to be looking sad. Most of the times I know that my friend Dimple shouts from behind the lens – give me sexy , you are giving me sad!! This was me trying to give a look that turned out somewhat despondent.

On that note I recently finished watching documentary on Princess Diana on Netflix and the thought kept lingering about how lonely was this woman who had the entire world at her feet. She had the most charismatic persona and had media/ paparazzi eating out of her hands yet the hunger to be loved or belong was so immense. To be honest I knew she was famous but that she was so greatly loved and had this huuuuge following / control over people was something I didn’t know. I was rather overwhelmed by the scenes of her funeral. It was like the whole world had descended to pay their last respects. Imagine someone getting so much love from outside and being so empty from inside. It must have been so hard. We often look at someone’s exterior and judge them based on that not having the slightest inkling of the war they are fighting within themselves. It was kind of sad to watch her documentary but I absolutely loved watching it. Throws a lot of light into the lives of so called Royals. I recommend. The other one is “The Crown” Absolutely phenomenal series on NETFLIX once again about the Royal family. I was blown away by Claire Foy and all the others. Brilliant masterpiece. Loved it.
Now since there was so much hype about Stranger things around me, I had to give it a shot (FOMO u see) and Gawd did I get hooked or what!! I binge watched 2 seasons and I am desperately waiting for the 3rd one. Just thought will share my favourite binge worthy shows currently.

Other than that this denim jacket that I decided to wear as a dress (perks of being short) is from Misguided. I am loving the way Denim is getting re invented by the fashion industry. Also Denim being an everlasting trend I love the ways in which we can work this trend in our daily lives. Shot this post in Golden light after a very long time so love the way the light falls. Hope u like it too.






IMG_1193 crop




Dress : misguided
Pics : Dimple

Shonima Kaul

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Moving forward!!



Hello everyone. Hows 2018 treating you so fa. I know I haven’t put anything on the blog for a while now. No I haven’t been lazy. Infact I have shot a couple of looks and they are just sitting there in my comp. Just that I have been invested in figuring out my YOUTUBE channel.
Ever since I have started it I am trying to figure what to put in it and after shooting something I most often scrap it because either I am not happy or I am not sure it will work. Yeah so most of my time goes in shooting and scrapping.
Currently I am busy trying to work on MAKEUP looks but trust me it just doesn’t work without the right lighting and equipment. It’s just so hard hahaha. I am wondering what have I got myself into but I am no quitter. I will keep working on it till I get some decent stuff out.
That’s how I am getting into 2018 with optimism and will power to succeed & give it my best, whatever I am taking up. This year I wanna learn editing – Photoshop and video editing too so I can make my work look better in whatever means I have. So yeah that is my Intention for 2018. To learn things and to do better work.. Better than all I have ever done in the past. Atleast a step in the right direction.

Since it gets a little chilly in the mornings, I styled this fuzzy warm jacket with Burgundy – Beige combo. I wanted it to look very fashionable – going to Fashion week sorts of look. Somehow Fur (read as Faux Fur) makes me feel chic and expensive.











Top, Skirt : AM PM , Jacket: F21 , Shoes : Aldo
Pics : Dimple Rana

Have a stylish & fulfilled 2018
Shonima Kaul

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Wearing White Boots – Part Uno


If you are wondering whether its acceptable to wear an all white ensemble in the month of December (also read as winters), maybe you need to check out Fall’s hottest trend – white boots. I am so obsessed with mine that I try and wear it with every other outfit so I though of doing a 3 part series on how am I wearing them this Fall. The ones I am wearing are called “EDITOR” from Steve Madden
The first look is this not so basic monochrome look I created. Since its not very cold in my city I can get off by wearing a short white sweat dress and since it does get chilly in the morning just threw a white denim jacket to perk up the look. Wait for part 2 :-)









Dress / Jacket : Zara ; Shoes : Steve Madden
Pics : Dimple Rana

Stay Chic
Shonima Kaul

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Oval Makeup brushes by Wise She – A Review


Makeup brushes just like anything in beauty have come a long way. The beauty and fashion industry sure keeps us all involved and wanting for more. There was a time not long ago (and still is) when beauty blenders replaced the Makeup Brushes for the sheer ease of usage and now the new thing that has caught everyone’s fancy are the the Oval Brushes. I saw them almost 2 years ago with some beauty bloggers I follow and I was definitely intrigued. I searched high and low and came upon a set that was shoved away somewhere in the corner of a Beauty shop in Mumbai. I somehow mustered the courage to ask for those even though the packaging was so old & worn out that even the shop girl was looking at me with one raised eyebrow. I just wanted to see what the hoopla was all about. Fortunately she let me have a close look (maybe cos they were anyway thinking of throwing those away) and the brushes were no good to them.  Rightly so cos the bristles were hard and they didn’t feel good on my skin so I got over that phase pretty soon.
Cut to November 2017 when a fellow Beauty Blogger Anamika Sureka from contacted me to try on these oval brushes that she is very soon going to be launching.


I remembered my first stint with those so was skeptical but I thought of giving it a try. I still wanted to see how so many beauty bloggers were using these brushes that seemed so rough. These brushes arrived in a pretty green box as a gift with some goodies too (I am sure it will not be sold like that and the packaging will be different). The brushes have a thin black plastic body with dense bristles.

About the Brushes
The first look at these brushes didn’t make me very happy cos they aren’t very good to look at and didn’t seem sturdy. As soon as I picked up the big foundation brush & touched the hair/bristles , it was really soft. THAT excited me. The brush is pretty dense made of high quality synthetic hair and extremely soft and smooth. So I knew that the quality of the hair seemed good. I felt it on my face and it was super soft but firm.
Now coming to the body  I felt  that the handle seemed a bit frail and bendy so I wasn’t sure how will it hold when I apply my foundation. I decided to use it immediately to see how it will perform and I was really surprised that how easily I could apply my foundation and that bendy feature probably is for the ease of application because as I was applying the foundation It was giving me the right amount of manouverability I needed. It easily blended my foundation and it is super gentle on your face. I then tried it on for a thicker foundation and it worked absolutely fine for that one too. I am so happy with this brush that Its now my regular foundation brush and has replaced the beauty blender for the time being because I just love the way it feels on my skin. Like with all the foundation brushes I like to spray a little thermal water mist before using them and it feels really nice.


The second brush is a small toothbrush kind with a very small surface area. Honestly I am not sure what is the real purpose of that brush but I used it to contour my nose and apply highlighter. It worked really fine for those purposes because the surface area is just about right for those applications. Again soft and gentle on your face so these 2 brushes are a part of my makeup regime.

My Verdict
These are not very good looking but they are good quality brushes. They are soft and gentle on your face. They might look flimsy but work very well for the required purposes.

Will I buy them
I loved the foundation brush so will definitely buy it. I am not too sure about the smaller one though mainly because I wasn’t sure what is the real use of it.  I would definitely like to try the others from the range as well

Pricing and availability
Anamika is just trying out these brushes right now and they are not available at the moment for sale so the prices are not known, nor is the availability but I promise to update you guys as soon as I come to know from her. They are really worth trying especially the Foundation brush

I wish Anamika the very best for this new business venture and will definitely try the others from her range as soon as they are out. I would also like to thank her for helping me with getting rid of my itch to try an oval makeup brush and it was so worth it. Good luck girl

Stay Beautiful
Shonima Kaul

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Welcome December!!


Hello People.. Can’t believe we are in December already. Just in a few days 2018 will be knocking our doors. I am sorry for being MIA for a while. Had a bit of personal crisis since my brother met up with a serious bike accident. It kind of threw us all out of gear but the good news is he is back home and recovering.

I wanted to do a quick post on what Trends am I looking forward to in December

1. Plaid – Be it pants, skirts, Jackets , pant suits, you cannot escape plaid / checks this season and I am still looking for the right blazer (oversized) one for me
2. High Shine – Metallics, Blings or shiny leather. December is the time to party so don’t be afraid to shine bright.
3. Single earrings – If you have lost one from the pair, don’t you worry Lone earring trend is back in the scene and it is big. PS : I am wearing a single piece in this look.
4. Carrot Pants – Its all about comfort. Carrot pants are totally in this F/W (I am wearing them here)
5. Androgynous look – If you haven’t invested in a pantsuit yet, its time to do so.
6. White Booties – Move over Blacks and Greys, white booties are Fall essential this season. Slightly tricky to wear but they are catching everyone’s attention
7. Last of all after seeing KIM K rock Yeezy season 6, its safe to say that Sweat pants/ tracks are going to be the new trousers. Well I am fosho going to work on my body to rock them like Kimmy









Pants : Topshop , Top : F21 , Shoes(old) – Topshop
Pics : Dimple Rana

Have a great December
Shonima Kaul

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Change is the only constant!!



I have been in a kind of creative rut for sometime now. I have been struggling with a lot of things on work front. I feel uninspired and sometimes even frustrated. In the past I used to go into these long periods of absence because I would just not feel like doing anything but now I try and be present by way of some medium.

Blogging is hard and you know what is harder – YOUTUBE. It’s a lot of work. I am not afraid of working hard. Infact I love slogging my ass off but then I get hit by so many limitations. It’s also an expensive profession (Blogging) cos you have to keep spending your own money (PS: all u get in return from brands is some vouchers or a promise to be promoted on their very big social media platform for which you have to keep following up and they may or may not do it )so obviously you have to keep cutting corners if you want to keep on going. Its like any other business where you keep investing but the ROI in this case is extremely slow. I am so grateful to my friend Dimple who helps me out with my pictures and together we make a good team. He is not a professional photographer, he is just trying it out as a hobby but it has helped me tremendously in the sense that I am able to create more looks and shoot them. However we have our own limitations and we just try to work around it.

Big Question why am I doing it??? I do it cos I am really really passionate about Fashion or dressing up. It’s the only place where I can be creative, where I translate my dreams into something real. I love being creative. I like that I am constantly thinking of how can I style an item differently. I like dressing up. For me its an Art. Even when I am going out for an event or some parties I like to constantly push the envelope. I truly believe that as a blogger I am representing my brand. ‘You’ are the product that you are selling so if you end up looking sloppy how do you prove your authority on that subject. The biggest reward I get is when some of my followers send me their pics saying ‘inspired by you’. It is the biggest high in the world. But honestly it is hard, it is very very hard. To make it worse there are a sea of bloggers now so you can only imagine how difficult it is to make an impact. You have to constantly think of what new can I do to stay relevant.

For a long time I have been feeling like I am not doing anything new and its the same thing I am creating again and again. Why would anyone even be interested? Why would they want to see me? Am I sharing any useful information with my audience? Are they even reading it?? All these kind of questions keep plaguing me. You will not even believe how many looks have I shot in the past few months that are just sitting in my hard drive cos I just feel what is so great about them and after spending hours looking at those pictures I shut it and move on without even sharing them. It’s work.. It is hard work that is just getting wasted. One of the reasons I started with YOUTUBE is that I wanted another creative outlet. I felt like I have reached my saturation in Blogging and I need to try a new medium but then Am I ready for it? or Am I stretching myself too thin?? Questions, Questions and Questions Pfffftttt!

On the other hand I also believe that Change is the only constant so if we have to change to stay relevant and new. It is difficult to go through a change but one has to get a little uncomfortable to see something new. If we keep doing what we are dong we will keep getting what we have been getting. On that thought the first thing I wanted to do was change my Hair hahaha. I thought that would be a good place to start. It was a difficult decision but I am glad I did it cos it changed up my look and I see something different. Its a small step but nevertheless its a step towards Change.

I was inspired by Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Fall Winter 2017 Blue creation for DIOR where she has played with Tulle and Velvet and French Berets and I was so obsessed with it that I have forever been looking for the right skirt. This Tulle skirt from COVERSTORY was just the right one for my look so this look is an ode to DIOR.

Its from Runway to Real life look. Hope u like it :-)









Top : Zara, Skirt : Coverstory, Cap : Accessorise, Booties : Zara
Pics : Dimple

Stay Inspired

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What Am I wearing this FALL – 4 Looks


Before I even begin, a small disclaimer : these looks are keeping in mind the weather in Mumbai :-)
I wanted to do a LOOKBOOK for my YOUTUBE CHANNEL but I still haven’t figured out how to make a decent Lookbook video so I thought of putting these on the blog itself.

The weather is slightly nippy in morning and evening and I can’t even begin to explain the joy I see on the faces of fellow mumbaikars. Its been a long time since we have experienced this kind of weather in November and it makes me feel very happy. It does get slightly warm in the afternoons but nothing to complain about. This is the best time to bring out your boots and knits(nothing more than that) and dress up a little bit.
I have put together 4 looks from my existing wardrobe and the clothes I wear all year around but just adding a few accessories makes it work for the current season. Also it doesn’t hurt to follow a few current trends. Just helps you stay relevant haha. Major FOMO you see I am suffering from (wink)

I have worn this oversized slouchy knit outfit before too on the blog but this time I made it look wintry by adding these SOCK BOOTS (Totally trending these days). I added this Broad belt (again on trend) to cinch the volume and added these oversized geometrical sunnies to finish the look.


You might remember this dress from my last Dubai Trip. It’s a slightly heavy knit so a perfect time to take it out. I paired it with OTK Boots to give it that extra edge and keep myself warm. Tinted sunnies just provide the perfect contrast.

I actually worked out this look based on these Boots that I love so much. I had seen similar ones on LOUIS VUITTON FW ’17 Runway and as soon as I spotted these I had to pick them up. This simple dress looks elevated by just adding a belt and a jacket with these shoes. And since i wanted to keep it classic, I went with these classic Black sunnies (yes from Victoria Beckham, you might remember my VB Vlog from London )

No Fall look is complete without a leather jacket. I paired it with a classic white shirt Black jeans look and guys Caps are so in these days so I had to finish the look by adding one :-)

collage 1






collage 2







LOOK 1 : Twin knit set : zara (very old), Belt : Mango , Boots : Misguided, Sunnies : Aldo, Bag : Charles & Keith
Look 2 : Red Dress : H&M , Boots : Zara, Sunnies : Quay
Look 3 : Dress : H&M , Belt : LV , Boots : Zara, Sunnies : Victoria Beckham , Bag : Zara, Bomber : Zara
Look 4 : Shirt : H&M , Jeans : Zara, Jacket ; Zara , Cap : Mini cooper gift

Hope u liked them

Stay Beautiful

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What’s your Poison?!?!


I am drunk on life beeyatch, what’s your poison????


I am not much of a drinking person. Infact I abhor it. However I do indulge in it once in a while and then its a different (and embarrassing) story altogether. A lot of people ask me why aren’t you drinking but honestly I do not need to get drunk to be intoxicated. I am usually intoxicated. Anytime I want I can go completely crazy :-) To others I might seem completely sober and balanced but internally I like to be high. I like being high on life. I want to be enriched with experiences. I want to be enriched with love, with enthusiasm, with learning and I feel that kind of high is better than any alcohol or weed you have. What say people?? That and a crisp white shirt.. now that’s my poison!!

Just thought of randomly shooting and I loved the pics so much that I wanted to put them up on the Blog. Hope u like them.














Pics : Dimple Rana

Lots of love

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Hello People of my world. Hope you are feeling happy and cheerful cos its festive season. My spirits are usually vey high from Sept till start of next year :-)
As you would know I have also started my full fledged YOUTUBE CHANNEL which will have some VLOGS and videos from time to time of anything interesting or just a usual week in my life. Do let me know how you feel about it. Meanwhile this post is a Blogpost of all the looks (minus 2 variations) I showed on my YOUTUBE Festive looks video. Hope u caught it. If not you can see it here below

I loved this blue color cowl jumpsuit and I know most of you have too from all the comments and DMs I received. It’s currently available in Global Desi in their festive range. I am also wearing earrings from Global Desi.

PS : A Variation of this look is in my Youtube video





An easy breezy daytime wear from Global Desi. Perfectly apt for attending daytime functions. I paired it with Flats and earrings from Global Desi again and kept the look very neutral.




Benarsi trend is so in these days. I love taking old saris from my mom or aunts (their wedding time) and converting them into dupattas. I did one earlier too with a blue dupatta and you all loved it. This time I converted this green one. This Anarkali has been lying in my wardrobe since last year so just paired it with this one. I am wearing earrings from Curio Cottage. I also love big bindis.






I got this Kurta tailored to my fit and wore it with a white salwar so I could pair it with this bright benarsfi dupatta. Just added a mango tikka and good to go.

PS : A variation of this look is there in my video





This is an evening GLAM look. I love adding jackets to everything. They just look beautiful
Again this jacket is made from a 40 year old sari I took from my aunt and got it tailored. My boutique owner suggested wearing it with crop pants and Kurta & I am glad I listened to her. I love how my eye make up turned out. I smoked it up, kept my hair straight and slick and added this beautiful choker from Aquamarine. The good part about these jackets is that you can later pair them with a western outfit & it looks very cool.






Hope you liked my looks and got some ideas for what to wear this Diwali

Do holler if u need any more info on any of these looks


Lots of love

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