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She got the Blues – Romper and an Oversized Denim Jacket



I love rompers. I can live in them day in and day out and this cute floral number from Forever 21 caught my eyes in the store. After naming myself as a certified shopper, I can tell you that you get the best rompers/playsuits in Forever 21 (and they are damn affordable). It’s the best thing to wear in the weather in my city be it summers or monsoons. Its my staple as you can see on my Instagram.

As I mentioned in my earlier post I am also loving oversized looks these days. I am majorly into jackets these days cos the weather is so beautiful these days in MUMBAI that you can totally let one of these things hang on you once in a while. Also I think its lends a little character to the whole ensemble.

I am also majorly Vibing on the color Blue especially on my eyes. Its my jam currently.



IMG_9317 fotor

IMG_9400 fotor


Romper & Jacket : F21 , heels : Zara


Shonima Kaul

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Dealing with Anxiety!!



In light of the recent sad event related to Kate Spade’s suicide has led me to think a little deeper & talk openly about this subject that is spreading faster than cancer these days. The issue of mental health is so prevalent currently that every second person I speak to or even know is kind of dealing with some or the other form of this illness. So many people are encouraging rather pleading others to come out and talk about these issues. It’s like coming out of the closet. Honestly I feel absolutely no shame talking about it. I have been dealing with Anxiety for past few years now. For the first few I didn’t even know what was happening to me till I heard people talk about it and I started reading and realised oh so THIS is what they call “Anxiety”.. I never knew it. I just thought that I am feeling sad & worried but I will be ok. I would become ok and then I would be back to feeling sad or worry about something again. I notice that its mostly women who seem to be going through this problem. Is it because we are the weaker sex ?? Or is it because we feel more??? I am not too sure what is the reason.. I have my own theories about it. Anyway the point here is not to find out what causes it and why it happens because I know anything can just trigger it. The point I wanna discuss is how to deal with it or rather how do I deal with it.


First of all we need to understand whether its Anxiety or just normal Stress cos stress has an identifiable trigger whereas Anxiety can just come out of nowhere. One minute you are completely normal and the next minute it just hits you. Right??? It all starts with this deep feeling in the pit of your stomach that is kind of very unsettling and it kind of makes you so restless. You are like constantly worried about something. There is always something bothering you and it just can start at any point and anything can just trigger it. It could be stemming from a lot of factors – could be insecurities, relationship issues, childhood issues, too much pressure to prove yourself, too much pressure to live up to other’s expectations – parents, boyfriends , husbands, children or just “society”.
And extreme Anxiety could lead to Panic Attacks which means you are struggling for breath. Have you felt it? Well I have and it can get to you.
So what do I do to deal with it?


First of all please know that you are not alone. I used to think I am mad and something is wrong with me but the more I spoke my heart out the more I realised that there are others going through the same things. This leads to my first point

1. Don’t hold it inside of you. Talk about it
It could just be a friend who understands you and can listen to you and with whom you can have a meaningful conversation. Don’t catch a random person.. Find a person with whom you vibe at that level. The one who is your confidante with whom you are not afraid to get judged. You will get the vibes.
If you don’t have anyone like that or you are afraid to talk to someone or your problem is more serious just see a Therapist. There is no harm. Trust me I have told so many people to go and see a therapist if things are bothering them. We go to a doctor so why can’t we got to a therapist?


2. Unplug for a while
In today’s day and age Social media is an inherent part of our lives. Even if we know that everyone is faking it out there we still tend to get consumed by it. Happens to me all the time. At that time I just unplug from all the activities for a while. I retreat into a shell. Just lie low and take a step back to breathe. Unplugging for me also means taking a break from any kind of social activity. I just want a moment for my own self.
This is relevant for everything and I mean everything. If a job is not working , If your career is stagnating,  if a relationship is bothering you, if you are suffering from pains or aches, your life is not in order OR  just as simple as your comp/ phone is giving you trouble. Leave it alone for a while.  Just unplug.


Seriously breathe. Anxiety or panic attacks is actually you getting thrown out of your breathing rhythm. As soon as you are feeling anxious concentrate on your breath. I learnt 4×4 breathing from my Yoga teacher
Inhale 4 counts – Exhale 4 counts. Its called equal breathing. It will just calm you down and you can do it anywhere

4. Writing a journal
I am not very good at writing.. sometimes I wish I could give words to my feelings and create a poem out of it :-)
But what I do is I write my feelings. its like talking to someone. I write what I feel. I write my high point and I write my low points of the day
I make it a point to count my blessings. No matter how bad I am feeling, I know there is always something to feel thankful about. I bow down in gratitude about things that are going so well for me. I write them down and while I am thinking about it I get this nice feeling in my heart which makes me feel good. Also it humbles me down. So even if you don’t wanna jot down your feelings.. just write 3 – 5 things you are grateful for. It could be as simple as I am grateful that I can see. I am grateful that I have a fully functional disease free body.
Like writing this blogpost is also so therapeutic for me. I don’t care if anyone reads it. I am doing cos I am feeling nice while writing it :-)

5. Exercise
Believe me this is the only time when I am on a high. That my body can do what I want it to do makes me happy at another level. That I can kill a workout on that day is a different kind of Adreline rush for me. Its my biggest accomplishment of the day. Its just therapy for me. At that point I am with my mind and my mind is with me. Its my meditation. Yes somedays its challenging but most of the days its just focus and discipline. What I do is make smaller goals and try to achieve those. It could be as simple as I will try and lose 1 kg in this week. it just gives me a purpose , a goal, a path to concentrate on. Shifts my focus on something positive.


6. Positive Affirmations
We have heard it countless times. We all know it. When we are in Anxiety mode we indulge in negative self talk and by the time you realise it, you have beaten your soul to the pulp. Imagine if someone constantly keeps telling you – you are not good, you are not deserving, you are a failure , you are a loser. Now imagine doing that to your soul.
You are killing it without even realising it. This is when you have to consciously (and forcibly) tell yourself to take it easy and then start talking positively to your innerself. Just start it simple by saying I am the best and I will get the best cos I deserve the best. Trust me it is the most difficult thing but if you can consciously do it you are in no time gonna pull yourself out of any negative situation and start feeling more confident.
What is confidence – Its just a reflection of Inner YOU :-)

7. Dissociate with Negative
Sometimes you just have too much toxicity around you in form of wrong people in your life. Cut them out. Anything that brings you down be ruthless and learn to say NO.
No I deserve better than this and better will come. Trust the universe.

So these are some of my ways and sometimes I am successful sometimes I fail miserably but I never give up which is what we should all keep doing. Failing, Learning, Trying……

Sending Positive vibes
Shonima Kaul

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As Glam As it Gets!! – An Oversized blazer borrowed from my husband


As you grow older you see your style evolve so much. I guess cos by now you have kind of understood what works and does not work for you. I still experiment with styles that could be risqué. I like taking chances cos by now I am much more confident about my body.I know how much am I willing to push the envelope. I also have evolved a lot with my makeup. I like looks that are more understated yet Glam.
Currently I have raided my husband’s closet for some oversized looks. I am majorly Vibing on “oversize”. This is his blazer that I converted into a dress cos I like the way it sits on me.









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Sunkissed!! – Off the shoulder Red dress


No particular reason for doing this post but I just loved the way these pictures turned out. Absolutely sun kissed.
Also I am currently sporting Jet Black hair after so long and loving this look. I am also super happy with the current length of my hair cos its so low maintenance and perfect for summers. I like the way its growing into a sharp blunt which is what I have wanted for a long time. But I know that all this colouring and blow drying my hair has left it a little dry and brittle so I gotta take care of my Hair. Anyone has any suggestions for hair care???


This dress is so old (maybe around 4 years) but the other day I found it in my closet and was so thrilled that it fitted me. Can u believe its from Forever 21?!?!?! I am so bummed that they have shut down in the malls near my house so if at all I need to buy anything I have to buy it online and I am not much of an online shopper. I like to touch and feel and wear and see. Also I am never sure if the size and the fit is right. Do you guys love to shop online?? If so where can I find some good summer dresses. I want to try ASOS cos there stuff is so good but I am not sure about the duty hassles. I am also seeing a lot of bloggers wearing Shein.. So going to try that out.

Hmmm Just some random stuff but its sometimes fun to share random things too. Meanwhile just some pics.


Red collage 1





red collage 2


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Soul Talk – Denim on Denim


This past month has been a bit of a downer filled with challenges and not so great happenings. As a result I am constantly seeing myself involved in negative talks with my ownself. And when I have beaten myself hollow with my own verbal abuse and self loathing I stop for a moment to feel sad about the inner me. Inner me who has been badgered and bruised by my own lack of love for myself. Inner me who wants to feel appreciated by me but is always told how undeserving “she” is. Inner me who is connected to my soul but feels so neglected because it doesn’t match up to certain ” impossible standards” I have set for her. Sometimes I feel so disconnected with my inner me that can you imagine the loneliness of this inner me.

Why am I writing about this. I don’t know.. maybe for my ownself cos I want to have a dialogue with my inner me. I want to tell her that I am so proud of her despite whatever my mind thinks and that its my shortcoming that I am not able to give her as much love as she deserves. I am blind enough to not see the magic that she brings to my life cos I am measuring her on parameters that are just as mindless and baseless as Kanye’s tweets.


This Blog is my therapy and also somewhere on the side I want to address this issue of mental health that is still considered a taboo. I am not saying I have depression because that is a very strong word to use but all of us at some point of time feel a little disconnected and lonely. I know many of you will think why talk about such things in open and might be uncomfortable to talk on issues like these cos hello who wants to be around people who are sad. But trust me its not to bring down the mood, rather to cultivate awareness so that silences are less uncomfortable and conversations are more encouraged.


Past few years I have met so many people who seem so much fun on the exterior but once you get to know them you can feel the quiet suffering that reverberates just below the surface. Each one has a battle of their own. Quietly suffering but doing everything possible to get through the day or their life. Is everyone like that? No, some are stronger to shut that negative voice and do not encourage such defeatist conversations with their own selves but some just get caught in this pessimistic behaviour. Mostly women I have observed or may be because they are more likely to express themselves and men find it extremely difficult to show their vulnerability. I was blown away by the number of depression cases in India. Over 5 crore people suffer from it but are all these 5 cr people getting help?? What is the cause I think- Is it a lack of purpose , not feeling fulfilled, or the fast paces of our empty lives or just boredom of mundanity. What is the solution – well no one knows for sure but a happy healthy mental dialogue with oneself might just help in my opinion and a little bit of empathy from others NOT sympathy.


Recently my friend asked me what according to me is the difference between being selfish and self loving and I said one comes from a very negative space and the other comes from a very positive space. One is inwards and other is outwards. Being selfish is all about your ownself and will never give happiness whereas giving self love is soul food that is going to make you so happy that you will be able to spread that happiness to others. Self love is a means for survival. This Self love is that magical healthy dialogue that one needs to practice constantly with oneself. It is easier said than done. It needs so much practice. Trust me when I say that because I constantly fail at it but I try. Sometimes help might come from outside in form of friends.


Sadness is a very normal human emotion. All we need to do is show up for the ones we love especially when they are having a hard time showing up for themselves. Not with dialogues like lets go and party , why are you sad – go do yoga or meditate. No just show up and say I understand.. I am here for you. Let me know if you need me and NO I am not saying you have to solve there problems you just have to be there and maybe sit next to them and make them believe that it is ok to be sad , to feel low, to grieve , to fall of the wagon cos you are not judging and you love them unconditionally. Sometimes that’s all that they need. So next time that cool friend of yours is acting a little wonked, try not to judge but just sit next to them and maybe hold their hands and look at the stars and laugh at something silly.

I am not even sure if people read blogs anymore but even if one person resonates with this idea, it will make me so happy. Am I feeling better? Yeah maybe a little and tomorrow I will not feel like getting out of the bed is the most painful task in this world.If you reached till here, thank u for sticking around and reading my post.

Sending love to all who are feeling low or struggling with issues right now

Spread love

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How to smell fresh as Flowers this Summer



Summer is here and its just getting crazier by the day. Besides drinking a lot of water and keeping oneself hydrated, the most essential thing is to take care of your Body Odour cos it gets sweaty, sticky and yeah hell lot of stinky winky. And girl you don’t wanna be the one people are running away from Right? So you gotta be a little extra careful when it comes to BO and lets be honest who doesn’t want to smell fresh like flowers. Well, we all do. So here are a few of my suggestions for keeping yourself smelling fresh whole day long.


You will start your day by smelling fresh as daisy but by the middle of the day, the freshness might start drifting away. I know we all wear perfumes and thats one of the best ways to keep you smelling really good but what I am gonna share with you might just help you to keep that freshness and scent lingering longer from dawn to dusk.


So if you wanna keep the scent lingering longer..

1. It is best to stick to the same/similar notes or  family of scents e.g. if you wanna smell like flowers keep everything you use right from your Shower Gel to you body lotion to your soap and mists in the Floral family. I find floral scents work really good in summers and smell extremely fresh so I stick to florals during summers.

2. I have also observed that you would need a double cleanse (usually we do it for our faces) but it works very well for rest of our bodies too, meaning I first scrub myself with a soap and then top it of with a Shower Gel, it just gives me that added perfume

I am currently using the MORINGA line from The Body shop. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I am loving it. Its delicate floral freshness all day long.


body gel

3. Once you have taken a shower, immediately apply a body lotion (preferably something floral) on your damp skin within 3 minutes of taking the shower. It will quickly get absorbed and you will smell good

body milk

4. Before Applying your perfume spray some body mist on your bare skin especially under your arms and everywhere else
body mist

5. I am a big fan of Talc, I know a lot of people may not be using Talcs but I CANNOT do without it so I apply a generous amount especially under my arms one because it smell so good and secondly it keeps the sweat in control
I use YARDLEY ROSE Talc. Yardley talcs are the best according to me

6. Now apply perfume on your Pulse points – wrists, behind your ears, back of your knees and side of your elbows. The Pulse points generate body heat that helps in intensifying the perfume. I know its a habit to rub our wrists once we have applied the perfume but DON’T cos then it won’t last longer.
PS : I dont just stick to pulse points rather spritz it all over including my hair :-)
I stick to the same floral family for my daily use. I am currently using ROMANCE by Ralph Lauren and SPLENDOR by Elizabeth Arden.


7. Also if you may know perfumes work differently on different skin types – They are generally stronger on someone with oily skin and good circulation and tend to evaporate soon on someone with drier skin so skin’s moisture level has a tremendous impact on the longevity of your skin so keep it well hydrated by drinking lots and lots of water and applying a rich body lotion (Point no.3)


8. It could be difficult to carry big perfume bottles in your bag so I recommend getting an Atomiser bottle so that you can stick to the same scent that you applied in the morning and keep spritzing it whenever you feel its fading



9. Last of all I can’t event stress on maintaining personal hygiene. Ensure no hair on your body so regular waxing or shaving especially under your arms and private parts cos girls that can get really stinky. If you are not getting time for that waxing appointment, Razor is your best friend but for heaven’s sake keep your private areas clean and fresh. I also recommend Intimate wash for your Vajajays rather than using soaps e.g. Clean and Dry or V Wash.

According to me nothing is more sexier that smelling good. So follow these steps and add that extra oomph to yourself this summer


Happy Summers

Shonima Kaul

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“Spotlight on- “


Keeping up with my promise of sharing the Products / Brand I love  with you guys, first of all I am renaming this section as “Spotlight on” simply because it increases my gamut of things I wanna share :-)

So today’s spotlight is on this brand called “Quay Australia” . Some of  you may have heard about this brand now since a lot of high profile people too are sporting this brand  and and and they have collaborated with likes of Kylie Jenner ( in 2017) which is good enough to make any nobody into somebody. Power of Kardashians/ Jenner


However I spotted this brand almost 3 years ago while randomly shopping in ” TOPSHOP” in New York.  They have a separate section for QUAY Sunglasses and I was attracted to that side of the counter because I am a big Sunglass hoarder so I went to try these on and I loved each and every design. What was the main draw was the price point. They were killing it with some fabulous designs at just $35 – $40 and the quality was not bad at all. I was so excited that I picked up 2 of them but I went back to pick another pair. Post that whenever I travel and a Topshop is in the nearby vicinity I always pick up a pair of sunnies from Quay. Believe you me I have every time been asked about what sunnies am I wearing if I am wearing Quay. I am not kidding.



Started by Linda and Allen Hammond  as a side hobby in Melbourne , these sunnies were sold by them as a cheaper option to look sassy and ultra cool during music festivals. Soon they noticed that these were selling like hot cakes and thats when they slowly started expanding. Today in 2018, I see them partnering with Coachella and some of the big famous bloggers are wearing Quay and it does make me happy cos seriously I love when small or lesser known brands start getting noticed (especially if I think they have potential)


Like I said you can find them in TOPSHOP stores or you can find them online too 


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“Spotlight on – ” – NEW SECTION IN MY BLOG

Rituals 24 hr hydrating cream

Hey guys
I just randomly thought of starting this new section on the Blog which will be called “Product I love” (renamed as “Spotlight on-”). I will try and put 1 every week (mostly on a Monday) so watch out for it. This is basically going to be some Product or Brand that I found from somewhere (either accidentally or someone introduced me or I read about it and tried it or discovered in one of my Travels) and I loved it. It could be SKIN, FASHION, MAKEUP , BEAUTY, TECH OR LIFESTYLE RELATED. Anything that I feel is not seen too much around or not many people know about it or it doesn’t get too much mileage which it deserves. So maybe lesser known products/brands / things that I found and really liked e.g. NUTROVA that I shared with you guys in my last blogpost. I don’t think many people know about it but it’s a great product so you must give it a try. OK now that you get the drift. Here is the other product / brand I wanna talk about.

PS : The products I will talk about may or may not be available in India but its always good to know so that you could look for these next time you travelling somewhere or if you spot them you know you have to give it a try.

Rituals 24 hr hydrating cream

I discovered this brand “RITUALS” almost a year and a half ago in one of my trips to DUBAI. I randomly walked into the store and immediately fell in love with it. There was something nice about it so I decided to try a few products. I don’t remember what all I bought (maybe some shower gels) but I also picked up this gel moisturiser from them but totally forgot about it as you know I was averse to putting moisturisers a while ago. However I found this jar in my makeup cabinet a while ago and with lot of skepticism decided to use it (since it was a bit pricey). After a few days I was hooked.

First of all its a gel moisturiser so not at all heavy for my skin especially what we need in summers. Its a light gel formula but does the job very well. my skin feels very hydrated and nothing heavy
Secondly its rich in Antioxidants and contains Hyaluronic Acid

Why is Hyaluronic Acid important
Hyaluronic Acid benefits every different age , every different skin type, skin condition. Its a wonderful HUMECTANT. Humectant is something that grabs water from the air, binds together and holds on to it so it basically retains the moisture. We as humans already have HA in our body. when we apply it topically , your skin recognises it as one of your skin ingredient and is therefore accepted very well by the skin. It is like giving your skin an instant quench of water and hydration. So it helps in retaining skin’s plumpness.
It is especially good for people staying in humid weather where there is lot of moisture in the air which can be grabbed and given to your skin.

So this product kinda checks out all the boxes for me and therefore I love it.

Its not available in India yet but if you are travelling to Dubai or New York or London keep your eyes open for this brand and do try it out.

Hope you like this section :)

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Nutrova Collagen + Antioxidants – Skin Food ??



Before I begin, this pic on the top is my current skin sans ANY Makeup , Filter or App or Touchups. This is as is from the camera cos if I am gonna talk to you about a skincare product then I want to show you my bare face.

Collagen , Collagen , Collagen What is it???
Collagen is what makes our skin look younger. Its a protein in the body that makes a large part of our skin, hair and nails. It is essential for a youthful looking skin. It is what makes your skin look plump and smooth and firm.

As you grow older collagen production starts to slow down and when you hit 30, you start losing collagen. Therefore its never too early to start protecting your collagens. It is also essential to fight facial lines and wrinkles.
So now that we know what collagen is. Do you need me to tell you whether you need it or not?????

If you following me on my YOUTUBE or Instastories, you would know that I have been facing severe acne issue for past 6 – 7 months and that has made me extremely conscious about my skin care. In a way I am glad that it happened cos otherwise I would never have taken care of my skin. This also made me read a lot about skin care &  stuff you need to do for maintaining a good skin and I had read about Collagens a while ago.

As luck would have it NUTROVA sent me a supply of their Collagen supplement.


Quantity & Price?
Each box that you see in the picture above comes with 30 sachets which is equivalent to a month’s supply. Its priced at INR 2700.
Pricy?? A little. However, when it comes to skin / health supplements I don’t hesitate much.


What does it contain?

Now this is very interesting
Collagen peptides – these act as building blocks, renewing bodily tissues, such as skin, bones and joints. It has been proposed that collagen peptides may act as a messenger to the cells and trigger the synthesis and reorganization of new collagen fibers, thereby supporting our tissue structure. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated collagen peptides’ health benefits. Key areas of benefit include healthy aging, joint and bone health, sports nutrition and skin beauty. ( A little technical I know)

What you need to know is Collagen peptides are the building blocks of collagen.  I even use a night cream containing collagen peptides cos girl u need ur collagen!

Lycopene is an antioxidant which protects against the damage caused by UV Rays. It also prevents formation of wrinkles and fine lines

As you all know Green tea reduces Inflammation, slows down ageing. The catechin EGCG is especially beneficial, as research has found that it can reactivate dying skin cells. Green tea is also good in reducing oil production in the skin so good for acne. No wonder you find green tea extracts in a lot of good skin care products


Grape seed extract contains several plant compounds, including oligomeric proanthocyanidins, or OPCs. OPCs are powerful antioxidants. OPCs in grape seed extract contain 20 times the antioxidant power of vitamin E and 50 times the antioxidant power of vitamin C.

Vitamin C limits the damage induced by ultraviolet (UV) light exposure.

Vitamin E  works to block free radicals from the body, which play a large part in the ageing process. If we can fight off free radicals, then we can reduce wrinkles and keep the skin youthful-looking.

Boasting of such strong list of ingredients, I knew I had to try this product out because to be honest I am very skeptical about anything when it comes to Skin / health in general. However this seemed like a good bet so I went ahead with it.

A SIDE NOTE : It contains fish derived ingredients (collagen peptides) so incase you have an issue with Non Veg then maybe its not for you.

Consumption &Taste??
You are supposed to consume one sachet every day with water. It comes with clear directions. Mine is in Cranberry flavour and honestly it is not bad at all. It infact tastes pretty good so I don’t have any issues with the taste

Does it work?? ( I will try and put forth my very honest opinion here)
Now coming to the main point, I have consumed 35 sachets of Nutrova collagen supplement till now. which means its been a month and honestly according to me any skin care or exercise takes atleast 3 months to show some worthwhile results but I will definitely say that it has not done any harm to me.
Does my skin feel supple and hydrated?
Yes it does, but is it because of Nutrova? that is hard to tell because my skin right now is undergoing a lot of treatment (vitamin A meds, topical treatment creams, moisturisers and yes lots of water and NUTROVA)
Even though I am still struggling with acne but my skin DOES feel a whole lot better. My redness has reduced , my acne scars seem to be lightening and my skin does look fresh. I do have my good and bad days and therefore the pic on top is taken sans any makeup / filter for you guys to see how it looks.

So I am sure things are definitely working in conjunction with each other and therefore according to me NUTROVA is a great supplement to add to your skincare / health regime cos Collagen is a skin food that your skin needs
My fine lines are still there and so is my acne but let me be clear, this is not a magic potion , it will not magically make lines disappear but what NUTROVA might do is help you age a little late and more gracefully :-)
I am hooked!!

Has anyone tried it?? what do you feel about it. do lemme know

Shonima Kaul

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5 Things to prepare yourself for this summer – Bronze Metallic shorts



Hey girls. Summers are right here and we all need to prep ourselves for the crazy Indian summer. I was wondering instead of  cribbing about the inevitable, why not just prepare ourselves to make the most of it. Right?
So here are my 5 things you should do to make it more fun -

1. Get Bronzy
I would have said get a Fake Tan but we do not have any such salons here in India so instead I would say learn some tips and tricks to get a Bronzed make up look. Summer and Bronze is quite synonymous to each other in terms of beauty so just get bronzed up


2. Get that Bootaaayyy
Its the time to wear short dresses or Shorts so better work on getting that booty and strengthen those legs.
I will try and share some exercises with you soon. Also summers are the best time to sweat it out. You are sure to loose those extra pounds


3. Change your Skin care
Summer requires us to bring about a change in your skincare routine. Look for more Gel based moisturisers rather than heavy creams. Also choosing a high SPF Sunscreen is your best bet in this warm weather. Increase the intake of water cos you need to keep your skin more and more hydrated.



4. Go short
Not just clothes I recommend hair too plus short hair is so much more in vogue now a days so if you have been thinking about “going under the scissors” now would be a good time. If not I recommend learning some hairstyles (like high pony, top knots , braids, messy pony) to keep yourself cool in this warm weather




5. Stock up that perfume shell
BO is the worst thing ever and with all the sweating and humidity, we still want to smell as fresh as a daisy so why not stock up on some summer scents which are floral and sweet and maybe keep a small bottle in your purse so you can spritz it whenever the need arises. Uhmmm Uhmm u know what I mean right?


These were some of my tips. Do let me know what are you doing to prepare for the summer. Would love to hear from you

Happy Summer

Shonima Kaul

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