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Just a Number!!



It was my birthday last week and I can’t believe I am one more year older. Just a few days ago I went down the memory lane when I came across some of my pics when I was much much much younger like 17 /18 / 23/24 I just cringed at the sight of those pics. Gosh I have transformed so much. Earlier this morning my friend sent me a very old pic of mine and I was laughing in the bed. We were discussing how stupid we used to look with our 90s haircut and 90s Bollywood influenced style. In my opinion and most of you will agree that Fashion was going through the roughest patch in those times and the ones caught in that era had some ridiculous stint with Fashion and Style. The nets and the frills and the frocks can not even be spoken about today. We laughed and laughed and my friend said “Gosh we are old”. The thought does strike me many a times. We sure are getting older. However, I refuse to feel like one.

I started blogging wayyy later in life. If you see the bloggers around me, they are all in their 20s – in their prime and youthful. Does that make me feel old. Hell, no. Ofcourse there is a limit to everything in life and I know that one day i won’t be able to click pics like this anymore, I won’t be able to wear clothes like this anymore & I will have to tone it down so might as well go full throttle.
I always believe and will repeat that Age is just a number. The more you keep telling yourself you are old and this is not appropriate for your age , the older you will feel and then what. Its just over. Rather grab life by the balls and give it your best shot. Honestly I have not felt fitter, sexier and more confident about myself than I feel today. I am trying risqué & bolder looks. I go out of my comfort zone to do that little extra and I feel good about it. I don’t care what people think about my age, I know if I can pull it off I will feel good about myself. I have never pretended to be younger. I am very well aware of how much risk I can take and I go for it. Believe me It’s just a number!!!

Coming to this dress, I had my eyes set on it for a long time. I saw it on Juhi Godambe (blogger) and its from her Brand Arabella. A lot of you appreciated this dress on my Insta story so I had to shoot with it. I love the Asymmetrical details and the futuristic design vibes. Contrary to that I wanted to give this shoot a vintage feel (a la Audrey) cos I love how classy it looks. I like some of the stuff from Arabella. My only gripe is that the sizes are too small. I can hardly fit in them but maybe because Juhi has targeted it at the younger generation. However like I say Fashion should have no Age limit and if Juhi ever reads this article I hope she makes bigger sizes because I am sure a lot of people would love to wear her label :-)














Dress : Arabella, Choker : Forever21
Pics : Dimple Rana

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Art of Procrastination!!










Net Cape : Masaba
Pics : Dimple Rana

I am proclaiming myself as the the Queen of Procrastination and believe me its not a title I am proud of. I have absolutely no clue as to why I procrastinate so much. I set out to do a task and then something hits my brain and I am like Ok I can finish this later and then pick up the most inane of tasks and working on it and then hop on to another one without finishing the current one. With the result I have a lot of Unfinished business to deal with.
For Instance every time I am back from a shoot I know I have a whole lot of things to do and create a post to be up on the blog so I sit on my comp and start with my work and then suddenly find something interesting on the net and start reading that till I come across something a celeb is wearing and then google some more on that celebrity and then get on to the You tube and stalk that person and 4 – 5 hours later I am exhausted with all that looking into the comp and no work done except for some absolutely rubbish information that I might have gained with my mindless googling. 5 hours and no useful work later I decide to take a break and sit later to finish my job till something else catches my fancy.

So I sat down to read this book Art of Procrastination by John Perry (again another excuse to not doing anything useful ) thinking it might offer me some solution. I must say first and foremost I was relieved that I am not alone and that this world is filled with a whole lot of us. Also its an amusing & hilarious read cos I could relate to so many things. It also made me feel good that the author thinks that Procrastinators are actually perfectionists who are not happy with less than perfect results and therefore might want to leave the task. Well, I don’t know if its true or not but I would go with that explanation to keep boosting my ego hahaha. I am not sure if it gave me any insights into how to overcome this habit but it did pass my time for 4 hours till I realised I had other things to be done Pheww!!!

It didn’t end there , I actually did a little bit of research since I want to understand why does it happen and what goes inside the brains of a Procrastinator. I found out the reason that sounded quite logical. Human brain tends to value immediate rewards / instant gratification more highly than the future rewards.For eg: when you set a goal to lose weight, your future self is getting rewarded because you will look good , feel better and be healthy but for that your present self needs to take an action. but the present self is not getting any instant gratification so the future self and present self are constantly conflicting with each other. The future self wants to be trim and fit but you are in present and presently the brain wants to eat that whole bar of chocolate to get rid of immediate sweet cravings and feel better and therefore you say to yourself – Today let me eat it and from tomorrow I will work out. It happens right? I came across this very interesting, light hearted fun TED TALK by Tim Urban who explains it so well that you actually feel good and special. So for all you PROCRASTINATORS out there, do give it a watch

Anyway whatever might be the reason, the best way to get something done is to Begin somewhere so I sat on my desktop today, edited a few pictures and thought of sharing my plight with you and guess what i am done with a post.. yaayyy!!
Now on to the second task….. And thats how we get things done.

Coming to this look I am not usually satisfied with anything simple. I have to add a piece or 2 to make an outfit interesting. This was not actually even meant to be shot but that day I went out somewhere in these shorts and tee and found this Net cape in Masaba and what luck it was on sale so I picked it up and on my way back my friend clicked a few pics for me. I like how cool the outfit looks with the addition of this simple cape. Nothing genius but then all great inventions came out of some very simple ideas. Say whaaaa???


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Law of Attraction!!


Hey guys. Hope you doing great. It’s been a while since I have put up something on the blog. It’s been a busy few days plus I wanted to take a break for a while. Sometimes a break can do you a world of good right? Life is great and things are looking up. Actually the reason I felt like writing this today was cos I wanted to share something with all of you.

We all go through periods of darkness and sadness and I am no exception to that. I have had my fair share of downs but what is very important during such times is to keep faith in oneself and hang in there. Know that one day things will start falling in place. The most crucial thing is Don’t give up. If you feel something from your heart and you feel it is what you really want then believe me it will happen. It will just happen. Bring all your positive energies together and let it flow towards what you want and wait for the Magic to unveil.
Everything in our Universe is Energy –  everything you see, feel , hear , perceive. Energy always moves. The fact that you can hear, see or smell – means energy moves and you are capable of turning it into vibrational frequency.. Our thoughts are energy. As soon as you conceive and entertain a thought, it immediately flows into the universe and attracts like thoughts. They in turn attract material manifestations of the similar energies. Miserable thoughts attract more misery and good happy thoughts attract happiness and abundance
“THAT WHICH IS LIKE UNTO ITSELF IS DRAWN” is the premise of the Law of Attraction”The only way to manifest new and improved version of outer world is to change the vision within yourself – your inner vibrations, your inner thoughts.    3 things I try to practice

The first and foremost thing we need to learn is Self Love. Lack of self worth is a killer. If you feel you are no good and keep repeating that to yourself, you will keep attracting more such circumstances. Instead, you have to tell yourself that you are a Rockstar :-) and you are the best. Keep repeating it till you believe in it.

Last few days I heard a lot of people saying lot of good things about me and I felt that if so many people can see so many positive things in me then why am I blind towards them. Why do we need others to appreciate or validate us to feel good. Why can’t we do it for ourselves. So I practice Self love consciously so much so that I could come across as shameless haha.

Let go of Resistance – Resistance thoughts are our inner energy blocks. It is also mainly because of lack of Self worth. It could be towards people, situations etc etc
One of my very close and dear person told me the other day “You are ruthless and it’s a great quality in you. You don’t look back” which is very true. I ruthlessly eradicate the unwanted. (it takes a while but I do). What I leave behind I leave wayyyy behind. I don’t look back. Be it people, things, situations. I like to move forward because the reason its been left behind is that It was no longer serving my purpose. If in future it comes in my way then I am sure it is meant to come. Till then there is no need to mull over it. How it helps me is that If I don’t let it enter my life I have blocked the negativity to come inside of me. These are mostly people. If someone has hurt you or your energies don’t work well, eradicate them from your life. Don’t let that thing bother you forever.

Also Learn to compliment people. It is a great way to let go of Resistance. When you compliment someone, it is a flow of good energy and it blocks you from thinking negative about the person so try and compliment 5 people in a day. Be generous with your compliments.

Practice Gratitude – Life is beautiful and we just need to believe it with all our heart. Always be grateful and count your blessings. Everyday in the morning Say 5 – 10 things you are thankful for.  Send Positive energies to the universe and wait to receive them back. Universe will reward you for being kind towards it. It is the Law of Attraction. Practice, it works!!











Outfit : ZARA, Earrings : Arabella
Pics : Dimple

Shonima Kaul

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A Speck of Dust!!












Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by things around you. Its like everything around seems so big that you can’t make sense of anything. It happens to me sometimes when I look at things around me and wonder what is the purpose of my existence. What role am I supposed to play. Why am I here? Everything looks so large and unattainable. I feel like I am never gonna reach where I want to because its so beyond my reach. I look at the vastness of the universe and feel like a tiny speck of dust. It is unbelievable how one thought can bother you so much. Can we as humans control these thoughts?

Probably yes, if and only if we can separate these overwhelming thoughts from emotions and say “hmmm, what i think and feel is not so important”. Learning to separate the thoughts from emotions is a big challenge. However, if one could master this process one will feel empowered in ways one has never felt.

I was discussing this with a friend today and he rightly pointed out that we search for answers in others when truly all the answers are within ourselves. We just need to listen.

Just some thoughts for the day cos I was feeling deep :-)))
Have a great day

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Not just another Black n White!!














Shirt, Skirt : Zara, Bag : Charles & Keith, Shoes : Steve Madden, Sunglasses : Quay

I love myself a Black n white outfit. It’s chic, its eye-catching and it works for every occasion. Recently I have been wearing a lot of Black n White so thought will share some of my Monochrome looks with you. This one has to be one of my personal favourite outfit. I loved the way it all came together.
How was your weekend guys. I had a binge – astic Sunday. For some reason I went berserk and woke up with a very guilty me this Monday morning. I think all the carb and sugar loading makes you extremely lethargic which is what I was feeling the whole day. Anyhow kicked my lazy ass and got some work done. Tomorrow is a new day.
Hope you guys like my look. Enjoy

xxx, Love


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I had completely forgotten about this post and so its been sitting in my Drafts for the longest possible time. Summer kind of inspires all of us to play with colors. This season I did experiment with a whole lot of bright colors as you can see in my previous few posts.
I went a little berserk but o boy was I pleased or what. For now, I am taking a little break from the bright shades and toying with the idea of monochromes and subtle tones. So this one was the last one in my file of coloured outfits that I am gonna push aside for sometime and bring you a little more variety in monochromes or maybe something else…. so wait for it. Meanwhile this is just an ode to the color of the year “Greenery”.
I love love love this skirt that has been with me for more than 7 years now. I can never seem to part with it. Also I have to tell you about 2 things that I get asked a lot about.

One is this brand of sunglasses called Quay. It’s an Australian brand that I discovered last year and ever since I am hooked on to these. They are super affordable and have some really cool shades. Everytime I wear any of their pieces (I have a whole lot of quay), I do get asked about them. I hear they are now collaborating with Kylie Jenner to bring out a capsule collection. That would be exciting. I think you can order them online. I have linked their site above

Another thing I wanted to tell you all about are these Bag straps that are quite a rage. I got mine from Michael Kors and it has been so handy. I have attached to one of my old LV Bags which otherwise is super heavy and I have been using that bag for so long now becos of this strap. I feel they work the best in contrasting colors. You could check them out.











Sunglasses : Quay, Bag : Charles and Keith, Bag strap : Michael kore, Shoes : Zara, Knit : Zara
Pics : Dimple Rana

Hope u liked it

Shonima Kaul

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Le Trench!!


I like the idea of minimalism. There is something about the power of clean lines. Sometimes that one piece sans any layering, volume or accessory is “just” the right amount you need and it works well on its own. I had a similar feeling when I spotted this Trench dress while scavenging around in the “Last Pieces” section of Zara. I think it just might be a size smaller but I was like who cares, I am gonna squeeze myself to fit in. The other thought that ran into my mind is that if not like a dress I could always wear it as a coat. Hmmmm that can work.
For now leaving you with some images of my Trench dress.










Whole look : Zara
Pics : Dimple Rana

Have a great week

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French-ing it!!



For as long as I remember I have been fascinated by Paris. Not only for the romantic place that it is, but also for the Fashion Mecca it is to the world. It is the house to most of the beautiful brands that we know of. This is the place from where Fashion originates. No wonder French brands & style are the most sought after. It’s all about elegance and minimalism. It’s effortless with a whole lot of attitude. To dress like a Parisian is an ultimate sartorial goal but accomplishing it is rather difficult. There is a lot more to it than facetiously throwing on a beret. However, having said that, that is exactly what I have done here cos I believe in mixing and matching a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
I decided to give this very simple dress a little bit of Parisian Twist and voila I was happy with the results.
Hope you like it too.










Dress : Zara, Shoes : Giuesseppe Zanotti, Bag : Charles & Keith, Cap: Accessorise
Pics: Dimple

Have a great week

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Simplistic Elegance!



I have forever wanted a Blazer dress. Like I said before I like minimalism & like to keep things simple. I believe that in simplicity lies the elegance. This Blush Pink Blazer dress is just the thing that I wanted. It’s subtle in colour and classy. I also recently ordered these Nude strappy heels from Chinese Laundry which went perfectly with my dress.

Guys, I also wanted to apologise for my little glum post (in terms of writing) last time. I would want to keep everything happy around here cos thats how it is. So no more sad things, I promise. A big thank u to all those who reached out to me. I am in the pink of things currently. Everything has been great this week. I shot a couple of outfits. I have some close relatives coming to stay over at my place & I am very excited. Additionally, I am feeling more energetic so I am hoping to kick some serious ass in the Gym.

Do let me know if you like my look.. This blazer is currently available in Zara. If you like it , you might wanna get it.












Blazer Dress : Zara, Heels : Chinese Laundry, Clutch: Charles & Keith
Pics : Dimple

See you soon
Shonima Kaul

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