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Seeing life in Color!!


The best thing about summers is the colourful clothes.. These days I am kind of inclined towards everything colourful. I like to wear brighter shades and color block them. It just makes Summer that more fun and the heat more bearable. Blush pink seems to be the color of the season so in order to make this muted color come  alive I wanted to thrown in some brighter shades. What better than Reds and Blues. I also think that these colourful mirrored sunglasses are somehow a boon to the Fashion Industry. Suddenly just pops up the look so much more. Right? Hope u like it.













Pics : Rishabh Kabra / Dimple Rana
Skirt : Zara, Shirt : Mango, Belt : Zara,

Stay colourful

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Trending this Summer!!



Remember Zeenat Aman in Hare Rama Hare Krishna and her iconic look. What stayed with us apart from Zeenat & her sexy body were her funky coloured frames which became quite a rage then. A little sexy, a little naughty, a little cute.  Cut to today, Tinted sunglasses are back in vogue and a must have trend this summer. This 70s style made a major comeback last year and is the IT pair to sport this summer of 2017. I picked up mine from a local shop near my house sometime last year & I wanted the whole look to stay sleek so that the sunnies could pop so went with this White on White look.
What do you think, will you be rocking this vintage trend this summer?










Sunglasses : local market, Top, Shorts : Zara, Shoes : Aldo
Pic : Dimple Rana

Have a great week
Shonima Kaul

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Accessoire du Moment!!


Unless you are living under the rock, it is hard to miss the must have accessory of the moment. If you keep a keen eye on the #OOTD stars of Social media world, you would have noticed several looks styled with this one.
Yes I am talking about the Corset belts that were seen on Spring 17 collections on the runways of Balenciaga, Isabel Marant to name a few. It did not take much time for us to see them on the Kardashian sisters and once its there, its sure to trickle down on the streets. I remember coming across the first one in one of the flea markets in Dubai but soon spotted it in the New Arrival section of Zara and have never looked back since then.
What about you, have you cinched your waist yet???
I clicked a few pics before leaving for Magnum X Label life unveiling.. On that note do check out the latest collection of Label life based on unleashing your inner beast.










Shorts :Zara, Shoes : C Louboutin, Belt : Zara, Jacket : very old (don’t remember from where), Bag : Prada
Pics : Dimple Rana

Have a great Sunday
Shonima Kaul

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One Essential IT Item this Summer!


So what if the Sun is melting us completely, we still have to wake up, dress up and show up. Right?
One of the trends that I am totally leaning towards this summer is the Off Shoulder trend. This summer its all about baring your shoulders.
Of course its nothing new. This trend has been in and off the scene since mid 1800s when you could see all those elaborate dresses designed with off shoulder style. Many of the past style icons have given it their own sexy spin and today we again see it making way back into our wardrobes.
I feel its much better and simpler to bare your shoulders than your Abs in those Crop Tops. You know what I mean :-) So I have been sporting it a lot this summer. You could scroll down my blog to see the numerous occasions I have been wearing this style.
Though personally I like the ones where the sleeves are separately attached to the top / dress otherwise we are all the time pulling the shoulders down. I mean I am not able to lift my arms above a certain height if I am wearing an Off shoulder cos it keeps slipping up and its very odd to keep pulling them down and adjusting it. What do you think. Do u face the same problem with this style
Nonetheless I like this style & therefore Today on the blog 2 looks to express my love for the trend.

















Dress : Zara , White Top : Necessary clothing
Pics : Dimple Rana

What do you guys think of this style. Would love to hear from you

Happy Summer
Shonima Kaul

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My 8 Way to look Taller in a Picture!!


One question that I get a lot from my readers on Social Media or otherwise besides “Is that a piercing on your neck??” is “How tall are you?” or when someone sees me in person “Oh you look taller in your pictures”. I am not sure if i should be taking it as a compliment or feeling bad about it :-) :-(
Standing not so tall at just about 5’3″ I have kind of mastered the trick to look taller than my natural height. I guess it came from spending so many years getting photographed for my blog.
I recently again heard this comment so thought would be great to let you all in on the tricks I use to lengthen my frame for the pics. I learnt these over time and after many trials and errors (feel free to browse thru my earlier snaps) found what works best for me. Try these out next time for your pics & let me know how it goes. Remember you may not get them right the first time but you will eventually get a hang of it. And if people start complimenting you on your frame you know whom to thank.
Practice makes a man Perfect so happy clicking people.


1. Take your pics from a lower angle
This I think is the be all and end all of taking a great pic.  A good photographer and a very good angle. This creates an illusion of longer legs. Never take top to bottom, it will make you look stunted and wider. I usually refrain from asking a tall person to take my pics. If you taking from phone camera just ask the person to adjust the phone a little below your waist level or eye level but never above that. Trust me those pics don’t come nice. The lower, the better. Figure out which angle looks best.
I will tell you one more trick – Using your phone camera on a Tripod works very well. I have mastered that Art. They make my legs look mile longer. Just adjust the angle.
Anther trick is to ask your children (not a tall child but someone shorter than you) to take a pic. Since they are shorter than you, it will almost everytime come taller


2. Stretch yourself a little
If you have a short torso like me, stretching gives the effect of a taller frame. Maybe stretch your arms up or throw your head back or lean a little backwards



3. Maintain a good posture
Remember your mom screaming at you “Do not hunch”. Well that works later in life. If you hunch you look short and not confident at all. Throw those shoulders behind. You will be surprised how tall , slim & confident you look.. even I need to practice this more often.



4. Wear Nude heels
I almost never ever photograph myself without heels. They just help me lengthen my frame and give me that confidence. I do NOT feel confident in flats and if you wearing Nude heels they will just add that extra length you need.



5.Wearing shorter lengths.
I actually live in shorts. its mainly because I hate jeans in this weather. And secondly shorter lengths make my legs look taller. Play with the part you feel is your asset. If you have a longer torso. Wear crops. They will again make you look taller. Or wear Maxis. They too give an illusion of longer legs. I totally refrain from wearing anything that cuts on my knees or little below them. It almost always makes me look short. So work those legs and show them off for a longer leaner look.


6. Say Yes to High Waisted bottoms
High waisted trousers/ skirts or shorts give the illusion of your legs starting higher up on your body and make you look taller. Like these Promod Trousers I picked recently from their latest collection.


7. Cover the whole frame
Unless you trying to show Eiffel tower or Qutub Minar in the background or its a perspective shot, try and cover the frame. That way there is no comparative distraction and you stand tall.



8. Work a Pose
Lastly you are the best judge of which pose makes you look better. Some argue that crossing your legs and standing makes you look taller but I always stand with my legs a little apart and tilt my body a little. I feel its a much stronger & confident Body language like below 2 pics. which one looks better according to you?



Top : Zara(currently available), Trousers : Promod(currently available) , Heels : Steve Madden
Pics : Dimple Rana

So these were few of my tricks. Hope I have been able to enlighten you all. About my outfit like I mentioned I am loving this high waisted paper bag trend. They make you look slimmer. I bought these pants from Promod (latest Spring summer 17 ) collection and decided to pair with a summery crop top. Do you like??

Happy Clicking & keep reading FUF
Shonima Kaul

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Making it work !


I picked up this Playsuit from Forever 21 mainly for the colour and print and realised it was at least 2 sizes big because I didn’t have the patience to try it on at the store. Also this was in the last piece available section.
Somehow had to make it work for me so added a layer and cinched it with a belt. Turns out I like it better this way. Lends an air of sophistication to the otherwise very ordinary playsuit. Some things just work by itself.. some you gotta try harder & make them work.. Deep huh…What do you think?? Does it work???









IMG_8920 crop



IMG_8945 Dusk

Playsuit : F21, Knit : Mango , Belt : Zara, Shoes : Aldo , On my Lips : Leo by Kylie
Pics : Dimple Rana

Have a great week guys

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It’s crazy how the temperatures are just soaring outside. I just want to stick my head in a freezer all day long. Its not even funny the number of trips I make to my refrigerator just to get that cold blast on my face.
However instead of just cribbing about the heat I am trying to look at the brighter side of the summer and things you can do to feel better :
1. It’s the best time to shed that extra weight. The heat suppresses your appetite and with the right exercises you can get to your goal weight
2. Time to wear some colourful clothes. Summers is the best time to sport those gorgeous bright colours and with Yellows , Blues and Pinks out there in the market you can look like one hot piece of candy
3. Say yes to Icecreams. The only season that makes eating ice creams legitimate. After all its so hot outside
4. Add that glow to you skin cos you are definitely going to increase your water intake
5. All those watery juicy fruits like Watermelon are a saviour. Light on your stomach and great for your health.
6. Take that beach holiday and get some sexy tan. I don’t know how people do that becos I always end up getting burnt but this time i am gonna google ” how to get a sexy tan” and go.

I decided to go all out with this colourful look and celebrate Summer

Hope u like it





IMG_9431 crop









Top, Skirt , Scarf : Zara, Shoes : Steve Madden, Sunglasses : miami blue
Pics  : Dimple Rana

Lets Celebrate Summer!!

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Who is the fairest of them all !!


When Halle Berry, the first black actress to win an Oscar took the stage, the whole world got up and took notice. She later went on to play the Bond Girl with equal aplomb, a very highly recognised stature for beauty.

Years later Lupita Nyong’o won an Oscars for her role in 12 years a slave ,  but what caused a bigger stir on social media was her being named the first black face for Lancome , as she joined the ranks of fair skin beauties Julia Roberts and  Kate Winslet.

Naomi Campbell has been on 66 Vogue covers and countless other fashion magazine covers.

Rihanna is considered the biggest Fashion icon the world has seen.

Jennifer Lopez has been declared the sexiest women in the world countless number of times by a number of publications & media houses

Beyonce & Shakira can still send numerous hearts spiralling with that shaking booty.

Closer to home Ujjwala Raut made it so big on the International ramps that she is the only Indian model to walk the ramp for the prestigious Victoria Secret’s fashion show in New York, another hugely recognised Beauty standard by the Fashion Industry

Lakshmi Menon still casts her southern spell over the most influential designers and publications. The only Indian model to get casted in the famous Pirelli calendar. Like her, many Indian models are hot properties in International fashion scenes and send heartbeats racing of the likes of Karl Lagerfield.

Bhumika Arora, the newest kid on the block is cast very much in the dusky mould & lets not forget our latest pride the dusky desi girl Priyanka Chopra who is now a well known International face.

Ok , there are so many articles on how much Jennifer Aniston must be spending on getting that Bronze or Golden tan and the whole Bronzing fad has been started by the Kardashian sisters to get that darker glow. Beauty Industry internationally is minting money on people wanting to get browner by coming out with products and services to help them achieve it.

You must be wondering why am I talking about all these things.  The current backlash about celebrities endorsing products with unrealistic and dodgy claims got me thinking hard. While the dusky / dark / black / bronzed skin is taking over the world  & being celebrated at Oscars, Red carpets , Runways, Hollywood, we here are still bickering about how we should get fairer to be considered beautiful!! I mean wake up people and think about it. Are we blind to all these happenings.

My gripe is not so much with these brands using get fairer skin ploy for Indian market  as much as it amuses me that, how are people in my country so naive that they can be made to believe that a certain fairness cream can make you fairer even if it is endorsed by the most famous celebrity or God himself. I mean expecting a darker complexion to become fairer is expecting a tall person to get a few inches shorter!! How stupid and crazy is that. More than the Beauty Industry taking us for a ride I am appalled at the lack of wisdom used by the people who get influenced by such bulls*#*t. And then targeting celebs for spreading such racist ideas is the easiest thing to do. 

I honestly don’t have a problem with Celebs endorsing products. I understand they are here to make money but I just feel that since they are such key influencers , it should be done more responsibly by both the brand and the celeb.  I do have a problem with the message that the Industry is sending to the society that Dark is ugly and Fair is beautiful. How badly must it be playing on the mindset of people. I  have a problem if some of us are believing such claims blindly. I also have a problem with certain bunch of morons who are then making a big issue about celebs endorsing it cos we are so foolish as to not  understand that such things don’t happen unless you go under the knife.

C’mon people its 2017, the whole world is connected with just one button. People are connected. we can see everything around us. No longer are we living in a cocoon where the supposedly more learned could feed us any crap and we would listen starry eyed and bushy tailed. We can see things around us & I see some of the best models with that beautiful bronzed skin taking over the world and here we are still fighting the battle of who is going to be the fairest of them all!!

Do you guys have an opinion on this ?

Coming to my outfit, belts are big this season especially corset belts. Embrace them and make them work in your outfit. And if you are wondering why am I looking darker in these pics cos I have used products to make my skin look 2 – 3 shades darker than my usual skin tone in support of Dusky is very sexy message i want to send out.











Knit : Zara, Dress : Zara, Belt : Charles & Keith
Pics : Dimple Rana

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Life isn’t perfect but it does give us some perfect Moments!!

We get so caught up with life & work that we forget to enjoy the small but precious moments. For instance I always have 1000 work related things on my mind when I go out like I have to get a picture, I have to capture this, I have to write about that which sometimes is so silly to me too forget about others. I know I blame it on my work but then realise how much fun I have lost on because I am trying to reduce every moment into a square shaped box. These days you go to a restaurant or anywhere, all we see is people with their phones either taking a selfie or someone taking their pictures or they are busy uploading or snap chatting , instastorying blah blah blah. Going out has just become a mere spectacle that will be displayed in all its glory on FB or Instagram. Yours truly included, Guilty as charged.

Just a few days ago I realised how addicted I am to my phone. I get separation anxieties if I leave it away even for 5 minutes. That constant need to check on messages, mails, social media is driving me insane. Hell, I no longer even wear a watch anymore cos I am so habituated to seeing the time on my phone or what day is it or what date. I even keep notes, I have 200 Apps on my phone. if nothing I will look at what new stuff has come in Zara on their App. I get 50 alerts on breaking news from TOI and the amount of watsapp groups (that i keep coming out of) add to the chaos. So for my own good I have decided to ween myself off this addiction (no addiction is good right?).

Interesting statistics : Did you know an average user touches his phone 2600 times a day and a heavy user 5400 times. That is plain ridiculous.

Like breaking off any other addiction, this one is going to be difficult too cos it seems like my whole life is in it but I am not giving up cos I want to be able to enjoy small moments of life without getting bothered about did I get the right picture, did the person reply, did my mail go, has it been seen. I know its going to be a hard one given my occupation but at least I have made this small little promise to myself.

Coming to this candid shoot with Niklesh of Say Cheeze Photography capturing little joys of life like just a playful day on the beach. Again I started in my usual posing/ work mode which was not what Nik wanted. He told me he wanted me to forget about the camera & let it to be as casual as possible. I was honestly worried about how would it look and with all my makeup coming off in front of the camera won’t I look like a witch. And who are we kidding, me coming out of water, hell I am no Bo Derek. This is going to be hilariously disastrous so in the beginning I was pretty reluctant. However as we progressed I warmed up and actually started having fun in the water. Soon I was being swept away by waves and I was not at all worried about my pictures.  I was just busy having fun with no care.  That those moments got captured was just a byproduct of having fun. The moment I let the pressure off me is the moment I started enjoying and having fun. Looking at these pics I am so glad I had my moment

Are you guys in the same boat as me. Are you addicted to your phones too. Do you want to live some moments with abandon. It would be interesting to know your thoughts. Meanwhile enjoy the pics.


















Playsuit : F21
Shot with Niklesh Malkani

Have a good day

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Take the Wheel!!


I had this incredible opportunity to partner with Volkswagen for the latest product in their stable – AMEO. They were to send me the car and I was to shoot with it. However, I thought of having some fun and taking it for a quick weekend trip with my friends. One stone 2 birds – get to shoot in a great location and have a picnic with my friends and Ameo. The task in hand was how to capture the fun element through pictures. After much brainstorming with my team we decided to also create a mini travelogue of sorts along with the pictures & what fun it turned out.
PS : Do not forget to see the video at the end of this post.
We created a short story of sorts and I convinced (rather coerced) my friends to act in it. We drove all the way to Aamby valley and shot inside and along the way. We took turns while driving and even though it was a Manual car I had absolutely no problems driving it. It was a smooth ride.

I am so happy to finally see this post come alive cos I had many a sleepless nights before I could make this. The idea was not frozen. I didn’t know any photographers to work with since after Ushmi’s left I haven’t appointed any professional photographer. It was a full day outstation job which I haven’t done till now and I was worried about permissions but it all came together on the day of the shoot.

I have a whole lot of people to thank for it starting with Vik who managed to get us inside Amby Valley & agreed to be my actor. NOMADSAM for scripting, directing and putting up with Vik & me. Dimple for always helping me out with my pics and most importantly Clinton who is so good with shooting cars that it was great to have him onboard. Ofcourse Vijay Lalwani for being my transporter in Aamby Valley. He is the one doing all the stunts with the car in Aamby and he sure seemed to have enjoyed Ameo the most.
Last but not the least Volkswagen team for giving me the car for the day and partnering with FUF to bring this incredible experience alive. Hope u all enjoy the pictures and the video in the end.



collage 2





IMG_1951 edit





Scripted, Directed, Shot by NOMADSAM
Pics courtesy : Clinton Pereira , Dimple Rana
Car : Ameo courtesy Volkswagen

Lots of Love
Shonima Kaul

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