ASS – ymmetrical!

While looking at the 2012 fashion trends, this one trend made me think a lot. I wasn’t sure whether to give it a Thumbs up or a Thumbs down as it had the potential to become super stylish or it could fall completely flat. I am referring to Asymmetrical or Mullet trend as it is known as.

It was there in almost everyone’s collection but some of the designers made it look super chic to sport this trend like queen of prints Mary Katrantzu or Gianfranco Ferre or Givenchy and many more.

I fell in love with Mullet dresses when they were seen on Blake Lively in Gossip girl like her now very famous Jenny Packham dress

or her Mary Katrantzu dress when she throws a bridal shower for her besty Blair or the grey dress.

Unfortunately this trend did not get replicated in the best of manner in the high street fashion. The designers somewhere lost the brief and used their weirdest imagination to transform this trend, therefore my skepticism on the trend. I leave it to you all to tell me if any of the pieces below closely resemble what we have seen above. According to me they are downright ugly.
I am seeing a lot of asymmetrical hemlines in the store these days and it leaves me wondering how is one supposed to look good in them. Honestly not a big fan of this cut.
To make it worse this cut was incorporated in Indian dresses like Anarkali suits. Now why would you commit such a faux pas. Why not let the Anarkali remain in its beautiful form!!
At one point of time Zara had everything in asymmetrical from a dress to a skirt to a top. Thankfully either the pieces got sold off or they realized no one is interested
Zara’s asymmetrical collection
If people have bought them then spare me the horror of seeing them on the streets because I don’t know how will they be carrying it off. To me they look like tailoring gone horribly wrong :-(
However, if you are one of them then I have found some decent way of pairing them up so that you can still look stylish in them
I think the inspiration for this style comes from a bride’s trail which make the overall dress look royal and elegant. Maybe we should leave it to the couture designers to make them look chic like these beautiful dresses.
But, i guess sometimes even they can go wrong – To err is Human
To make it look worse they pair it with sports shoes, so what if they are new hot Isabel Marant shoes… How hideous!!
So a thumbs down to this trend from me till I find something good to change my mind. Who says it can not change. That’s the thing about Fashion. You need to find that one piece to make you look stylish. Do Not wear till you don’t feel it.
Do let me know how you feel about this trend. Does it work for u??
Have fun and unless u feel the fashion, don’t wear it :-)


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