As Good As it Gets!!



Blogging comes with its own sets of challenges and constraints. I have to fight against a lot of those while running my Blog. The biggest of them all is finding a place to shoot in a city like Mumbai which is so devoid of any beautiful constructions and if by some stroke of luck you happen to stumble upon a great location the chances are that you will pretty much not be allowed to shoot there.
The second is the outfit itself. Besides the fact that it leaves a big hole in my pocket, there is not much choice available.
DREAM – Envision a beautiful flow dress in a stunning colour or a nice fitted top in emerald green or deep wine which will work great with cream skirt
REALITY – All I see are versions of Black, white, cream, grey , Navy in the store…zzzzzzzzz .. Oh shoot I should have picked up that Red top i saw that one time. Now what?
Work backwards Pick up things I like in the store and then create a look around it.

Then comes the Hair & the Make up. You know, you see a hairstyle and then want it so bad
DREAM – I am gonna get that slick gelled hairstyle tomorrow for this look
REALITY – After repeated attempts early morning when you just about manage to keep your eyes open with a shot of caffeine, imagine ending up with hair that looks like you have applied tons of coconut oil on it. God i need to wash it, dry it and re think my options..somehow get a stripped down workable version of the look you wanted.

The MakeUp is another story.
DREAM – “Oh I am definitely gonna wing it a bit more this time & apply some glitter on the lips – La Bella Hadid for FENDI”
REALITY – After smudging your eyeliner N number of times trying to work the perfectly balanced (on both sides) winged liner you finally give up and go with whatever best you can draw with your limited skills. Forget the wings I can hardly get a straight line now & I am so late already; Wait…the Glitter on the lips just disappears. WTH.. How do they do it??? Never Mind this the best I can do.. let’s just get out before i loose the Golden hour.

Then comes the actual shoot.. Crap.. its about to rain, where is the Golden hour??
Forget it let’s work with what we have ….some 200 screenshots of poses I want to try – Gosh none are working!!! Ok Ushmi I am gonna do my own thing, just click me & hope it turns out good.

Finally it’s on the Blog & now it needs to reach as many people as possible otherwise what is the use. The crazy social media frenzy begins – What time, what day , which pic but still just seems to be reaching those limited number. Work on another Strategy

Nope I am not complaining, just pretty much explaining Behind the scenes Action of a Fashion Blogger. Shoot is such a small part of the Business. The main challenge is to take your product to the market and hit it off with the people. That is what makes you a good Blogger & then to turn around things in your favour so that it starts paying you off makes you a good entrepreneur.

But, isn’t it for every other Business. Would I rather do something else. Naah cos when I see the fruits of my labour despite all the difficulties I face I say to myself – Cmon, this is As Good As it Gets!!

Worked this look for upcoming Fall season. loved how it turned out. I am currently obsessed with Metallic lips & Glitter lips.. so there is a good chance you might see it too often on me. Sorry not Sorry.














Jacket: thrifted(very old) , Skirt, Bodysuit : Zara, Shoes : Charles & Keith, Makeup Bag doubling as Purse : Dolce Gabbana
Pics : Ushmi

Hope you liked it

Stay Beautiful
Shonima Kaul

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