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Net Cape : Masaba
Pics : Dimple Rana

I am proclaiming myself as the the Queen of Procrastination and believe me its not a title I am proud of. I have absolutely no clue as to why I procrastinate so much. I set out to do a task and then something hits my brain and I am like Ok I can finish this later and then pick up the most inane of tasks and working on it and then hop on to another one without finishing the current one. With the result I have a lot of Unfinished business to deal with.
For Instance every time I am back from a shoot I know I have a whole lot of things to do and create a post to be up on the blog so I sit on my comp and start with my work and then suddenly find something interesting on the net and start reading that till I come across something a celeb is wearing and then google some more on that celebrity and then get on to the You tube and stalk that person and 4 – 5 hours later I am exhausted with all that looking into the comp and no work done except for some absolutely rubbish information that I might have gained with my mindless googling. 5 hours and no useful work later I decide to take a break and sit later to finish my job till something else catches my fancy.

So I sat down to read this book Art of Procrastination by John Perry (again another excuse to not doing anything useful ) thinking it might offer me some solution. I must say first and foremost I was relieved that I am not alone and that this world is filled with a whole lot of us. Also its an amusing & hilarious read cos I could relate to so many things. It also made me feel good that the author thinks that Procrastinators are actually perfectionists who are not happy with less than perfect results and therefore might want to leave the task. Well, I don’t know if its true or not but I would go with that explanation to keep boosting my ego hahaha. I am not sure if it gave me any insights into how to overcome this habit but it did pass my time for 4 hours till I realised I had other things to be done Pheww!!!

It didn’t end there , I actually did a little bit of research since I want to understand why does it happen and what goes inside the brains of a Procrastinator. I found out the reason that sounded quite logical. Human brain tends to value immediate rewards / instant gratification more highly than the future rewards.For eg: when you set a goal to lose weight, your future self is getting rewarded because you will look good , feel better and be healthy but for that your present self needs to take an action. but the present self is not getting any instant gratification so the future self and present self are constantly conflicting with each other. The future self wants to be trim and fit but you are in present and presently the brain wants to eat that whole bar of chocolate to get rid of immediate sweet cravings and feel better and therefore you say to yourself – Today let me eat it and from tomorrow I will work out. It happens right? I came across this very interesting, light hearted fun TED TALK by Tim Urban who explains it so well that you actually feel good and special. So for all you PROCRASTINATORS out there, do give it a watch

Anyway whatever might be the reason, the best way to get something done is to Begin somewhere so I sat on my desktop today, edited a few pictures and thought of sharing my plight with you and guess what i am done with a post.. yaayyy!!
Now on to the second task….. And thats how we get things done.

Coming to this look I am not usually satisfied with anything simple. I have to add a piece or 2 to make an outfit interesting. This was not actually even meant to be shot but that day I went out somewhere in these shorts and tee and found this Net cape in Masaba and what luck it was on sale so I picked it up and on my way back my friend clicked a few pics for me. I like how cool the outfit looks with the addition of this simple cape. Nothing genius but then all great inventions came out of some very simple ideas. Say whaaaa???


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2 thoughts on “Art of Procrastination!!”

  1. Uff! I felt as if you were describing me. The reason I have so many unread books, incomplete articles, unfinished projects in pipeline, and a huge to do list is because I am a procrastinator. I get bored easily. And I will definitely watch that video. I seriously think if I let go of my procrastination I will be lethal.. But wait let me see airport looks of celebs first, then watch organizing ideas on Pinterest that I will never have the time to do and then surf instagram, because why not? Ya??!!

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