Anything Crocheted!!

Hey FuFies.. How have you all been.. My holidays are almost coming to an end and so is my shopping :-( but the bright side to this is that I am hoping to be more regular with my posts :)
I have been enjoying my shopping trips cos for one that I get to buy stuff and secondly I get to see various trends that I can talk about with you guys.
One such trend that I am constantly coming across and seems to be a huge rage is “Crochet” Any store you walk into and there it is. Well, there are crochet laces and knits but for making everyone’s life simple let me just club it into one as Crochet

Some of you would be well aware of Crochets as your Grandma’s favorite pastime and would have worn caps, scarves or even sweaters knitted by them. Well, the trend is back and its huge this time.
My favorite way to wear it would be as a form of summer layering. Wear it over a shirt or a top and it completely changes the look of an otherwise normal outfit.

The other way is to wear them as a top with your jeans or Shorts

Or wear as casual as a day on the beach or just running some errands

Crochet / Lace dresses are big this season and can be seen in various stores. There are various colors available but my favorite is white

I had to give in to this trend cos it gives a perfect summer feel and I picked up lace skirts and shorts. They look super cute

Wear them with Tanks or a cute summer top and you are all set for summers.

Skirts could be long or short

You can run away from this trend but you surely can’t ignore cos its everywhere

How about trying it out.. It screams summer!!


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