Anyone friends with Manish Malhotra??

Festive season… Yaaaayyyy!! just love the smell of it.. Celebrations, friends, colors, high spirits, card games (my friends: Teen Patti or Show,what’s it gonna ) sweets galore and Indian wear.
I just love wearing our beautiful rich colors during this time. Honestly this is the time you can be absolutely color blocked and get away with it hahaha. So have you decided on what are you wearing. Anyone wanting to share with me??
Anyway I am looking for inspirations and I must confess like many of you I am a sucker for Manish Malhotra creations. I mean I go to his boutique every now and then and ogle at those beautiful dresses like a love struck puppy who is salivating at the very sight of his object of fascination. Of course can’t afford them :( so nowadays looking out for someone who can help me befriend my dream designer. 
Anyone????  :))) or maybe a dream tailor!!

He just recently concluded his S/S2013 and I am drooling over these pants!!

Image courtesy :WLIFW 2012

Well, not just pants. everything else too

Image courtesy: WLIFW 2012

Image courtesy : WLIFW 2012

Image courtesy : WLIFW 2012
Image courtesy : WLIFW 2012

Image courtesy : WLIFW 2012

Thanks for the inspiration Manish, now only if you could make one for me.. Sigh!!


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