Since you all know by now that I am a Gym Rat, I like to explore new ways to exercise otherwise it can get tremendously boring to keep following the same routine. So today I will talk about a different exercise technique that is fast gaining popularity amongst the fitness enthusiasts. Its called – AMRAP Acronym for As Many Reps As Possible or As Many Rounds As Possible

This technique I think is more popular amongst CROSSFITTERS & has been lifted from there. It is a form of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with following benefits
1. small time commitment – the workout can finish in 40 min max
2. burns fat like crazy – you push your body to a limit & therefore use every energy resource
3. Targets both Cardio & Muscular endurance
4. Increases your mental toughness – you need a lot of mental strength to get through the workout

So what is AMRAP?
It is performing a set of exercises within a certain Timeframe. instead of going for a fixed number of Reps and heavy weights, you perform the same exercise with lesser weight but more reps and have to complete it in a certain Time limit.
eg. If you doing 30 kg squats and 10 Reps. Instead do 5 – 10 kg squats continuously for 1 min or 1 & a half min & feel the burn.

There are different ways to perform AMRAP Training.TABATA is one of the most difficult forms according to me so that for later.

The other way is to just make a circuit of sorts of some exercises like

Pushups x 15
Squats x 15
Burpees x 15
Kettlebell swings x 15

Try to perform this circuit in 10 min of AS MANY ROUNDS AS POSSIBLE with maybe 30 sec to 60 sec break after each round.. Some of you might be able to do 3, some might do 5, some might do 8 for all you know. The idea is to do it as fast as possible and therefore complete as many rounds as possible. Here we are fixing the reps but not fixing the rounds

The other way to do it is
Kettlebell swings

Each exercise to be performed for say 30 sec so you have to do as many REPS as possible in these 30 sec of pushups, 30 sec of squats, 30 sec of Burpees, 30 sec of KB swings & do 5 rounds of this circuit.

This might sound easy but by the end of it you will be wishing for those 30 sec to just pass somehow.


AMRAP can be incorporated in your weight training for e.g. I did AMRAP for Legs today so how do you do it?

Take a comfortable weight that will last you for a certain time. Mind you its not about weight, its the number of REPS.
So I set a limit of 1.30 min for each exercise
weighted Squats : 1.30 min (as many Reps as possible)
Alternate Leg Lunges : 1:30 min (as many reps as possible)
The Reps went to 45 – 50 so imagine the burn.

Break 45 sec to a min

Repeat 2 more sets
I reduced the time to 1 min post that & increased the weights slightly

Leg extension : 1.30 min (As many Reps as Possible)
Leg Curls : 1.30 min (As many reps as possible)

Repeat 2 more sets

TRUST me i couldn’t feel my legs after this
Break 45 sec to a min

Leg Press : 1.30 min
weighted Sumo Squats : 1:30 min

Repeat 2 more sets with reduced time if u want

*superset means you do not take a break between 2 exercises & do them back to back

What do you need for AMRAP
1. A timer
2. And a strong Willpower


PS : Experts say you should not perform AMRAP circuit more than once or twice in a week so i guess we should listen to the experts :-)

Meanwhile Keep Calm and Do AMRAP

Pls let me know if this article was useful

Stay Fit

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