Amore Mio, Dove sei tu ?


You stay in my memories, You stay in my heart.
I struggle to keep it together but sometimes I miserably fall apart.
I miss you more than words can say I miss you every step of my way.
I close my eyes and speak to you in hundred silent ways hoping someday it will reach and stay.
They say Love conquers it all, yet we stumble & fall
We take a chance from time to time and put our necks on the line
And you have broken every promise that we made but I have loved you Anyway.

I sometimes like to write down my random thoughts on a piece of paper. They are so raw that I am embarrassed to share it with anyone. Since I am celebrating season of Love on the Blog I took the liberty of putting it out there at the risk of sounding like a complete fool. I thought it might just be apt for telling the story of this girl that I bring you through a set of pictures in this post titled ‘Amore Mio’. Just another one from the Valentine’s Day series















Gown : Atechi, Jewelry : Lokhandwala market, Shoes : Steve Madden
Pics by : Mrinmai Parab
MakeUp, Styling , Concept : Me
Location courtesy : Doolaly, Andheri

Hope you liked my pictures and if you are wondering about my dress I have to let you in on my secret. I rented this dress from a store named “Atechi” which basically means suitcase. Only in this case it is full of clothes!!

This fabulous concept of renting some of the best designer clothes has been started by Shrutika Gupta. Carefully handpicked and curated by Shrutika herself who holds a masters degree from LCF is a concept that is slowly but surely gaining popularity in today’s fashion world.

With loads of parties and weddings to attend and perennial problems of nothing to wear and not wanting to spend insane amount of monies on designer wear, I think a concept like Atechi comes as a boon for us fashion conscious people. Walk into her store in Andheri West and get enthralled by loads and loads of stunning designer wear from names like Manish Malhotra to Anita Dongre.

I picked up this gorgeous cocktail gown from a well known celebrity’s closet and decided to wear it for a friends party. The best thing is that rentals are pretty affordable and you could also work out EMIs if need be. How cool is that!

You can find Atechi on Instagram as “Meriatechi” and Facebook as “Atechi” so what are you waiting for.. Go and find out what you can wear for your next party & later you can thank me :-)

PS : If you are a beer drinker do drop in at Doolally for some flavoured ones & while you are sipping beer you could also play some games provided on the house. cool place to hang out.

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s day. You can catch my other two looks here
Will you be mine
That feeling called Love

Lots of Love

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