Accessories maketh the outfit!

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You see there are 2 parts to wearing an outfit. Either you let it talk for itself which I am not too sure would work on its own. Enter part 2 that has kind of become perennial in making an outfit – Accessorizing. The thing about accessorizing is that on a bad day when you are feeling kind of low and decide to go on with your day wearing a prosaic dress there has to be something that could jazz it up to eradicate that looming sense of blah.

I learnt it at a very early age that investing in shoes and bags was the best kind of investment eva. Once you have them you could improvise on any outfit. However, when it comes to styling your outfit you might just need a tad bit more than the right shoes and bags.

A Hat for instance which lost its power as a chief accessory somewhere post World War II has not completely lost its charm but is sort of coming back in our lives as a much cooler accessory. Mostly you would see them on beaches providing shade against the scorching Sun but in a much fashion conscious world it has started making way into the wardrobes as a thoughtful accessory. I think a hat even though not solving any particular purpose helps in lending that mysterious aura to a woman. Though it does look like I am trying to strike a cool pose but all I was trying to do was to hold on dearly to my poor hat while getting clicked because the wind was hell bent on knocking it off. But it does look kinda cool.. Right??

And then these bangles and rings add a new dimension to the otherwise drab look. Something happy & cheerful about them. To cut the long story short I think Accessories maketh the outfit. Now Shakespeare might just kill me for completely twisting what he meant but what the hell Do u agree??



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Dress : Zara, Hat:Forever 21, Bangles, cocktail ring : Twisted (you could buy these online)

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