A Style Story with Archana !!


Many a times you across people who have a great sense of style and most of the times you wish you could learn a thing or two from them. Well, I got one such opportunity to learn it from a fashionista who comes with over a decade of experience in the Fashion Industry.

Archana Walavalkar , a former Fashion Editor at Vogue India and a stylist to many high profile stars like Aalia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan , Shahid Kapoor is also a co – founder and creative Director of Stylecracker. She is also responsible for styling some Dharma Production movies including Student of the Year, Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya , Drishyam and soon to be released Shaandar


Stylecracker is first of its kind personalised Fashion Styling platform with a host of celebrity stylists who are happy to help you whenever you want. Fashion choices leave many of us confused and this is one such fashion cyberspace where you can build your wardrobe, get handpicked suggestions from the best, get personalised styling tips on what to wear, where to get it & how to wear it. Isn’t that so cool?

I got an opportunity to talk to her on Style and here is what she had to say :

Describe your Style in 3 words
Bold, Sporty & Fuss Free

You are a stylist and a former editor for Vogue, How does that influence your personal style?
Your personal style changes with every phase in your life and your job is just one chapter of the full story

How much according to you is the Hindi Film industry dependent on Stylists. Which female actor do you think can completely do without a Stylist?
Its a huge industry where thousands try their shot at fame everyday. With such cut throat competition to make an impression, you have to be well put – together. That’s how in past few years, stylists have started playing an indispensable role. This isn’t exclusive for Hindi film industry but holds true for any other industry as well. How you carry yourself is crucial. Over the years, women across the board have opened up to idea of getting styled and more willing to experiment with their look.

Kangana Ranaut has some series style creed and can totally do without an expert.

Where do you get your Style inspirations from. Do you have a decade you look into for inspiration?
Ideas come from most mundane sources , sometimes – chat with a close friend, some off time with family or a much needed travel break with loved ones. Simple memorabilia like old photographs, postcards, souvenirs – anything that takes me back to my roots, inspires me. And, its not an either – or choice – fashion must be relevant and original. So taking this ‘antiquated’ inspiration & working into your current wardrobe – now that’s an exciting challenge!

More than the past decade its the futuresque for me. The jetsons, new-age Superheroes, designers like Prada, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga who create avant-garde pieces, combining fashion and tech, that’s the space I relate to the most.


Do you think it’s important to follow trends? Do you follow them, which is your favourite?
Trends are a tertiary confer when it comes to being fashionable. Wardrobe choices are a personal matter – your comfort level, your unique style preferences and even the emotional connect you share with your clothing, is more important. You must feel good and be true to yourself when you decide what to wear.

Off the current trends, I love Kimonos, Off shoulder silhouettes and sheer textures.

Which is your least favourite trend

What do you think about fashion Bloggers. Do you feel they are playing an important role in influencing the style of the current generation?
With smart phones you have the latest information on your fingertips. ‘instant’ is the new axiom with aggregators like Stylecracker, Pinterest and very soon Instagram introducing one – click shopping. Having said that shopping is not an isolated activity – people look to blogs before making a purchase for honest product reviews. And even after making their pick they return for style inspiration & DIYs to work a particular trend in their wardrobe. With power shifting from glossy editorials to real time blog posts, fashion has become more attainable and relatable.

Who would be your favourite fashion Blogger – in India & Internationally
When it comes to home front I like the work Border & Fall are doing and on international scene, it’s Rumi Neely.

As a stylist recommend 3 items we must have in our wardrobe to keep us looking stylish all through
Ankle strapped pin heels, an heirloom item (maybe a piece of jewellery or watch) and an unlined, lightweight day jacket.

Quickly let us in on one never to forget “Stylist Tip”
Load your wardrobe with comfy tees, denims, leggings and so on. Pick colours, pattern and silhouettes that speak your style. Then, look into what’s trending. Tends should work like quick guide giving you ideas on how to wear what you have rather than a law book dictating what you should / should not wear.

Do you have a fashion muse?

Interesting Right?? I am hoping to implement some suggestions in my day to day style for sure. What about you guys?

Stay Sexy girls
Shonima Kaul

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