A Speck of Dust!!












Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by things around you. Its like everything around seems so big that you can’t make sense of anything. It happens to me sometimes when I look at things around me and wonder what is the purpose of my existence. What role am I supposed to play. Why am I here? Everything looks so large and unattainable. I feel like I am never gonna reach where I want to because its so beyond my reach. I look at the vastness of the universe and feel like a tiny speck of dust. It is unbelievable how one thought can bother you so much. Can we as humans control these thoughts?

Probably yes, if and only if we can separate these overwhelming thoughts from emotions and say “hmmm, what i think and feel is not so important”. Learning to separate the thoughts from emotions is a big challenge. However, if one could master this process one will feel empowered in ways one has never felt.

I was discussing this with a friend today and he rightly pointed out that we search for answers in others when truly all the answers are within ourselves. We just need to listen.

Just some thoughts for the day cos I was feeling deep :-)))
Have a great day

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