A Right Set of Mind!!

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This is the second time I had to shoot in this outfit because the first time I shot I was just not happy with the results. From the moment I styled it the first time I knew something was off with the look. I wasn’t at all comfortable and it seemed very forced to me. Even though the dress on its own is quite cute and simple I knew it needed a little bit of Je ne sai quoi.

To cut the long story short since this oddity had been playing on my mind, the end result was not as desired and with that I want to talk about the right set of mind you need to accomplish a task.

Something as small as not wearing the right accessories with a certain dress made it impossible for me to concentrate on my task. I also was under pressure to get some pics out because I literally had nothing to post on my blog or social media for a very long time. It was not that my look was a disaster but something was bugging me constantly. My unhappiness was so evident in my pictures that made me realise that how important is it to be in the right frame of mind to carry on a task and bring it to fruition. I could have shortlisted a pic and posted on my Instagram but I knew it would not make me happy so I canned the pics and decided to re shoot when I am in the right & happy frame and have figured out my look. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t go up today, it can go up after a week but I need to be happy about my work.
We often do things so half heartedly because its just a task in hand and what happens – the results are pretty average. So how important is it to be mindful and aware and in the right mind set to do anything even though it might seem as simple as posing in front of the camera. We HAVE to love what we do otherwise it will just be another mediocre chore which leaves us unhappy and dissatisfied. Right?
On that note I want you all to consciously develop a feeling of happiness within yourself so that it reflects in any work no matter how big or small you do. I am definitely practicing this before preaching it to you.

Also I am so loving neutrals this season. Browns are gonna be big this season and I am loving this color scheme so much. This eyelet skater dress from Label life is totally up my alley.
Have a great week
Shonima Kaul

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