A Brunchy Affair!!




The other day I had to attend a Brunch soiree with some of my friends and like always I was fretting about what to wear. I ransacked my whole Almirah cos there is no way you can find things in it till everything comes out. It’s then when I start discovering clothes I had completely forgotten about. One such dress is this delicate sheer Polka dot number that I love so much that I had kept it packed separately in a wrap paper. I was so delighted to find it and knew it was a perfect Brunchy outfit.

I wanted to go for a vintage classic look (a la Jackie -O)so this dress made a perfect canvas to work on. It’s one of those material that softens up your look and polka dots add a certain vintage charm. I am not a quirky dresser, I like to keep things simple and elegant & therefore the accessories were to be kept minimal and sophisticated. Apart from a classic watch, Black pumps & pearls, I chose these Black Acetate frame sunglasses from Titan India.

I love the way they sit on my face and the frame completely adds to my classic look. Besides that I also like the versatility of these sunglasses. The fact that they can go very well with a sophisticated as well as an edgy look is quite a win win for me so they had to be a part of my ever-growing collection. These smoked polarised lenses with silver flash mirrors by Titan Sunglasses are sure to turn heads.

By now you all know that I am a sucker for Sunglasses I hoard them. Two reasons for that
1. Besides protecting me from Sun, it elevates my look
2. Its the best way for me to hide the bags under my eyes without doing much work.
If you like these you can go and check out their latest Spring Summer 2017 collection and add a dash of freshness to your edgy look. There are some really cool ones you can find on TITAN Eyeplus site

. You van also check the collection on TITAN Sunglasses FB Page.

I am loving the delicate, classy and romantic vibes coming out of this look. Hope u like it too.



collage titan 1











PC: Dimple Rana

Have a great week
Shonima Kaul

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