5 Things to prepare yourself for this summer – Bronze Metallic shorts



Hey girls. Summers are right here and we all need to prep ourselves for the crazy Indian summer. I was wondering instead of  cribbing about the inevitable, why not just prepare ourselves to make the most of it. Right?
So here are my 5 things you should do to make it more fun -

1. Get Bronzy
I would have said get a Fake Tan but we do not have any such salons here in India so instead I would say learn some tips and tricks to get a Bronzed make up look. Summer and Bronze is quite synonymous to each other in terms of beauty so just get bronzed up


2. Get that Bootaaayyy
Its the time to wear short dresses or Shorts so better work on getting that booty and strengthen those legs.
I will try and share some exercises with you soon. Also summers are the best time to sweat it out. You are sure to loose those extra pounds


3. Change your Skin care
Summer requires us to bring about a change in your skincare routine. Look for more Gel based moisturisers rather than heavy creams. Also choosing a high SPF Sunscreen is your best bet in this warm weather. Increase the intake of water cos you need to keep your skin more and more hydrated.



4. Go short
Not just clothes I recommend hair too plus short hair is so much more in vogue now a days so if you have been thinking about “going under the scissors” now would be a good time. If not I recommend learning some hairstyles (like high pony, top knots , braids, messy pony) to keep yourself cool in this warm weather




5. Stock up that perfume shell
BO is the worst thing ever and with all the sweating and humidity, we still want to smell as fresh as a daisy so why not stock up on some summer scents which are floral and sweet and maybe keep a small bottle in your purse so you can spritz it whenever the need arises. Uhmmm Uhmm u know what I mean right?


These were some of my tips. Do let me know what are you doing to prepare for the summer. Would love to hear from you

Happy Summer

Shonima Kaul

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