Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"PoP Tints" by Namrata Joshipura

It was a week of fun, fashion and glamour and I was happy to be a part of it in some small way. The curtains finally came down last night for Lakme Fashion Week by a colorful show put together by Namrata Joshipura. Came close to the heels of festival of colors "Holi" cos that's what we saw. Some really bright & bold colors on the ramp aptly titled "Pop Tints" which is also a range of lip & nail colors by Lakme & you all should definitely check it out.

A very vibrant collection, the clothes varied from fitted skirts, halter tops, miniskirts, net dresses with bright neon inners and formal coats with trousers. The use of flourscent colors like Pink, green & Orange made it look even brighter. The best part about the show was the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor looking spectacular in an orange blingy Pallazzos and Orange pinkish shirt. I loved the whole color fest. The clothes were alright except for Kareena's ensemble which I absolutely loved. Have a look.

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Hope you guys enjoyed my LFW coverage. I had absolute ball of a time.
Wish u all a very Happy Holi. Have a safe one & do check out my tips before stepping out to play with ur near & dear ones. I am off to play with mine

Some useful tips for Holi

Much love

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Celeb infested Swades by Vikram Phadnis

That it was going to  be a star studded show everyone knew but who all were walking the ramp was a guessing game everyone was playing at Lakme Fashion Week last night. You could overhear conversations about how everyone had walked for everyone so who all are left to take the stage at Vikram Phadnis' show. The conversations were interesting, the excitement was palpable. I even heard a bunch of guys standing next to me saying how the finale was irrelevant cos all the glitz and glamor was   present tonight & the rest was at Manish's show. I was smiling to myself and feeling bad for Namrata Joshipura. I wonder how she would have reacted to this conversation. We are truly a Bollywood smitten nation. Speculations were galore, Malaika was a common name on every one's list and the wait was only leading to growing anticipations. Well, as for me I just wanted the show to begin so that I could sit inside comfortably & enjoy all the beautiful clothes being presented cos my heels were killing me. 

Finally the show started with Ronnie Screwala founder and trustee of Swades foundation introducing the concept of "Swades" to the audience and the goals and dreams of this foundation. He was also the first one to walk the ramp with his wife and a bunch of social change makers from villages of Raigad and Ratnagiri. This concept was seen through the show where each celebrity escorted one person from these villages on to the ramp. They were all dressed in beautiful creations by Vikram Phadnis. I love the way Indian designers play with so much of color in their clothes & make them look so beautiful. The color palette was inspired by shades of the Sun - Reds, Maroons, Mustards, orange mixed with beige, cram and antique Gold.

What was noticeable was that how all the celebs made these people feel comfortable and led them on the ramp by holding their hands and guiding them. It was kind of cute & heart rendering. However, I just felt that there was too much happening on the ramp and the focus just shifted from the collection. Honestly I don't remember the clothes as much as much as I remember seeing a whole deluge of people on the ramp.And yeah I also remember Rohit Bal breaking into an impromptu jig which sent the crowd into splits of laughter undoubtedly my favorite part of the show.

Here are the pics

All pics by Jaina Kumar. Thank u Jaina :-)

Hope you all enjoyed. Tonight is the grand finale by Namrata Joshipura and yes she has the queen of Bollywood - Kareena Kapoor as her show stopper so I guess she has nothing to be worried about :-)

Vikram Phadnis, Lakme fashion week, Swades foundation
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