Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Messy Updo

Hey my lovely girls.. A quick post today. I have promised you that whenever I learn something interesting I will share it with you guys so here it is. 
I love messy look especially the updo. During one of my my researches I found this video on one of the blogs called Corals & Crimson and I loved it. So a few days back when I went out for my Anniversary dinner I tried it out and it looked great. It's super easy. This tutorial is inspired by Vanessa Hudgens & is hugely recommended if you are feeling too lazy to wash your tresses :-)
Source : Corals & Crimson
If you have curly hair then your are absolutely blessed cos you need not do anything just straight away start pinning your hair but if you have straight hair like me then you will have to curl them first. Here is my attempt at it. Not Bad haan!!

My advise : The dirtier your hair, the better the look. I hadn't washed my hair for 4 days :-)

Enjoy & let me know if you tried it.

Source : Corals & Crimson



  1. Hey I have longer hair..can u suggest a soft styling spray, which doesn't make the hair look coarse or hard

  2. I use Aveda hair spray and it's really very good considering my hair is very fine and slippery but LOREAL Elnett is also very good. Another one i would want to try is Tressme.. It's supposed to be great

  3. But these are not soft sprays.. They are good to hold the hairstyles so can't be soft