2013 – The Year that was!

The final countdown to 2014 has begun.. Just few more hours to go and we would welcome a brand new year with brand new expectations and resolutions. Thought of spending a few moments to look back at the year that has gone by and hang on to the memories for a little longer.
  • It was a year of twerking and thigh gaps but most importantly it was the year of Selfies.
  • It was the year of Dior with Raf Simons creating waves in fashion industry and strengthening the brand’s position.
  • Most seismic shift of 2013 was Marc Jacobs bidding goodbye to Louis Vuitton after 16 years to concentrate on his own eponymous label and Nicolas Ghesquiere, hitherto of Balenciaga taking his place.
  • Victoria Beckham made yet another fashion statement with lingerie dress at Wimbledon and her style got more talked about than Wimbledon itself. (PS : I am wearing one in the pictures)
  • Back home , It was the year of Deepika Padukone as we saw a new star & style Icon emerging for young India.
  • Priyanka Chopra becoming an International star & made us proud with her music and bagging the Guess girl title
  • MS Dhoni & Virat Kohli sported the Mohawk in style.
  • Manish Malhotra launched lighter luxe – his “affordable line” of clothings with a view to reach out to more people.
  • The year ended with Dhoom 3 and Katrina Kaif taught us how important it was to look fit and fabulous rather than skinny and pale & Aamir Khan made bowler hats a huge rage
While the year had its fair share of ups, it also came with its share of downs
  • Rupee saw an all time low making everything more and more expensive
  • We saw the God of Cricket – Sachin Tendulkar bidding adieu in a heart wrenching speech and made billions cry.
  • We bid good bye to Paul Walker , Nelson Mandela & Farooq Sheikh

Overall, 2013 was a great year and somewhere deep down am feeling sad that it’s coming to an end. Personally It came with its share of moments and opportunities – some worked, some didn’t. Met new people, made some great friends, strengthened old bonds. Fought a little, Hugged a lot, Loved even more. Made mistakes, learnt from some, ignored the rest. Achieved a little, Dreamed a lot, built some and never gave up.

Now as we are looking towards 2014 with a sense of optimism and hope All I can say is live each minute of your life like you really mean it and have a fit, fabulous  & a very fashionable 2014.
Cheers to Health, Wealth, Happiness & Prosperity
Signing off for 2013 & see you all in 2014


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