Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sporty glam !

I am just back from the gym and feeling super charged to go on with my errands for the day which I will continue to do wearing my track pants. More often than not you will catch me in my gym clothes or track pants while running around to do my work. Besides being the most comfortable wear, they also give me a feel of being Pseudo - sporty (I am not at all sporty no matter how much I would like to believe so). Sporty chic has always been one of my most favorite looks. Maybe it stems from the fact that I am very impressed with Sports Stars and envy their stamina, fitness & their athletic built. Well, if you can't be one at least you can make yourself feel like one hahaha.

No, No this post is not about what to wear in the gym. Wear anything you want, just concentrate on exercising so that you can later reap the benefits. Rather thought of sharing with you all certain sporty glam must haves for days when you just don't want to spend a lot of time thinking too much. Just channel your sporty chic instinct and go on with your day. Certain must haves that will help you through this weather :

1. Sweatshirts : I am in love with sweatshirts. It is my go -to chill out wear. Besides being cozy, they are super comfortable and can look great with anything from a pair of tracks to jeans to shorts. Perfect for the kind of weather we are currently experiencing in Mumbai.

2. Wedge Sneakers
I always say that I would rather be caught dead than be spotted wearing sneakers when going out (except for gym or any sporty activity) but this new rage of wedge sneakers makes me retract my statement. Isabel Marant has taken the entire glam world by storm so the even most fashionable are seen wearing these sporty yet fashionable hitop sneakers.

I am loving these Steve Madden look alike which is most likely going to be my next purchase

3. Baseball caps : My quick fix solution to a bad hair day. Just wear a cap.

4. Varsity jackets or letterman jackets as they are popularly known. Anything that has a letter or a number on it is sporty

5. Tuxedo pants or Racing Stripe pants : A mix of tracks and pants, these look sporty and trendy at the same time. Remember to get the slimmer ones.

These 5 must haves are good enough to ooze out that sporty glam in you & casually take you through this cold weather .


Friday, December 14, 2012


I am very happy.. Ask me why?? cos I can feel a little chill in the air. 
Unfortunately somehow this year the seasonal changes have not been very kind to us especially in Mumbai. Monsoons came in very late and didn't seem to do complete justice and now Winters are clearly playing peek - a - boo. However, it looks like temperature might have dropped a little in past 2 days and there is a slight nip in the air. I hope Winters have officially arrived in my city or should I say "Fall" cos we don't get to see Winters at all in a tropical city like Mumbai. Sigh!!
The North however seems to be enjoying the weather and so are most of the other parts of the world. Aaaaghhh! lucky you guys.
My favorite things about winter besides cozying up in a warm blanket and sipping a hot cup of tea is wearing big sweaters, scarves, tights, caps and my most favorite wearing boots. I just luuuuuuv boots. It's the quickest way to amp up your style. So even if you are wearing the dullest possible clothes just pair them with this full coverage footwear. Voila! Comfortable & Chic. Right!!

Pic courtesy : Hermes
There is no right or wrong way to wear boots. According to me, they either look good or not. I suggest take a friend with you whom you completely trust and then purchase the right ones.
I am just going to broadly take you through the various kinds available and the trends that are being seen this year so incase you are planning to buy, you can make a conscious choice.

1. The trendiest of all and the ones that are on almost everyone's feet are not Boots but Booties. They are very loosely also known as Ankle boots though there is a slight difference between the two. Booties are more of a half shoe half boots combo and end at the end of the foot or the Ankle. Ankle boots on the other hand go anywhere between 1 to 4 inches above the Ankle. 
But honestly don't even bother cos the term is used interchangeably quite often and doesn't really matter. However, as readers of FUF you must know the difference.

These are a very glamorous pair to own and the best part is that they are not so weather dependent. You can wear them any time all the time.
These look the best when worn with anything short and are perfect to show off your toned gams in summers.

Wear them with tights during winters

or a pair of jeans

2.  Anything above 4 inches goes into the Mid Calf Boots category. These are a little tricky cos if they are tight around your calves, they can make your legs look stout and short. But they are also one of the commonly worn ones when it comes to boots & one of my personal favorites.

My Tip : Always go for the ones that are slightly loose around ur calf unless you have the legs for it. Mostly the ones that can easily slip in and out instead of those cumbersome zipped ones.

Usually to be worn with tights or tucked in skinny jeans, these are very comfortable while traveling cos if they are slightly loose around the cuffs, they can be easily removed and worn during those painful security checks.

3. Then come the Knee high boots . These are actually the Winter boots and fall under the Fashionable category. They could be heeled or flat but they look ultra chic and glamorous.

For winters the perfect way to wear them and stay cosy is to wear these with thigh high socks inside with those peeking out slightly from the top.

Trends seen in knee high boots
There have been variations in this style in the past. The current trend in knee high boots are the Rider Boots or Equestrian Boots You could find them practically everywhere.
Peep toe boots are another trend that can be seen and I like the way Victoria Beckham wears hers. God this woman can't go wrong ever. She is fab!!

The biggest craze seen amongst celebrities this year has been the Givenchy Fold over boots. 

Honestly not a big fan of these cos they seem a little odd to me. I guess you need tall legs for these or else they will end up looking very chunky like seen on Kim.. Nope, me not likey :-(

4.  Over the Knee Boots perfect for winters. Very trendy and very glam but be very careful there are some that can take you into the category of being slutty. Remember there is a thin line between sexy and slutty so tread carefully.

5. This season's must have boots are the Biker boots or the Motorcycle boots. The inspiration is obviously the biker chics who are seen riding those big hurly bikes wearing shorts and boots. This trend has taken over 2012 by storm and we can see these everywhere. Extremely casual and giving away a cool vibe these biker boots are season's must haves. They could be ankle length or mid calf. I prefer the latter.

6. Finally the Uggliest and the cutest UGGS. I just love these. Of course very ugly to look at but there is something about them that is adorable maybe that's why they are such a huge hit. Extremely cosy and comfortable they are my top most must have essentials for Winters.

Owing to their popularity they constantly keep re-inventing the wheel. Tall or Ankle length. Sequined, denim, wool, fur, tweed.. you name it and they have it.

But a classic is a classic & you must invest in one.

So this was All about the Boots. Hope you got a detailed view on each of the style. Most of you must already be having some or the other version but those of you who have been thinking of buying one for a long time can hopefully make an informed decision.