Friday, March 30, 2012

Crushing on Blue.

Hi My Gorgeous Girls, Its Friday again and I am sure each one of you must be looking forward to the weekend. Maybe drinks with your friends, dinner with family or a night out with someone special. Whatever the occasion do not forget to look your best. Put on your best dress , some make up, loads of attitude and a smile. I have no doubts you will look super cool. What I want to talk about is after you are back from your fabulous night out.

One thing that we hear screaming constantly from every beauty journal , every fashionista , your skin doctor is that  never sleep with your make up on and believe me I have learnt it the hard way after spoiling my skin . We return from our parties all tired and many a times a little happy and high. That is when all you want to do is pass out in your comfortable beds. Girls don’t get lazy and just take out  2 minutes to remove all the layers  we put on our face to look glamorous. You certainly don’t want it to stay & clog your pores and stain those beautiful freshly washed linen.

Choose your make up Remover with a lot of care. If it doesn’t make a gentle "clean sweep" and you need to scrub at it, then it's not working right. Removing eye makeup with something that is NOT very gentle and quick will only lead to tugging of the eyelid.  Since the tissue of an eyelid is so much more fragile than the skin on your face, a makeup remover that requires scrubbing can lead to wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.
It is not necessary to spend a fortune on your makeup remover. If you use waterproof eyeliner or mascara, you’ll probably want to invest in a bi-phase (half oil, half water) makeup remover. When using waterproof mascara and eyeliner, be extremely careful to remove all eye makeup. If you do not remove ALL the eye makeup, tiny particles of makeup can begin to clog your tear ducts. If this happens, there is a risk that you will end up with a bacterial infection of the eye. The eye make up remover is not limited to eyes it can also remove the  make up from other parts of your face like your lips or cheeks. 

One of the products that I love a lot & is my all time favorite is the Sephora Eye Make Up Remover
It's a beautiful blue color oil based product so give it a good shake before using it and it removes all the make up pretty effortlessly. Even the most stubborn waterproof mascaras don’t stand a chance. It doesn’t feel too oily and leaves the skin feeling clean and supple. I totally love it and recommend it and not too heavy on your pockets. Approx 8-9 dollars  so 2 Thumbs up!!

Regarding availability I know Sephora is yet to open in India, hopefully by the end of this year it should grace us its presence. But I am sure you can ask your friends and relatives to get them for you from outside the country. I know that The Beauty Bar (TBB) in Mumbai who is going to stock some Sephora products very soon. This being one of them but I always buy 2 – 3 whenever I happen to get a chance while travelling out of the country.

My other favorite is

Lancome Bi Facil
It is yet another amazing product from Lancome. I love their range
It is slightly pricey but it is worth it. Costs approx. $24.

I follow it up with washing my face with my favorite face wash  - Bioderma Sebium face wash to remove the last traces of make up which also coincidentally is blue in color :-) so you see I am loving the blues

On the days you are feeling extremely lazy at least use wipes
MAC Wipes

These babies are easiest to use and cleanse ur skin free of make up. Slightly pricey at approx.$20 for a pack of 45 wipes, they are available in your nearest MAC Shop.

My Tip : Don't use baby wipes to remove make up. It doesn't remove the make up. It just wipes it leaving the skin unclean.

Recently I picked up The face Shop's Herb Day Cotton Make up remover wipes. They are good but I somehow always follow it up with my Sephora make up remover if I use Water proof Products.

Share your favorites with me.

So Party Hard and don't forget to remove ur make up  
Happy Friday Girls!! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hey Bootylicious

Caution : This style is for women who believe that if you got them flaunt them. If you believe in conservative dressing then this style is not for you at all.
Think Joan Holloway from Mad Men and that 50's style. How sexy is she!! She actually made women re - think their body shape and became a style icon. Its sexy to be curvy. Yaaayyyy!

Pencil skirts have been a style statement since 1940's. Introduced by Christian Dior , women quickly & happily embraced this curvy fashion statement because it was a welcome change from the long shapeless gowns and covered legs.
It was then worn as a suit ensemble with jackets but over the years the style got re defined and now women wear it in different ways.
I personally feel that this style looks very good on curvy bodies cos it adds that oomph to your look and makes you feel sexy.  You don't agree with me?? See for yourself
Who do you think is looking better , the skinny Kim Raver or all these other girls.

Kim Kardashian is one person who makes me believe that if you have the style & the attitude you can rock anything. I am sure you all pretty much have guessed that I am a big fan of her style.

Christina Hendricks actually made men go mad and was voted the sexiest women in 2008. America Ferrera looks slim in this 40's inspired silhouette.

I feel that if you have the right assets, you have the ammunition to go Bootylicious in this style.

So yes all you curvy women out there you can wear it without worrying about your shape. It is a universal style loved by all. It adds curves to a slender/ boyish figure and accentuates a curvy figure giving it an hourglass shape.
However I would not recommend it for Apple shaped figure where the waist is the biggest part of your body. Please stay away from this style

Pencil skirt is not a regular skirt. It is meant to be slightly figure hugging and it narrows down at the bottom so ensure that when you buy a PENCIL skirt, thats what you buy. The length however can vary depending on your comfort or what you prefer.

A classic pencil skirt is meant to be slightly below the knees and actually skims through you body. And let me warn you it is actually hard to walk in a pencil skirt so unless you are very comfortable don't make a fool of yourself especially in the office

My Tip : Don't go too below your knees. You will end up looking short and fat. Also don't wear it too high on the waist unless you are waif thin. You definitely don't want it to act as a Push Up Bra. The perfect fit should sit right around your natural waist

The 3 lengths of a pencil skirt that are work wearable.
Different lengths of a Pencil skirt

You can try any of these lengths depending on what looks good on you. The idea is to make your legs look long so if you are short (less than 5'5") then go for the ones that are little above your knees. Whatever length you decide always, always wear it with heels and ensure they are tapering at the bottom to look your best.

The best way to wear them to work is with a classic tucked in shirt or blouse look. 

Add a belt and heels and you are good to go. Personally I would unbutton the shirt a little maybe about 2 buttons. That looks very sexy. I cannot button up my shirt till the top, makes me claustrophobic. 

A little high on the waist but if you have the figure for it.

Wear Black with Black and add some color with a bright shoe or go classic Black & white with Nude shoes

Wear it with a silk blouse for evening or a printed shirt

with sleeveless shirts

But if you aren't too comfortable with tucked in look and want to be a little conservative then wear them with slim fit shirts but pls ensure that your shirt fits  right i.e cinches around the waist and the skirt is well tailored otherwise it will not look good at all. Throw in a vest or a jacket to make this look interesting. Ofcourse, don't forget heels

The other way to wear this skirt is with Peplum tops. It looks very cool provided you get the right Peplum top to wear over it. Peplum has an ability to make you look wide so its very important that your skirt is well tailored.

Go Retro with a twist 
One of the best and the most elegant ways to wear Pencil skirts is as a skirt suit. That's how women used to wear it way back in 40s & 50s. Its the vintage style.

This style is best worn by none other than Kate Middleton. I love her skirt suits and she makes them look so elegant & Royal.

One celebrity who wears Pencil skirts very often is Angelina Jolie. Check out her different looks to draw some more inspiration

This woman loves her Pencil Skirts :-)

Pick a fabric which is seasonally appropriate eg. for winters go with heavy knits or wool blends and in summers go for light knit or synthetic blends that don't wrinkle easily. Black or Grey is the safest bet but these are available in various styles/colors. Choose the one best suited for you.

Now isn't this a sexy yet very wearable workwear. Tone it down as per your work environment and you are sure to make a statement.
You can find them in Express, Limited, Bebe, Forever 21, H&M, Bombay High, Van Heusen.
So wear it and tell me how u felt about it.
Have a good day.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Making a Crisp statement.

Hi girls, I know I left the workwear series in between. So I am back with it. This is the 3rd post in Power of Dressing (Workwear) series. Hope you have seen the other 2. If not please refer to Power of Dressing - Broad Outline & Put your best (covered) leg forward. I also covered belts that you could use in various ways at work to make ur outfit more stylish in Get Waisted.

When it comes to shirts, its very important that they are crisp and well ironed or starched. That is what makes or breaks a shirt. It makes you look sharp and fresh.  A limp, ill fitted and creased shirt will make you look sloppy and unkempt.
I would spend a little more time on one evergreen, never to go out of style BASIC. And it is my favorite and NO.1 style Must Have.
What I would insist for every woman to have in their closet and irrespective of whether she is working or not is a White Shirt. The other variation of a White shirt could be a Cream shirt.
But nothing to beat a crisp White one. It is a fundamental style staple. So my dear ladies invest your time in choosing the right one.

It sounds a simple item to buy but trust me It is the most elusive piece to find. 200 whites down I am still looking for my perfect ONE. The hope is still alive. What you need, is the one that makes you look Sharp & Suave.
The simplest and my favorite is the basic white masculine shirt like the one you are seeing on Jennifer Aniston above or Sameera Reddy below. Nice simple fitted cotton ones with starchy collars. You can find them easily. Just look for a good fit.

What I wanted to emphasise on are the different versions of this style staple. The designers have over the years worked  on this simple white shirt and made it even classier by way of cuts, fabrics, styling etc etc so what you need to look for apart from these basic ones are the stylised ones. That is what will set you apart from the rest. So there is a WHITE & then there are others!!

Check out some of these styles in Whites

Pay attention to the fall of the fabric in these silk chiffon shirts above. The one on the left looks very basic but the fall and length are just perfect. The Alice & Olivia on the right has a contrasting necktie which worn with a black trousers will look so classy.

The detailing on the collars and ruffles look very chic.
Then there are the wrap shirts and the pintucks Stylish and suave like the ones below

And if you want to look really different from the crowd then try the ones below. The tie up in the front  or on the sides and ruffles on the neck and sleeves are oh so sexy.

And then there are the creams that also look equally good. I am loving the ruffled ones.

One celebrity I know who has mastered her white shirt look is Karishma Kapoor. She is immaculate in her style and I simple love her white shirts

Some others for inspiration

Need I tell you some more reasons to buy a white shirt !!

The brand which knows how to make sexy White shirts is Theory & Anne Fontaine . They are slightly pricey but worth it but in lesser budgets I would recommend Zara. They have one of the best collection of whites. Even Promod has some good ones.

My Tip : Always wear a flesh colored bra under a white or a neutral shade. White under white is a Style NO - NO

The other color to look for is a neutral shade. Again goes with everything and looks cool and summery.

Then there are contrasting collars and cuffs. They look very formal. I like them.

Cream, Whites, light blues and Nudes are a must for summers but who says Work wear is boring. I have picked out some beautiful ones you can try grabbing your hands on. These have been picked from Banana Republic, Forever 21, Express, Marks & Spencer so girls affordable fashion :-)

Try including some brights, plaid & checks.

Blouses look flirty and sexy. They are not extremely formal and look good with Trousers. Also there are some pretty colors to brighten up your day

And if you in a mood to try the latest Spring summer trends go for peter pans, florals and color blocks

There are tons and tons of brands selling Workwear. What you need to find is the right fit and style that suits you the most. I understand that most of you do not tuck in your shirts / tops. Don't worry there are plenty of choices available from Women blouses that need not be tucked in so keep your eyes open next time you going shopping and add some zing to your workwear. Accessorizing can add a lot to the otherwise dull wear so go ahead try it. Just don't overdo.

My Tip : If you are buying the regular masculine shirt, ensure it is crisp, well fitted with a starchy collar and please for heaven's sake do not button up till the top. Leave a few buttons undone (definitely don't show ur cleavage). It looks sexily masculine.

Try Bombay High & Van Heusen for masculine styles. VH looks promising especially in the lookbook with Nargis Fakhri.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Picture Perfect.

Hi Everyone,  Aren't we all happy it is a weekend. Ah the small pleasures of life.

Did I ever tell you I once joined Art classes cos I think I got hit by something in my head. I can't even draw a straight line with a scale let alone free hand. What was I thinking??
I am not a big lover of Art as such but I do like some styles like one of my favorites is this artist based out of Miami -  Romero Britto mainly because of his colorful work. Its just so vibrant. I also like Andy Warhol. But what I love the most are fashion illustrations. They can make life look like a fairy Tale.  I think that's the reason I joined the classes but thankfully soon realised my potential hahaha. Anything fashionable inspires me and also makes me do crazy things.

Today I thought I would just show you some beautiful fashion illustrations I came across by this artist based out of Florida - Bree Leman. I wonder why all these artists move to Florida. I think I should also move there soon.  Her work is just breathtaking and I have shown some of her work in my previous post.  What I love about them is that life just looks so Picture Perfect in them and I wish to be a part of these pictures. You can visit her site on -

For now here is some work by her and I so love it

and there are some more in my post That extra half an Inch

Like I said I love fashion illustrations and I have seen many but I am yet to come across such beautiful ones so thought of sharing them with you all.

Leaving you all with this beautiful piece of Art for the weekend. Will catch up with you on Monday.

Ta Ta