Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Go Nude this season!!

2011 saw a whole lot of girls going Nude.  Of course with respect to Shoes silly!! What were you thinking???
Dirty minds !!
I know girls "Shoes"are the next best thing after sex for us , sometimes the 1st best thing ;-) 
Woohooo Now I have your attention :-) so back to the Nude Shoes

Though this color did make an entry long ago (maybe 2009) but Kate Middleton somehow made it very fashionable last year (in 2011).  Ever since she was seen wearing them, the trend has become a smash hit and is being seen everywhere from Red carpets to movie premiers to runways. Therefore this leads me to think                  
Is Nude the new Black??
What could be the possible reason??
Well, for starters nude heels elongate the leg, seem to give an impression of lengthening them which works in our favor Doesn’t it???

It does work for me as I am pretty short sob.. sob.

Also they do go well with occasional wear, formal wear or casual wear and since the color is subdued, it lets the dress do the talking.

And they can be worn any time of the day or in the night.

They are available in patent & suede form. Depending on your taste choose the right one. But I must say invest in one pair. If you don’t have them yet , you need to get one real quick like now!!

I would like to give you a list of the ones I absolutely adore so that you can make a conscious choice :

Splurge category costing from 35,000/- to 50,000/- are the ones on my lust list.. Sigh!!

Aren't they Ah - dorable??
Don't lose your heart if you don't want to spend this much. I have found some affordable options that aren't so heavy on the pocket.
Steve Madden has replicated some of the big brands and these are in the range of 5000/- - 6000/-

Check out the 1st three.. shamelessly lifted from Choo, Atwood & Louboutin hahaha.
Aldo also has some pretty ones too

I also saw some really pretty collection of nudes in Zara and in the range of 4K - 5K

Now Are you thinking when & what to wear them with?? 
Don't u worry, there are several options
Wear them with a classic Black& White ensemble or Red & White

That classic LBD or if you in a mood to be bright and let the dress do the talking

During the day or at an event in the night with a statement dress. I am so trying with the yellow dress. What do you think?? Breathtaking Right!!

Casually with a floral print jumpsuit like Bebo or go glam like Blake

or just for any special occasion when you need to up the ante.

I luuuuv them so much that I have quite a few in my shoe collection. Check out some of my favorites from my personal collection but I am going for Louboutins this year fosho. Saving for them!!

Some Do’s and Do Not’s for Nudes  
One needs to find the perfect pair in terms of color. Try 1 or 2 tones lighter or darker. Don't try to match them exactly to your skin color nor go way off.
Nudes do tend to get dirty very soon so ensure that they are scuffed properly.
Head to Toe flesh skinned is a complete No - No. Very few people can carry it off.
Take care of your shoes using a neutral shoe polish for patent ones.
Last but not the least Pedicure is a must. You don't want ugly feet to spoil the party for you. Do you?

An Important note from me :
Girls I understand many of the things I mention or will mention in future are not available in the stores in India like I checked the Aldo shop today and none of these were there but I believe they are soon coming out with their new collection so hoping they will have these. I am an Internet shopper. I search on a brand's site and then figure out a way  to buy them cos many brands don't ship to India.  Also I shop a lot when I am abroad. I must confess my friends staying abroad hate me for that cos I am in malls all the time :-) but a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do!!

Now Go and get yours and share with me if  my tips were helpful and what did u buy?? And if you already have them then you definitely need to put them on NOW.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Glam

Hi My Gorgeous Girls, Hope you were able to catch a glimpse of the the mother of all Awards - Oscars. The highly awaited Award Ceremony just concluded and besides the fact that my favorite Meryl Streep won her 3rd Oscar (Hail Meryl Streep ), what also interests me is the fashion. I wait whole year to see how these gorgeous women transpire the best of fashion trends onto the Red Carpet with effortless Chic. Whites, Nudes , Black and Red were the prominent colors seen this year around. So here are my top 10 picks.


Sandra Bullock in this Black and White Marchesa gown rocked the Monochrome with Gold combo. The pulled back hair gave an elegant look to the overall ensemble.
What isn't working is her lacklusture makeup and a tired look.

Sandra Bullock in B/W Marchesa gown


Angelina Jolie looked decadently sexy in this Black dress. Though the dress in itself is very plain but the thigh high slit does the trick for her and well, she knows that. She looks fab and the Red lips just add to the style.
What isn't working for me is her extremely thin frame. She needs to put on weight Pronto!!
Angelina Jolie in black Atelier Versace gown


Octavia Spencer looks glamorous in this white gown made by Tadashi Shoji. Not a Regular cliched Red Carpet girl, what makes her special is that she teaches us that one can look glamorous in any size and just for that she is ahead of Angelina in my list.  I am loving her gown cos it is accentuating her curves in the right manner.

Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji


Milla Jovovich wears a clean and structured Eli Saab gown. She oozes sexy sophistication in this one shouldered fully embellished  couture. The Retro waves and the Red lips look splendid.

Milla Jovovich in an Ellie Saab

Penelope Cruz was not in any of the favorite  colors that were seen at Oscars - White, Nude, Reds or Blacks. But she manged to stand out and exude Grace Kelly elegance in this beautiful Giorgio Armani lavender gown. It looked classy and reminded us of the bygone era that is synonymous to class and elegance.

Penelope Cruz in Armani Prive


One word to describe Gwyneth's style is Elegance. She looked classy in this well designed TomFord design. The cape on her shoulder gave it a different yet stylish look. Though I feel her make could have been a little brighter.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford


How to go stylish with Nude learn from Cameron Diaz. With perfect tan and perfect shoulders, Cameron looked so stylish in this Gucci gown.

Cameron Diaz in Gucci


George Clooney's latest arm candy Stacy Keibler stole the show for me in this beautiful golden Marchesa design. The style, the color, the make up and the hair is all working for her . She looks fab and the dress is oh so gorgeous. Just for that I will forgive her being Clooney's girl hahaha.

Stacy Keibler in Marchesa

One of my absolute favorites for this year's look has to be Rooney Mara in this very beautiful plunging white Givenchy gown by Riccardo Tisci. Her look is straight from the runways and the very bright Red lips are so working for me. The make up is gorgeous and the whole package is FAB.

Rooney Mara in Givenchy


And this year's winner has to be Michelle Williams in this very beautiful coral colored Louis Vuitton dress. She rocked this year's most talked about silhouette - the Peplum. She looked bright beautiful and ah - mazing in this ensemble. Kudos to her!!

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton

These were my top 10 looks. Do let me know what you think and yeah if you missed the Oscars, dont forget to catch the repeats.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Looking like a Million Bucks !!

As all the  the Prestigious Award Ceremonies of the Hindi Film Industry have come to an end with the most coveted Filmfare Awards, its time to look at what were my favorite looks.
Some of our celebs have mastered the look at the Red Carpet and I must say they are looking quite a Show Stopper in their Attire
My Absolute favorite look in these Award functions has to be Deepika Padukone in her turquoise Gauri and Nainika gown. She looked every bit stunning and sexy in this deep cut backless number. The hair, the make up everything was gorgeous.  I give her a 10 on 10 for this look.

Deepika Padukone at Colors Screen Awards 2012

My other very favorite look was Priyanka Chopra at Filmfare Awards in a Powdered Blue Ferragamo dress. She completed the look with a Ferragamo clutch. I especially am luving the tassles around the waist.. Ah Delicioso!! 

Priyanka Chopra at Filmfare Awards 2012
Anushka was looking nice in this steel grey number. I especially liked her Red Lips. Who kew Red lips would look so good with Grey dress. I am so trying it next time. The Sandals though were a little off.

And when it comes to Bollywood Glam, Manish Malhotra will not be too far. All these babes rocked his creations.
Kareena Kapoor at Filmfare Awards 2012

Karishma Kapoor at Filmfare Awards 2012

Katrina Kaif in Manish Malhotra outfit at Zee Cine Awards

Gauri Khan hardly gets it wrong in life. She is seen wearing a beautiful Tarun Tahilani Saree with her otherwise dapper looking husband. Though i must say SRK's suit color is not working for me.

Gauri Khan at Zee Cine Awards

Deepika Padukone at Filmfare Awards

Bipasha Basu at Stardust Awards 2012
Bips was looking a true Bengali beauty in this Sabyasachi saree.
What do you think Girls??

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Get Bold Get Bright!!!

 One trend that I am digging the most this season is bold bright lips. They are an International rage particularly because those girls are blessed with beautiful skin color.
Most of them seem to be wearing it on the Red Carpet these days.
Ah! Everything works for them the weather, the climate and the genes. But back home our own divas are not very shy to try out this look.
I am so digging it that these days I am trying it out at various occasions. Mind you it’s a bold look and I am still learning to perfect it but What the heck just have fun with it.

Personally I feel that it looks best with pulled back hair . Its instant chic

But Anne Hathway rocked it in Devil Wears Prada and no one can wear it better than Scarlett Johansson.

I know I am taking inspiration from Hollywood babes. Unfortunately this trend is more in vogue on the international scene but but back home our ladies too are trying this look and they are Rocking it too.

I would love to see our glam babes with more of these bright lips cos I think it is a very trendy look.
Do you see how the eyes are kept minimalistic and the look is concentrated on the lips cos cmon you don’t want to look like some witch from an alien land.
This look is good when you are in a hurry and don’t have time to do your smoky eyes and other things.

If you are afraid of trying Red go with hot pink / fuschia

La Katy Perry
or the Kim Kardashian style

Corals / Purples are also bright colors that can be tried.

How to wear them
I am not a make up artist or something so will definitely not want to advise on the techniques of applying make up but would surely want to share my experience

1. Prepare a base to smoothen the lips. I use benefit’s lip plumper. The other good one is Urban decay’s lip primer. Girls u can use a concealer too.
2. Perfectly Outline with the same shade of Lip Pencil
3. And then fill your lips in short strokes with the lipstick. Be extra careful around the edges lest you should get the classic Joker curves (remember The Dark Knight!!) 
4. Keep your skin super clean with not too much going in terms of very heavy foundations and keep your eyes simple
5. Last but not the least apply a little gloss for that extra Oomph and wear a lot of attitude.. Voila! U r ready to Rock this town.

My favorite 7 bright shades that you may try :

So  my Gorgeous Girls try these out and tell me if you like them. Also tell me ur favorite shades.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nailing it !!!

French Glitter

Hi My Gorgeous Girls (GGs).. These days everyone wants to try something new and different.. 2 of the Nail trends that I would like to talk about are :

Glitter Glitter on your Nails
So,the new thing I discovered are the glitter Gel nails. They are oh so beautiful. It is a welcome change if you seem to be bored with your regular French acrylics or pink and white gels. There are variety of beautiful colors available to chose from. You can either go French with them or apply all over. They look beautiful

PS : They are not nail polishes so can’t do on your own but these are gel treatments and done by professionals. Just like Pink and white fills or acrylics they stay till your nails grow out and you have to go for constant refills.
In Mumbai you can do them at Nail Spa and cost approx. Rs 200 per nail

Over All Glitter

I got mine done as French in various colors but currently am  wearing pink overall glitter gels.. Sorry my nails are growing out but whaddaya think???

Another bonus is that you can wear any other color polish on them if u wish to for some occasion and can easily remove with a nail polish remover.. Voila u get ur glitter back.

Cracked Nails

A 90s look making its come back – Crack or Shatter nails. It was launched by Covergirl in 1990s but allegedly the formula wasn’t perfected well cos it didn’t crackle as desired. But, yes its made a comeback.
Crack polish is a top coat applied to your regular polish and gives a crackled effect on finish. If you want more cracks use a thinner paint but if you wish deeper cracks use a thicker coat.

The 2 most popular brands that are recommended are OPI & China glaze.  Go to your nearest Salon and enquire about them.

I know OPI has come out with a Katy Perry and Selena Williams range too which looks beautiful.

In Mumbai of course I know Nail Spa and Nail bar has OPI & China Glaze but I doubt that the new OPI collections are available in India
So Gorgeous Girls if you know of any places where these polishes might be available, cmon share with me in this blog.

Also if you know of any other interesting stuff going out there pertaining to nails, I  would definitely like to know

Anyone aware, if Shellac has come to India???