10 ways to try out the White Eyeliner trend “NOW”

I have to say that I am totally a Black Eyeliner / Kohl girl. Nothing works better for me than heavy black eyes. Even though I am a huge fan of black smokey or just heavy kohl lined eyes, its not always a great idea especially for afternoons. It could be best to give your smokey eyes some rest and try out the latest & kind of biggest make up trend for 2014 – White Eyeliner.┬áIt brightens your eyes, makes them pop, make you appear instantly awake and switches up your everyday look.
Ever since I have received my Lakme Eyeconic pencil (which I must say is really wonderful cos it just glides) I have been looking out for different ways in which I could try the White liner. To begin with let me be honest by saying that White may or may not suit everyone cos it could be a little tricky. However, while experimenting on myself I found 10 different ways in which one could incorporate this trend and depending on what goes well with your skin tone feel free to embrace the White Eyeliner. Here we go, so pay attention girls.
1. Just apply it in the lower waterline and keep the rest of the look Nude. Pay attention to eyebrows. Thicker the better.

2. Black Eyeliner on the top with small kitten wings and line the lower water line with White. Bold lips either Red or Orange or Fuschia work very well

3. Use the white pencil as a liner for the upper lash line and flick it out for extra effect

4. Apply White liner on the upper lid and smudge it nicely taking it all the way to the crease. It looks great. Keep the rest of the look simple.

5. Same as in Point No.4 but this time retrace your upper lash line for a standout cat – eye

6. This one is my favorite – Make a very thick line on the lower half of your upper lid. From your lash line mid way to the crease. That way when you open your eyes you can see the pop of white but its not all the way up.
7. It’s a brilliant make up trick being used for ages by beauty experts especially for deep set or small eyes. Apply tiniest bit of white liner over the inner V of your eyes and then smudge it. This trick helps to make your eyes look bigger and you look fresher & livelier.

8. You could do your regular smokey eyes and just trace the inner V of your eyes with White liner

9. White – Black – White – Black effect. Trace your upper and lower lash line with Black liner and then put white liner over the black liner on the upper lid and line the lower water line with White.. Confused?? Just look at Kourtney’s eyes.

10. Line the half of upper lid with white and go heavy with black and brown on the lower lash line.

What do you think.. Will you be giving it a try?? I think you should :-)


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