Monday, April 21, 2014

Style Shots - My Cropped Dream!

TBH It feels like I am doing a series on Crop Top and with every post I am just getting braver and braver. I remember I said I would NEVER wear a Crop Top but then I am also a firm believer of "Never say NEVER". So in one of moments of bravery I decided to give my long pending dream a shot. See that's the thing if you dream, act on it.. the results will follow... Good or Bad is not in your hand but at least you won't regret not trying. This holds true for anything and everything in life.  So guys - Wish it, Dream it, Do it!!
Also Let me know if you liked my look :-)

Skirt, Top, Hairband, shoes : ZARA. Clutch : Honkong Flea market, Ring : Expressions

Stay Stylish

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rohit Bal for Jabong!

While I get excited about a lot of International collaborations happening every now and then case in point the recent Alexander Wang with H&M, this one brings a lot of joy to me. It's our very own desi designer and certainly my favorite Rohit Bal with one of our very own desi online shopping portal - Jabong

Can you imagine that we commoners would be able to get our hands on a Rohit Bal creation with just one click. I feel this is a natural progression for big designers in order to have bigger commercial growth and reach out to younger and aspirational buyers. It helps them to become household names while retaining their status with the uptown cool swish set. Did you know he also has launched a pret collection with BIBA. What we need is more and more such collaborations. Kudos to both Jabong & Rohit Bal !

The collection was launched via an elaborate fashion show with some known faces in modeling industry walking down the ramp in beautiful Anarkalis, churidars Sarees and Lehengas. Adding to the glamour was beautiful Shradha Kapoor in a gorgeous full length Anarkali,

Elaborate jewelery such as Maang tikas, jhumkas & jhumars completed the whole look but what looked stunning was the Gold Matha peti on Shradhha. 

Pics courtesy : One India gallery

That Rohit Bal will so easily be available is a good news but it certainly becomes better when you know that it would be available starting from INR 8000. Shocker Right!!

Do check out the collection on Jabong and if you happen to pick a piece do not forget to tell me bout it.

Happy Shopping

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Style Shots - Spring Fling!!

I know you people would think I have probably lost my marbles to be calling the weather outside "Spring". Ah it's crazy hot, we all have been perspiring and the Sun is scorching at 40 degree centigrade. Nothing Springy about it but to be honest I just like the ring of  Spring so for my own happiness and state of mind I'd like refer to this time of the season as Spring. Also the fact that you see the city (well actually few parts of the city) bloom at this time. Although the only sightings are that of Bougainvillea but what the heck it's still beautiful & lends some color.
Now, Florals for spring  - Groundbreaking I know I know pathetic and cliched yet no one can deny that these are the first images that conjure up your mind when we think of this season hence my excuse to wear a floral skirt with a very conservative version of a Cropped shirt. That's how cropped I could manage for now. Special mention of my shoes. I love love love these Zara shoes. I think they give the whole outfit a closure it desperately needed.  What do you think???

Shirt : Zara, Shoes : Zara, Skirt : Forever 21, Bag : Michael Kors, Brooch : Curio Cottage, Earrings : Karigari

Photographs : Dhanika Choksi

Happy Spring

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Let's talk about Headbands!!

I was lazily ensconced on my leather couch one day mindlessly changing TV channels and happened to stay on Femina Miss India for a little longer cos I caught a glance of Malaika Arora Khan. I was intrigued as I thought I saw something different so I waited for a little long to catch a proper glimpse. Not that Malaika hasn't looked good ever (I for one am smitten by her sexiness and can't stop ogling every time she appears on screen, I can only imagine what the men must be feeling) but this one was absolutely breathtaking. I especially fell in love with her headband. Immediately made me wonder can headband ever be that one accessory that could complete an outfit and yet make you look extremely sexy??

I have had my share of love affair with this accessory but it's been a pretty on and off kind of relationship. I have always associated a headband with a cutesy girly look or maybe an accessory that is best used to keep your hair from falling on your face while washing it or applying make up. Until Blair Waldorf came in 2007 and changed the whole perception. Suddenly Headbands were considered hip & cool&  fashionable. I will confess I picked a few and after giving them a try and still coming out pretty unconvinced abandoned them like they never existed. Now they are stacked in the handle of my sliding door pretty much looking at me with despair and disbelief at the shocking desertion. 

The thing is I was still not convinced they could make an outfit look better. Cut to Lupita Nyong at Oscars in a Blue Prada dress with nothing but a dainty gold band to accessorise. Jaw dropping right??The image stayed with me for a very long and now Malaika in her Michael Kors gown with a studded headband. Is it a coincidence or are these seemingly obscure pieces making a comeback in a more sexy manner and more importantly can someone as average as me make these pieces look good??

Well, the only way to find that out is by giving it a try. What do you think about headbands. Should they be given a chance to compete with other statement accessories.. Would appreciate your thoughts. 
As for me I think they should :-)

Stay Stylish

Friday, April 11, 2014

Flat Feet!!

I have been nursing a foot ache for quite some time now. Just the other day I could feel the ache reaching the rest of my body and I had to cancel my movie plans which BTW never happens. I immediately blamed my excessive gymming (it definitely is not at all excessive) , took a break and booked a massage appointment to relax my tired muscles. I requested the masseur to pay extra attention to my distressed foot and tried to succumb to the pleasures of deeply invigorating Aroma Therapy massage. Unfortunately my foot was not in the same mood and because I had instructed the girl to give me an extra bit of rub there she took her job pretty seriously. Result - a very discomforting 15 minutes. I later learnt from her that my foot had swollen in one particular portion due to some nerve issue. Before she could tell me the reason for it which I was in no mood to hear I quickly thanked her and left the spa. As I recited my story to some of my friends, a quick judgment was passed by all and sundry - Blame the Heels. I was then asked to take life little easy in terms of fashion and do a de-tox of sorts. 
"Do not wear heels for at least 15 days and see the difference. Say Whaaaaat ?!?!?! "

I HAD to pay heed to what they were saying. Well, wearing no heels for 15 days vs wearing NO heels at all!!! You do the math. I set out on a mission "Flat Feet for 15 days" more so in the hope to prove my friends wrong and still blame it on anything other than heels (maybe a fall, maybe degenerating bones, maybe less Calcium, maybe Age... Phew!!)

Now, I needed something that could bring relief to my tired soles. It so happened that during one of my trips to my favorite store I found these flat pair of shoes that felt so comfortable that I immediately picked them up. Very pleased with myself and high on my purchase I showed off my shoes to my brother and friends at home. Pat came a comment from my brother- how ugly are those, why would you buy them. The look on the faces of others were also not too encouraging. Obviously I was extremely disheartened but determined to prove that my purchase was one of the most sensible ones that I had done in a long long time. I asked them all to try it out one by one. Slowly and surely I could see them converting not entirely convinced but giving a slight nod of approval to my Ugly yet Awesome purchase. I went on to explain and shower my enlightened gyaan on them as to how these ugly Birkenstockish looking shoes are making it back into the fashion scene and how huge have they been on the Ramp this year. They are also known as "the Man-Dals" Now I know that they do not kind of 100% agree with me but since I was so adamant that they looked good and it is FUF giving it a nod of approval I think they bought the idea somewhere & my ugly flats were accepted in the family.

So am I giving up on heels?? NO WAY EVA.  I am a huge perpetrator of heels cos I feel that the right pair of heels can make a woman look sexier and appear more confident. It is also one of the key accessories that can make or break an outfit but owing to my recent injury I am discovering these new trends that could once a while come as a relief to your tired feet and you do require something comfortable which will help you to run your daily errands with ease. I have completed 10 days of my Flat Feet regimen. My foot ache is still there but as for my tired feet they are loving these cozy comfortable ugly yet stylish Man-Dals
Leaving you with the "IT" - Flats of the season. Would you wear them???

Photo courtesy : Fashionvibe

Photo courtesy : Song of Style
Photo courtesy : Man Repeller
Photo courtesy : Sincerely Jules

Stay Stylish

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Style Shots - MONOCROP!!

Crop Tops - Love 'em , Hate 'em but you just can not ignore them. They are everywhere these days. Every time I see them I wonder when will I ever be able to wear those. I guess not till I swear myself off all the gluttony and devote some serious time in the gym. C'mon those Abs require some serious serious amount of dedication and hardwork. I figured till I reach there (which is Never) I need to find some other way to work around this trend that I have come to love and hate at the same time.
Now unless you have the Abs of Miley Cyrus you might balk at the idea of wearing a crop top. However there are more approachable ways incase you want to try out the trend. One of it would be pairing your top with a high waisted trousers or skirt and showing a sliver of your skin for the effect. Inorder to feel more comfortable you throw in a jacket on top.
For the faint at heart try out the trend with a crisp button down shirt underneath your top and pair it with a bottom of your choice. Voila! you have a different take on the trend that isn't bad either. What say??

Crop top : F21, Shirt : Brooks Brothers, Skort : Zara, Shoes : Dolce & Gabbana

Photos by : Dhanika Choksi

Crop Tops are here to stay this summer so keep on crunching!!!

Happy Spring / Summer